30 Packaging Design Ideas

30 Packaging Design Ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring packaging design for your product, food or cosmetics? The product packaging design is a very important element in marketing. The first impression created by the design can be the very thing to determine the success or failure of sales.

Check out the most outstanding packaging design ideas that can inspire the new attractive designs in your mind.

30 Amazing Packaging Design Ideas

Color, design, materials, all these are the questions that confront the designer when he/she begins to plan a new package design. I have selected for you the most interesting, cool, and trendy ideas that will help you create an excellent project.

1. Use Patterns

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A simpler way that can yet be very efficient is using a pattern. Such packaging for tools can be a great example. The box itself is rather simple, but it looks more elaborate with the striped design that has a very nice color scheme.

2. Consider All Available Space

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Instead of concentrating on the outside, see how you could use the empty spaces of the box to achieve a particular effect. In this packaging design, a simple color pattern was used to decorate the inside of the box as well. As a result, the box and its contents both looked premium-quality.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Simplicity

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Simplicity appeals to many people, so there is a great way of incorporating it into the design. Look at the example with the elegant package made of recycled materials. The print softens the rough look and the simple labels give the ensemble a more modern appearance.

4. Think About the Experience

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Don’t get stuck entirely on the look, consider the touch of the package, too, and the whole process of undoing it. Here is a luxury item packaged in a very clever way. As a receiver of this box, you will first open it, then see the neat bundle inside with the dust ruffle. If you use layers in your product box designs, it might induce the clients to spend a few extra dollars on that nice and appealing box itself.

5. Be Playful

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Good designs are often fun and help to advertise the product at the stall. This simple packaging is very playful, making the customer smile at the image of the character.

6. Use Humor

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If you can create the packaging design jokingly, making passers-by stop and appreciate the humor in it, the brand will become more visible when placed next to the competitors on a shelf. Here is a great example of a pack of cereals that have dino painted on the front in such a way to create movement.

7. The Box

cosmetic packaging design

Being the most common type, it is also the one that allows for many experiments and alterations. You can change the type of edges, making them sharp or smooth, and use various materials to create entirely different experiences. Even more personalization can be done in the positioning and shape of the opening, its pattern, and other variables. With only these few variables in a standard box, you can already create striking retail packaging designs that would look unique.

8. The Cuboid

brand packaging

Both the desired chocolate and the dreaded syrup come in this type of shape. There are many things you can put there, too. The most common design has a top and bottom lid but even these can have a different size and structure, and in some cases even be positioned differently. The number of possible alterations is large and provides freedom.

9. The Circle

food packaging design tea

This one is among the favorite beverage and cosmetic packaging design ideas also frequented by luxury brands. Designers can play with sizes but most importantly the lid styles that can be very different indeed. If you check out large brand options, you will see how they are individual and distinctive, setting their produce aside on the shelves. For the design services, the creation of such distinctive elements is the main scope of activity.

10. The Multi-Sided Box

food packaging design fruits

A difficult type of packaging isn’t popular in mass production due to the complexity and high cost. Niche industries, on the other hand, set themselves apart with such unique packages for their items. These are striking and attractive to the customers and can be a tipping point in the number of sales of a small brand.

11. The Sharp and Sleek

food packaging design chocolate

Think of a purple package and you will think of chocolate, which is a merit of ‘Mondolez International’. They have a variety of products for which they preserve purple as the basic color and such policy might have been a powerful push for their success. This sharp tone now communicates industry leadership to the customers and it is a great way of generating a sleek product packaging design.

12. The Eco-Friendly Type

food packaging design eggs

Fortunately, more and more people are now aware of the need to protect our environment. This has created a new tendency among the designers to look after recyclable materials and minimize pollution. Often, such eco-friendly packages have a recognizable brown color that communicates the trending movement and highlights the brand colors beautifully.

13. The Transparent Package

beverage packaging design

Another striking move is to place the product in a transparent package. This, however, presents a challenge to the designers due to a number of issues. The colors or hues play a large role and need to match the product itself, plus the shelf life and certain inevitable color changes have to be accounted for.

14. The Simple and Elegant

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Something that is hard to achieve is the sort of stylish and faultless design that is yet very clean and simple. If you look at more sophisticated brands, you will see the tendency to use well-crafted modern designs on plain backgrounds. Though unlike their looks, such packaging design inspiration shares the same core.

15. The Accessories

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Your brand will receive more approval if the packaging can enhance the consumer’s experience in some way. Everything should be aligned, the quality of the product, the package, and the brand’s policy as well. If the product itself is related to lifestyle embodiment, the package should represent the same idea.

16. The Inner Sections

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When you have inner packages, it is also important to devote enough attention to those and maintain the design integrity throughout. The great thing is that you can use variations here and play around the brand’s main theme. You will see plenty of examples in the FMCG industries.

