7 Best Free Video Splitters in 2024

7 Best Free Video Splitters in 2024

You can use the best free video splitter to divide a large clip into multiple parts and save them separately. To achieve the desired result, you need to import a video in the program, split it into several segments and cut out unwanted parts.

Top 7 Free Video Splitters

  1. EaseUS Video Editor - For novice users
  2. Windows Movie Maker - Supplied with Windows OS
  3. MiniTool MovieMaker - The best video editor for computers
  4. Easy Video Splitter - For editing large videos
  5. Free Video Cutter - Only for cutting clips
  6. VLC - Open-source media player
  7. MP4Tools - Video splitter for MP4 files

Some software listed below offer video editing capabilities. Before you start splitting your clips, you can adjust such settings as sample rate, resolution, codecs, and more. There are also video splitters that allow you to save the resulted video in the preferred format.

1. EaseUS Video Editor - Our Choice

For novice users
  • Streamlined video splitting with the quality preserved
  • Rich format support
  • Neat interface
  • User-focused
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Verdict: EaseUS Video Editor is popular video splitting software that offers all the necessary features for video splitting, merging, rotating, trimming and media files mixing. Aside from the ability to cut clips, you can benefit from a built-in video editor.

With EaseUS Video Editor, you can complement your works with catchy effects and filters, change video playback speed, and even more. This software includes 50+ visual and transition effects to give your clips a professional look and feel. With EaseUS, you can import and mix media files without any hassle. Moreover, it is possible to activate the voice recording, just clicking a button.

easeus video editor video splitter interface

2. Windows Movie Maker

Supplied with Windows OS
  • Numerous video editing features
  • User-friendly
  • Multiple output options
  • Often crashes
  • Unavailable for Windows 10

Verdict: Released by Microsoft, Windows Movie Maker is no longer available in recent Windows editions. Besides video editing capabilities, it offers numerous sharing options. You can upload your works on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, OneDrive, and Vimeo.

Also, it is possible to use Windows Movie Maker as a free video splitter software and easily trim your clips and merge the parts of a video. Moreover, it offers a variety of effects, captions, transitions, movies, and more.

windows movie maker video splitter interface

3. MiniTool MovieMaker

The best video editor for computers
  • Comes with templates
  • Includes a timeline
  • Animated titles
  • Ability to crop and split videos
  • Occasional freezes

Verdict: MiniTool MovieMaker is user-friendly free video editing software. It allows you to split, merge, and watermark your clips. You can create attention-grabbing content using numerous software perks, such as transitions, templates, animated text, filters, the ability to rotate video, change video format and resolution.

If you want to find out how to create videos in MiniTool MovieMaker, check out this guide.

minitool moviemaker video splitter interface

4. Easy Video Splitter

For editing large videos
  • Easy to use
  • Preview feature
  • Manual or automatic video splitting
  • Ability to edit only one frame at a time

Verdict: Easy Video Splitter is a simple video files splitter with the support of numerous video formats, including WMV, MPEG, ASF, and AVI. The program offers the scroll bats, which you can use to split files into a certain number of equal size pieces.

Another great feature of Easy Video Splitter is a batch video editing mode. You can use it to split multiple clips simultaneously. Easy Video Splitter is fairly effective software since all the resulting clips preserve the quality of the original file without any problems with sound or video.

easy video splitter interface

5. Free Video Cutter

Only for cutting clips
  • Works with numerous video types
  • Intuitive interface
  • Several options for the output format
  • Poor sound quality
  • Few sound configurations

Verdict: Free Video Cutter is an easy video splitter that works with numerous video formats, such as AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, Divx, Xvid, and MP4. The program lets you control the entire process of cutting and splitting your clip. Once your project is ready, you can save it in high quality.

You don't need to have professional skills to divide large videos into small clips. Due to the program's neat and user-friendly interface, the process of video splitting will be a breeze.

free video cutter video splitter interface

6. VLC

Open-source media player
  • Absolutely free
  • Works with audio files
  • Compatible with the majority of file formats
  • Includes PNG decoder
  • Doesn’t provide an accurate cut

Verdict: VLC is an open-source, cross-platform media player. This program offers an advanced recording tool that allows you to divide a large video into multiple parts.

Moreover, you can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, and clarity. It is possible to crop and rotate a clip. You can also jazz up your project by overlaying a watermark or adding a blur effect.

vlc video splitter interface

7. MP4Tools

Video splitter for MP4 files
  • Doesn’t require transcoding
  • Lossless video conversion
  • Ability to convert multiple videos at once
  • Works only the MP4 video format

Verdict: MP4 is the most widely used video format. Being an open-source program, MP4Tool can serve either as an MP4 video splitter or a free MP4 editor. It offers only two features, such as MP4Splittes and MP4Joiner. The former implies dividing your video file into manageable segments, while the latter allows you to merge several parts of a clip.

The strongest upside of the program is the ability to split and merge MP4 files without re-encoding the segments. Re-encoding is a time-consuming process, and it can compromise the video quality. With MP4Tools, you can quickly split and merge MP4 clips and preserve the quality of the source file.

mp4tools video splitter interface