5 Best Free DJ Software For Mac in 2022

If you are a professional DJ or a beginner who has an Apple device, you will need to use the best free DJ software for Mac since it’s a perfect music solution for audio mixing. To avoid shelling out your money on creating amazing audio tracks, make sure to use free DJ software for Mac.

Top 5 Free DJ Software For Mac

  1. Tractor Pro - Great controllers
  2. Mixxx - Solid feature set
  3. UltraMixer - Supported by a large community
  4. VirtualDJ - Used by the biggerst DJs
  5. MixVibes Cross DJ - Comes with tutorials for learning DJs

Whether you are looking for advanced software with a variety of features or a free program for personal use, you will find everything you need in this article.

1. Tractor Pro - Our Choice

Great controllers
  • Built-in software mixer
  • Easy integration with most MIDI controllers
  • No dongles or proprietary hardware required
  • Great updates
  • None

Verdict: Traktor Pro is a powerful program for creating musical compositions using built-in filters, effects and samples. Popular in professional DJing all over the world due to its many possibilities. Allows you to edit music and create remixes. It supports up to four tracks simultaneously.

Its interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive, and the file manager has been improved to better organize your music library and all songs, including those from iTunes. Remember to use special DJ headphones to get rid of all external sound to make sure that you get the perfect stereo sound.

tractor profree dj software for mac interface

2. Mixxx

Solid feature set
  • Totally free
  • Rich functionality
  • Stable
  • Backed up by a good community
  • Interface isn't user-friendly

Verdict: Mixxx is an easy-to-use software solution for mixing audio tracks. It will be equally useful for both amateurs and professionals. The program is able to work with playlists, simulate analog controls, and simulate the noise that occurs when playing vinyl records. One of the most important functions of the utility is the synchronization of tracks. To listen and synchronize any track, you must click on the headphone icon. It is also possible to set up automatic synchronization by using the “sync” button.

mixxx free dj software for mac interface

3. UltraMixer

Supported by a large community
  • Great solution for party DJs
  • Robust and fully-featured
  • The interface is highly customizable
  • Very powerful
  • A bit of a steep learning curve

Verdict: UltraMixer is a free DJ software package for Mac that gives you the ability to make and save custom beats on your computer. It has features like "live mix", "record audio", and a large database with thousands of high quality, royalty-free sounds that you can use for all sorts of things. If you're looking for a way to start producing great hip hop, rock, or even alternative music you should really check out UltraMixer. I also recommend you using audio editing software for getting decent results.

ultramixer free dj software for mac interface

4. VirtualDJ

Used by the biggerst DJs
  • User-friendly
  • Can connect to streaming services
  • Stable, well-made and feature-packed
  • Home edition doesn’t allow for connection to hardware

Verdict: VirtualDJ will allow you to not only record your set for sharing with friends and other live shows, but it will also allow you to edit the songs and mix them as well. You can import any of your music from your computer or USB drive and then playback using VirtualDJ. What's more, is that you have a virtual keyboard that allows you to click pads, change keys, and navigate with ease. I also advise you to pay attention to the DAW software to record, edit and play audio files.

virtualdj free dj software for mac interface

5. MixVibes Cross DJ

Comes with tutorials for learning DJs
  • Fresh and innovative software
  • Free version is unlimited
  • Perfect for a hands-off approach to mixing tracks
  • Outperforms competitors

Verdict: MixVibes Cross DJ software for Mac offers a powerful and easy to use DJ mixer and audio interface. It is designed to meet the needs of professional DJs as well as the beginner DJs and enthusiasts. The Cross DJ gives you an intuitive and highly functional interface which is simple to learn and use. One of the most unique features of MixVibes Cross DJ is that this new software is packed with sound fusing abilities and virtual DJ mixes. Sound fusing allows the user to hear exactly what is going on in the room, even when you can't be right there. 

Sound fusing is a special effect that can be used to simulate different effects of mixing tracks. MixVibes Cross DJ software comes with over ten thousand sounds that are specifically designed to work well with this new interface and that include popular hits, alternative and underground music genres, as well as modern and classic songs.

mixvibes cross dj free dj software for mac interface