15 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in 2024

If you decide to create a creative promo or video ad for your campaign to get the message across more people or raise funds, you need to look among the best explainer video production companies with an extensive portfolio and many years of experience accumulated in various industries.

Collaborating with any of them will give prominence to your content because each explainer video production company is unique. Some create multiple animation styles while others focus on a specific niche. In any case, short advertising and marketing videos, product demonstrations, app presentations and exhibition videos will only benefit if you spice them with up attractive animations.

Top 15 Explainer Video Production Companies

  1. Epipheo - The best explainer video production company
  2. simpleshow - Best for interactive eLearning videos
  3. Demo Duck - Best for video series production
  4. Animation Explainers - Use elements of client branding
  5. Explainly - Specializes in animated video and mixed media production
  6. Creamy Animation - Animated videos on any topic
  7. Vidico - Explainer videos for industry leaders
  8. Anideos - Whiteboard animation
  9. Switch Video - For animated character or motion graphic video
  10. Yum Yum Videos - To create internal videos for employees
  11. Sandwich Video - Best for spoken live-action video
  12. Thinkmojo - Best approach for the technical and high-tech sector
  13. Wyzowl - If you have a fixed budget and time
  14. Explain Ninja - Animation packages for any occasion and wallet
  15. Small Business Rainmaker - 17-point video optimization

Explainer videos are also known as landing page videos or overview videos. They convey the message through a visual story, describing the problem and how the company, product or service is solving it. Animated explainer video production is a must-have if there is a new product that needs to be explained, a business plan or service that is difficult to understand, or a new company that you wish to tell the world about.

Short videos present complex information in an understandable form, helping people remember it and encouraging them to take action. The video message should be clear and direct so that the target audience is inclined to take the expected action. So, if you aren’t a fan of video Ad making software (https://fixthephoto.com/best-video-ad-making-software.html Best Video Ad Making Software Review), it is important to pick a company that has experience in your business and industry to create the perfect custom explainer video for you.

1. Epipheo – Our Choice

The first in «video white paper» style
  • Whiteboard style, 2D, 3D, live-action videos
  • Published over 5000 videos
  • Notable clients: Google, P&G, DuPont, Cisco, Epson, Microsoft, US Bank
  • Free educational mini-course
  • Headquarters in the USA
  • None detected

Verdict: It is one of the first explainer videos companies (since 2009) and an award-winning studio specializing in the production of qualitative video and marketing strategy for corporate and medium-sized clients mainly in the field of IT, business services and healthcare.

Epipheo always concentrates on the client’s business peculiarities, attempts to explore them and highlights them in animated video courses, brand videos, educational videos, educational video series, e-learning video courses, internal videos, live-action videos, animated explainer videos, social video ads and trade show videos.

The studio has a large innovative team of 35 different creatives: from 3D animators to writers and strategists with vast experience. Epipheo collaborates with hundreds of freelance artists through freelance services.

2. simpleshow

For interactive eLearning videos
  • Global team of over 100 experts
  • simpleshow interactive with transparent per-minute prices
  • Cooperation with Adobe, Audi, BMW, eBay, Microsoft
  • simpleshow video maker for DIY video
  • International company with a representative office in the US
  • Only a few fixed formats outside of premium
  • Registration is required to create a video

Verdict: It is a global communications company that aims to provide a concise and entertaining explanation of complex topics. The world’s leading brands, such as Mastercard, BMW, Porsche, Gilead Sciences, Amazon and others, entrust simpleshow with company messaging, training, product updates and other important information.

The company is famous for its corporate identity – 3-minute videos in the styles of “hand”, “wheel” or “kinetic”. For unlimited creativity, pick simpleshow Premium and expect unique creative suggestions from a team of more than 150 international employees.

Interactive learning materials are worth noting – interface interaction and gamification elements are available in more than 50 languages. With localized services in Germany, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Malaysia, simpleshow is one of the best explainer video production companies that makes information accessible and understandable around the world.

