8 Best Apps For Apple Pencil in 2022

If you want to draw, edit photos, and quickly add notes, you’re going to need one of the best apps for Apple Pencil. Armed with such an app, you’ll be able to create sketches and drawings as if you were using a sketchbook and pencil.

The more you draw, the better results you’ll receive, as such an app is the perfect tool for improving your skills.

Top 8 Apps For Apple Pencil

  1. Adobe Photoshop - Supports PSD with layers
  2. Autodesk SketchBook - For drawing, painting, typography
  3. Apple Notes - Quickly text formatting
  4. Affinity Designer - Works with vector graphics
  5. Pigment - Unlimited number of colors
  6. Sketch Club - Filling & smudging tools
  7. Nebo - Converts handwriting text
  8. Procreate - With unique brushes

This list features some of the most interesting options on the App Store, covering everything from art creation tools to notetaking applications. When choosing the listed apps, I’ve looked at their functionality and ease of use, while focusing on options capable of creating illustrations, icons, typography, web design elements, concept art, etc.

I’ve also checked whether the apps include tools like adjustable brushes, pen and node tools, layer support, curve and non-destructive editing, blend modes, and live effects.

1. Adobe Photoshop - Our Choice

Supports PSD with layers
  • Most features from the desktop version
  • Layer stack tools
  • Retouching and compositing features
  • Easy to sync across devices
  • Not found

Verdict: One of the greatest features of the Photoshop app for Apple Pencil is its Intellisense. The Intellisense feature offers high levels of accuracy when drawing or saving an image and it works even when the pen is not used. It helps you create and modify shadings, bezels, highlights, shadows, and coloring. Also, it has an AutoSave feature.

The way Adobe Photoshop allows you to save images as well as modifying them is one of the many reasons why so many people choose it to design their drawings and images. This particular application also includes support for the photo editing software for PC such as Paint Shop Pro, Sketchbook Pro and InDesign.

adobe photoshop app for apple pencil interface

2. Autodesk SketchBook

For drawing, painting, typography
  • Includes Photoshop features
  • Seamless control
  • Photo correction
  • Daily challenges and competitions
  • Hard for kids

Verdict: This app using a wide range of tools and functions such as drawing shapes, applying various effects, sketching light fixtures and colors, and much more. This drawing app for iPad also allows you to export your sketches into photo files. You can import these files to programs into Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Corel Draw, and a host of other applications.

The powerful and flexible functions for sketching and designing are there. You can save a lot of money by buying a professional version of Autodesk SketchBook. You have access to a library full of sketches.

autodesk sketchbook app for apple pencil interface

3. Apple Notes

Quickly text formatting
  • Default note-taking system
  • Share a note
  • Creating tables in Notes
  • Protect using Touch ID, or Face ID
  • No bulk export to PDF

Verdict: Apple Notes app allows you to take your handwritten notes and turn them into digital copies with functions similar to those of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Some of the functions let you enter text, draw diagrams, add photos, record audio, and more. It integrates with other applications from the Apple Store, as well as third-party applications that can download directly to the device.

This note taking app allows you to store additional information such as phone numbers and shopping lists into the Notes Hub. There are various other options for customizing the notes, these include colors and themes, as well as adding text boxes and a signature option. Ability to send a PDF document to a Mac computer, edit it using the appropriate software tools, and then convert it back to a Word document for printing.

apple notesapp for apple pencil interface

4. Affinity Designer

Works with vector graphics
  • Perfect mobile experience
  • Blazing-fast performance
  • Curve editing
  • Geometry operations
  • Lack of a good transform tool

Verdict: With Affinity Designer, you can take sketches and turn them into real drawings with Apple Pencil. You can doodle, line up and change color through different functions of this drawing program.

You can add live effects, blend modes, and image adjustments. Even a beginner can use this application without any trouble. You just need to download the app from the iTunes Store and then you are all set to go.

affinity designer app for apple pencil interface

5. Pigment

Unlimited number of colors
  • Over 2600 illustrated drawings
  • 24 different types of pencils
  • Print out the drawings via AirPrint
  • New content is added regularly
  • No way to access recently used colors

Verdict: One of the functions of this program lets you see the details of the strokes you have just created. Make use of the eyedropper to add a variety of effects to your sketches, from dark or light shading, to blur, to softness and highlights, and so much more. Another useful feature allows you to easily switch between two different color palettes.

Pigment even allows you to share your colored drawings with friends on social media, email, or text. The app has two coloring modes. If you want, you can tap on a shape to the only color inside it. No matter how inaccurate you are, the color won't bleed outside the selection.

pigment app for apple pencil interface

6. Sketch Club

Filling & smudging tools
  • Plenty of brush tools
  • Shape tools with automatic ratio snapping
  • Canvases can go up to 16K
  • Has an integrated community
  • Expensive application

Verdict: Sketch Club can be accessed from the Apple Store on any iPhone or iPad. This app for Apple Pencil allows you to save and print your most popular drawings so you can use them later on.

Sketch Club is simple and easy to use. Everyone on the planet can view your latest artworks and ideas and if you have any special events happening, you can easily post them to the club. Also, you can send your most unique sketches to your family and friends.

sketch club app for apple pencil interface

7. Nebo

Converts handwriting text
  • Remove content and space
  • Decorate and apply different styles
  • Recognizes more than 65 languages
  • Converted into Word, PDF, HTML
  • Can’t drag & drop images
nebo app for apple pencil logo

Verdict: Nebo can be used to take short notes in seconds with the help of its drawing tools. With the innovative text tool, you can write down the required information on your note-taking tablet and understand the details instantly. Moreover, with the handy drawing tools available in this app you can do sketches of objects easily, create simple drawings, and much more.

The application offers several advanced drawing tools that are extremely easy to use. It allows you to take down short notes quickly. You can also edit the note once you have written it and save your work for further reference.

nebo app for apple pencil interface

8. Procreate

With unique brushes
  • 136 unique brushes
  • An advanced layer system
  • 250 levels of undo and redo
  • QuickShape feature
  • No vectors

Verdict: Procreate app is not only a fun way for your child to learn how to use Apple Pencil, but it is also an educational tool that can teach even adults. All you have to do is read the directions on the device and point and click to create art. Then you can share with friends your awesome creation.

The app includes three versions for Mac OS X tablet. You can also get the special drawing and coloring book that comes along with the purchase of Procreate. This will teach your child how to color in the fine lines and create really nice artwork.

procreate app for apple pencil interface