17. The Outer Wrapper

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The design should not end with what wraps the product directly, it also refers to the outer shell used for operational or safety measures. These are also visible to the consumer and they can undermine some great work if kept neglected. The product packaging design companies know this importance and insist on maintaining the brand’s identity throughout.

18. Think About Protection

product packaging design tea

Don’t put all the effort in the look only, make sure that the packaging serves other purposes as well. Bear in mind the logistical process and various environmental influences such as temperature, humidity, etc. Trustworthy creative design agencies make packaging that stay presentable and protect its contents from any possibility of damage under any circumstances.

19. Be Luxurious

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An item no one seems to mind spending extra on is liquor. The amount of competition demands special design elements that would bring your product forward among all the others. When made well, it will promise potential customers fun times and could serve as a pleasant reminder long afterward.

20. Let the Product Speak

food packaging design

When the item is of high quality, surrounding it with irksome glittery wrappings will do the opposite of complimenting. Here are some high-quality nuts that speak for themselves. They could have received a standard illustrated package but instead, they advocate for themselves serving as the front and center.

21. Consider the Interior

custom box design cosmetics

The outer design is important to attract customers but what’s within is equally relevant. When there are several items inside, take care to display them alongside instead of just jumbling them all. Even a monochrome inside of a complimenting color may improve the impression if everything looks well-coordinated.

22. Be Creative

custom packaging boxes with logo

Some products ask you for an out-of-the-ordinary approach and it is the best hit if you manage one. This creative designer turned it into a delicious ice cream treat promoting the main ingredient of the bar and making it instantly remarkable.

23. Be Bright

brand packaging design

If the item itself is brightly colored, the package should incorporate some of that brightness and that can be extended towards a line of products. This way the customers will perceive that there is a product range but will have enough clues to distinguish the different items from each other easily.

24. Be Modern

creative packaging pinterest

People like following trends and thus give preference to modern packaging design. Currently, straight lines, simple colors, and gothic fonts are in favor, drawing the attention of browsing customers and making them wonder about the product.

25. Make It Product-Friendly

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The package is meant not only to protect the product and make it look appealing to the customer, but it is also supposed to facilitate its use. Make sure when you select the container and its design that it has a friendly relationship with the product itself. A good example is ketchup that used to create problems when it was sold in glass bottles.

26. Break the Rules in the Right Way

innovative food packaging design

Rules are a great thing to break when that can bring you fame and appreciation but could cause an opposite effect if broken unsuccessfully. Any existing industry has its own set of rules, shoes come in cardboard boxes, and toothpaste is sold in plastic tubes.

Think out of the box and find a new way to package a well-known item and this is guaranteed to increase awareness about your brand and possibly the sales. Only make sure that you aren’t sacrificing ease of use or another important element to the outstanding design, that will quickly ruin your reputation.

27. Be in Line With Market Trends

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Research your product package design online to stay informed about the current trends and incorporate them. Ideas can come from the latest movies or events that caused hype and became known to a large number of people. Ride the wave and become more visible with the help of such popular notions creating a stronger attraction for your brand among the existing and potential customers.

28. Make It Easy to Handle

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Many clients would choose their own comfort over the economy or another benefit. So, if the package of your product makes it uncomfortable to carry or use, it won’t reach its peaking potential on the market. Make sure to incorporate handles and other conveniences where it is necessary for comfort because unless you’re selling a unique item, the sales will go to those brands that took more care of the customers.

29. Don’t Ruin the Scope of Extensibility

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Any business requires you to work in a forward-looking way, trying to lay the base of the future development in the currently issued products. So, you have to design the packaging not only to fit the product itself but to allow for some alterations or additions.

This makes perfect sense because if you gain the trust and love of the customers with this product, it would be much easier to introduce a range under the same design and use the already gained attention. You can certainly put another product under a different design but that would inevitably hamper the sales volume. Why would you want to start from scratch if there is a perfect opportunity to ride the wave you already created and get higher profits?

30. Make It Usable

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If you’re vending something consumable, by making the package useful, you keep it in the customer’s sight and thus reinforce the remembrance and disposition towards your brand. Take a look at this ingenious solution, the new Gems chocolate packaging.

It contains the sweets but once they are all eaten the container turns into a ball, children can play with. Once they learn that, they will want to buy this particular item more often. Adults are the same and love to think they are getting more than they paid for by benefiting from the packaging in addition to its content.

Free Packaging Design Templates

When you think over the packaging design and you need to show customers several options visually, the question arises on how to do this if all options still exist as files. Use these mockups to demonstrate packaging design.

Gift Box

packaging design template gift box

This is the perfect mockup for simple packaging design. Change the colors and logo as well as the design to customize it.

Box Template

packaging design template box

Need packaging for product whose main audience will be young and active people? Use this mockup to convey an easy-going mood.

Cosmetic Box

packaging design template cosmetic box

Use this template to create elegant cosmetic design. Simply download, place your design and enjoy perfect presentation.

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