3. Demo Duck

Live action video and video series
  • Have been releasing demo videos since 2011
  • Amazing portfolio cases
  • Videos for world-famous brands
  • 2D and 3D animation, real-time video
  • Own video production studio in Chicago
  • Cost of the video on request
  • Quality defines price

Verdict: Initially, this animation video company made demo videos with explanations – hence the name and commitment to fun animation. Now they have added customer feedback videos, live performances and traditional commercial videos. The quality of their videos is consistently unique and super-creative while being concise. When it comes to style, their options are huge.

Demo Duck consists of a small but cohesive and creatively diverse team of professionals and artists. They offer animated explainer video production services to clients from the advertising, education and media industries.

The Demo Duck team isn’t afraid to collaborate with others and works with artists, directors and animators from all over the world to create the most dynamic videos. Among the well-known names are Netflix, Facebook, Canon, Dropbox, Crazy Egg, Panasonic.

4. Animation Explainers

Use elements of client branding
  • Work with numerous industries
  • Various types of business videos
  • Present complex info in simple words
  • Attention to details
  • Offbeat video creation
  • Individual price options
animation explainers logo
Animation Explainers

Verdict: Animation Explainers knows how to turn various ideas into engaging video content, explaining confusing concepts in simple words. The company assists clients from different niches, including Forex, medicine, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, fundraising, special software explaining, and more. They make clips for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profit organizations.

Experts do their best to present the peculiarities of every business, its values, services and other important aspects into plain language. They often include animated images for better perception. The team mainly focuses on storytelling, which has proven to be one of the most reliable methods to explain a topic and keep the audience interested.

All stories include custom animation and elements of the client’s brand identity assets. The team provides voiceovers for videos in the world's most popular languages and accents, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and more.

5. Explainly

Integrated mixed media animation format
  • Any animation style, optimized to any medium
  • Offers two free revisions per step
  • Cooperation with Avast, Visa, HubSpot, University of San Francisco
  • Accelerated time limit of 2 weeks
  • Based in the US
  • Process typically takes 4 – 6 weeks
  • Doesn’t really like working with whiteboard animation
explainly logo

Verdict: It is a fast-growing animation company headquartered in California and founded in 2018. A team of fewer than 10 employees provides video production services with a particular focus on animated explanatory videos. Their clientele consists of small and medium-sized businesses in advertising, marketing, art, entertainment and music.

The creative team’s favorite styles are animated 2D and 3D videos with explanations and infographics. The company isn’t afraid of complex work and experiments as it offers mixed-media video in the form of animated overlay and intersecting styles.

Explainly clearly prescribes all the steps of interaction with the customer and gives specific deadlines for each step, which makes it one of the best explainer video companies in terms of customer orientation. In case you are on a budget and are looking for a company that creates inspiring explainer videos, you may also contact Breadandbeyond, as this agency is known for providing excellent solutions that have great value for the money.

6. Creamy Animation

Animated videos on any topic
  • Huge variation to create videos
  • Fast completion of a technical task
  • Possibility to make corrections
  • Great technical support
  • Nice portfolio
  • Animated videos are limited in time
creamy animation logo
Creamy Animation

Verdict: Creamy Animation simplifies complex conceptions and presents your business to a client in a simple way. The company uses a video clip that can effectively promote your business and sell your goods and services. Expert marketers claim that animated explaining videos directly influence the conversion and brand recognizability.

The service includes the development of the following 90-second videos: explaining (what you do), educational (about your business), and advertising (will help you sell) demo videos. Moreover, each main video type has its subtypes where you can present your product or technology in 3D or show it in use.

This way they have developed more than one hundred advertising videos for companies, including Credit Solutions LSI, William Hill – TV Spot, Hometown Quotes, etc. Moreover, the company brags about great technical support. You will work directly with the creative team and will be able to quickly make corrections.

7. Vidico

Explainer videos for industry leaders
  • Experienced team
  • High viewer engagement
  • Impressive client list
  • High-quality equipment
  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • Turnaround time
vidico logo

Verdict: Vidico is a reputable and expert explainer video production company with a proven track record. They handle the entire video production process, from initial concept development to the final production stage, providing clients with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Their unwavering commitment to quality and mastery of storytelling is evident through their impressive client list, which features prominent names such as Square, Spotify, Amazon, and Samsung. This client roster underscores Vidico's ability to work with industry leaders.

