9 Best Free POS Software in 2022

9 Best Free POS Software in 2022

POS software is a powerful tool for organizing your business efficiently. It helps track sales, interact with systems and databases, arrange customer data, etc. Using the best free POS software, you can control your inventory and get all the key information about your business. If your business isn’t very large and you don’t have a very wide range of products, you can safely rely on free services.

Top 9 Free POS Software

  1. Erply - Best for startup retailers
  2. Vend - For the smallest businesses
  3. Imonggo - For businesses with limited inventory
  4. Square - Great for retailers and restaurants
  5. Floreant - Best basic option
  6. Loyverse - For hybrid retail
  7. eHopper - For markets and grocers
  8. Siiopa - For single-location restaurants
  9. uniCenta - For tech-savvy business

When choosing the best free POS, I took into account such functions as payment management, working with customer bases, generating reports, etc. All the options below are feature-rich and can assist you with your business running needs.

1. Erply – Our Choice

Best for startup retailers
  • You can change data in real-time
  • Great tools to manage your inventory
  • Reliable data encryption in the cloud environment
  • Poor external device integration and customer support

Verdict: This is the best free POS service for undemanding retail businesses. It includes many useful features to manage your business. It allows you to handle gift and credit cards, work with multiple currencies, use time-clock and multi-registration. This cloud-based system contains tools for creating multiple price lists. This feature allows you to set prices based on customer groups, location, and sales or promotions.

This universal POS system is suitable for various types of businesses. It is an effective management tool for both large retails and small stores. We also recommend installing the best accounting software for medium sized business to keep your accounting records in order.

erply free pos software interface

2. Vend

For the smallest businesses
  • Works with Square or PayPal
  • Offline sales are covered
  • Free PC version
  • 10-product limit

Verdict: If your business is just evolving and you need user-friendly POS free software, then this option is for you. It has a ten-product limit, allows one register and works with no more than a thousand customers monthly. This system includes several useful features such as employee, management, digital receipt delivery, and sales analyzes. What's more, it's perfectly compatible with Xero for bookkeeping and other merchant services.

This is great software for beginners as it is very clear and easy to use. You can get reports, work with price books, and take advantage of an offline mode. It can be an effective instrument for all types of stores including shoe shops, food and drink business, fashion boutiques, etc.

vend free pos software interface

3. Imonggo

Businesses with limited inventory
  • Buckshee inventory management
  • Mobile and desktop versions
  • Rich knowledge basе
  • 1,000 transaction limit per month

Verdict: This free POS software for PC is a great choice if you are just starting your business. It comes with all the necessary functions to manage your store. You can track and manage inventory of up to a thousand different products. Besides, it includes sales analytics, employee and customer management features, lets you send digital receipts, handle offline sales, and take advantage of mobile connectivity.

Data sorting and tracking sales by salesman are also available. If you want to make your workflow more efficient and organized, you can additionally install project management software.

imonggo free pos software interface

4. Square

Great for retailers and restaurants
  • Limitless transactions and inventory processing
  • Free online store
  • Comes with a free magstripe reader
  • Disappointing inventory functions

Verdict: You can use this sleek online platform for attracting new clients and running your business as efficiently as possible. This simple POS software has an intuitive interface that allows you to access tons of useful features and tools. You can issue invoices, receive sales reports and analytics, use inventory and customer management features, send digital receipts, work with various accounting and e-commerce platforms, and more.

Moreover, Square is a fantastic option for finance-related tasks. It allows you to accept swiped card payments on your tablet or smartphone. The presented booking suite deserves additional praise.

square free pos software interface

5. Floreant

Best basic option
  • Offline mode
  • Direct connection with a kitchen display system
  • Compatible with Microsoft and Dell tablets
  • Can’t be used for retail needs

Verdict: This free restaurant POS software does a great job at basic tasks. The ability to receive sales reports, manage your employees and inventory data, as well as mobile access, are the advantages of this platform. This software contains many useful foodservice features. You can adjust tips, manage menus and tables, create bar tabs, and use a kitchen printer connection.

To take advantage of this open source POS restaurant platform, you need to install it on a computer, Java-supported tablets or any device running a popular OS. By the way, the POS terminal can work offline. This is great news for Pizza shops, Food Trucks, Restaurants, Ice Cream, Coffee Shops, and other types of businesses.

floreant free pos software interface

6. Loyverse

For hybrid retail
  • Product variations
  • Fantastic CRM features
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Poor set of inventory management instruments

Verdict: Loyverse POS system provides unlimited possibilities for processing sales transactions and inventory management. It also contains the full pack of CRM features and tools for adding product variants to the listings. If you own food carts or cafés, then this option is for you.

By installing this software on several tablets or iPads, you can build an efficient checkout system. The interface is very easy to navigate. What’s more, this software works well with various payment systems and marketing platforms, e.g., Woorise.

loyverse free pos software interface

7. eHopper

For markets and grocers
  • Boundless inventory and transactions
  • You can sell products by weight
  • Card processing is free
  • Too simple reports

Verdict: This cloud-based software is perfect for specialty stores. It is compatible with all popular OS and Poynt hardware. Like inventory management software, it features powerful inventory management features. With it, you can sell items by weight, track orders, process payments, use customer management, and time-clock options.

You can derive benefit from zero-cost payment processing thanks to a cash-discounting instrument. Plus, this POS free software accepts EBT payments. It is supplied with a free credit card terminal supporting NFC and EMV technology.

ehopper free pos software interface

8. Siiopa

For single-location restaurants
  • Android-compatible
  • Integrated menu and order management tools
  • Amazing order management capabilities
  • Lack of customer service

Verdict: Check out this option if you are looking for the best free POS software for your cafe or restaurant. It offers amazing built-in menu features, cloud-based data storage, and handy order management tools. Compatibility with Android devices and offline payment processing are the strong points of this system.

The ability to accept cash payments is available immediately after installing the software. You can use a special payment gateway to integrate card payments.

siiopa free pos software interface

9. uniCenta

For tech-savvy business
  • Compatible with all modern OS
  • Cloud and local hosting options
  • Simple dashboard
  • Outdated design

Verdict: uniCenta POS appeals to users with its employee, inventory, and customer management, barcode scanning, and detailed sales analyses. This software is available in several languages and accepts different currencies. There are user-friendly customizable interfaces for retail and restaurants.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well as tablets based on Windows and Android OS. Moreover, you can use the cloud version or install it on your device. If you use iOS portable devices, you can try the Kyte app.

unicenta free pos software interface