Vidico's proficiency spans both animation and live-action video production, showcasing their versatility in creating engaging and impactful video content. They excel in background removal and editing, offering clients a comprehensive solution for their video needs. Moreover, Vidico employs high-quality equipment, akin to those used in popular Netflix shows, guaranteeing high-resolution, crystal-clear, and professional-grade content.

8. Anideos

Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Infographic animation
  • Professional voiceover
  • Personalized content
  • Limited pricing information
  • Potential for communication barriers
anideos best explainer video production company logo

Verdict: Anideos proved to be the perfect choice for my brand improvement project, especially with the advertisement of our new services for real estate. Their professionalism is something visible right from the start to craft an engaging whiteboard animation explainer video. They meticulously interpreted my project brief, leaving no stone unturned in capturing the essence of my vision.

The brilliance in the use of storytelling as a tool of development is in the kind of characters that the narrative develops, which succeeded in carrying out a message to the audience in an effective way, due to their linking very well with the real estate industry.

The clear differentiator is that Anideos is very clear, straight in communication style, and delivers on time. They kept me on the same page in every stage of the project to make sure that I was abreast of it and involved enough. This experience was very professional, dedicated, and professional to the highest degree that it would ensure that my great confidence in them was reiterated.

9. Switch Video

2 versions for split testing
  • Reasonable deadlines
  • 60 % engagement guarantee
  • Useful resources, trends and articles on the site
  • All videos are clearly classified
  • Comprehensive video metrics system
  • Cost of video on demand
  • Sticks to three main animation styles
switch video logo
Switch Video

Verdict: It is one of the oldest and well-respected digital video marketing and video production companies based in Canada. Switch Video sets reasonable deadlines and adheres to them, keeping the customer informed throughout the entire production process.

Their videos are simple and clear, all created inside a company of 28 people, and not outsourced to freelancers. They have a clear idea of what makes a custom explainer video different from other types, with the help of animated character, whiteboard and motion graphic styles. The number of videos made by the company reaches 1,200.

Switch Video is a purely online company operating in 15 languages. It is known for the work with major tech clients, such as IBM, HP, Cisco, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Bayer and Amazon. They promise to unlock the potential of every idea, product and business.

10. Yum Yum Videos

Helps enhance your business
  • Integrated video marketing strategy
  • Blog and a training center are present
  • Good value for money
  • Well-established video production process
  • A variety of options for customization and revisions
  • The average cost is up to $ 15,000
  • 6 – 8 weeks of working time
yum yum videos logo
Yum Yum Videos

Verdict: Winning the award for video production, this company was founded in Argentina in 2010. They know what they are doing, having experience with companies from a vast array of industries, a clear 6-step process, without skimping on quality. Being an explainer video production company, Yum Yum Videos produces whiteboards, animated videos and motion graphics videos.

Yum Yum Videos aligns your video with the goals and objectives of your business. Their prices are affordable. The company uniquely integrates multiple video marketing strategies to increase your customer base.

Their cooperation with various companies wasn’t limited to 20 countries around the world. Yum Yum Videos also made videos for such big names as Walmart, Fox, Red Bull, Heinz and American Express.

11. Sandwich Video

Classics of the genre in an innovative form
  • Amazing actors and guest stars
  • Real-time videos from 2009
  • Library is tagged and searchable
  • Based in the US
  • Technical products and applications are their specialty
  • Doesn’t create animated content
sandwich video logo
Sandwich Video

Verdict: This studio specializes in Live-Action video and is probably one of the best explainer video production companies within this style. Their scripts are very funny and entertaining. Sandwich Video also manages the entire production process, with its own production studio and video editing services. Sandwich Video will help you with some distribution methods by promoting your video through social networks, PR and other resources.

They originally started out as an app development store but have since focused on video production. Sandwich Video has a unique pricing structure and an even more creative team. Its truly stellar client list includes brands from a variety of industries and fields, probably about a third of the Fortune 500 list. Notable clients include Facebook, Yahoo, Uber, eBay, Blizzard, Amazon.

12. Thinkmojo

Produces a Virtual Reality (VR) experience
  • Help in launching the video
  • Collaboration with Hubspot
  • Own video showcase platform
  • Impressive portfolio and clients
  • Founded in 2012 in California
  • Price on request
thinkmojo logo

Verdict: This video production and marketing company produces a vast array of video content, including training videos, editorials, advertising, personalized videos. The company’s branding specialists will help you launch the video and maximize its reach.

Thinkmojo is a talented “audience agency” with dynamic development and an impressive portfolio, which was presented on one of the best video hosting sites, Wistia, on the popular startup site videos.com, at TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. They do top-notch animation mostly for the tech industry and high-tech.

Thinkmojo produces animated video and real-time action in a range of styles, even in the drama or comedy genres. Notable clients include Google, Matter, Mesosphere, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zendesk, Slack and Square.

13. Wyzowl

For users with a fixed budget and time
  • Over 3000 videos for 1500 + companies from 40 countries
  • Fixed price and time frame model
  • Regularly undertakes research
  • 24 / 7 access to the creative team
  • Multiple usage scenarios
  • $ 5,760 for a 90-second video is the bottom line
wyzowl logo

Verdict: In 2020, the studio, headquartered in the UK, showed exceptional results in global competition and received many awards. Wyzowl is well versed in where to best use explainer videos: on your home page, on social networks, in paid advertising, training and adaptation, in email signatures and in advertising offers.

Since 2009, the studio has been creating not only animated marketing videos but also demo videos for mobile apps and web apps, preview videos, fantastic explanatory videos for startups and such international brands as TNT, Kodak, Autodesk, LG, Oracle, Amazon and Seagate.

Wyzowl is one of the best explainer video production companies in terms of experience. Besides, it has developed a step-by-step process for getting customer feedback and focusing on fixes to minimize future adjustments.

14. Explain Ninja

Animation packages for any occasion
  • Affordable options for any budget
  • Unique professional voice-over group
  • Notable for international awards and publications
  • Video breakdown by duration
  • Each stage – after approval by the customer
  • 3D animation only at the top price levels
explain ninja logo
Explain Ninja

Verdict: Since its founding in 2014 in the Polish capital, the studio has created hundreds of award-winning videos for startups and iconic brands, such as Google, Atlassian, Total, Codio, Bolt, MyTaxi, Pipedrive. The company has been recognized on Clutch and The Manifest and has been featured in major global media outlets like NBC, ABC, Huffington Post and others.

The team of fifty people mostly succeeded in creating various types of animation, from whiteboard video to 3D and 2D animation. There is a department that will help you with translation. So, you can communicate with native speakers from all the countries in which the company operates.

For convenience, production packages have been developed that include only the significant and winning features of this genre. The initial payment includes work on the script, professional voice acting and music without royalties. If your priority is a good-looking video for a reasonable price, Explain Ninja is one of the worthiest explainer videos companies.

15. Small Business Rainmaker

17-point video optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Strategy and purpose-driven
  • Brand consistency
  • Universal appeal
  • Not perfect for all occasions
  • Dependency on visuals
small business rainmaker best explainer video production companies logo
Small Business Rainmaker

Verdict: Recently I’ve found Small Business Rainmaker's ads on YouTube and decided to test their service in an attempt to look for how to do video marketing without really standing behind a camera.

Animated explainers are so smart; they capture attention and bring back those childhood cartoon vibes. The service nails it with their 17-Point Video Optimization Checklist which is great if you don’t know exactly what you want. They don't just make animations; they're planning a strategy, scripting, and captions that actually work. It's like they've cracked the code for making videos that look good and show up where your customers are looking.

The best part for me? It's affordable. Small Business Rainmaker takes the graphics you already have and makes them into an animated video, so you don't have to spend much money. I gave them all the information for the project, we brainstormed together, and they executed the ideas. It was very streamlined, and the results came out better than I thought they would.