4 Best Video Pitch Changers Online

4 Best Video Pitch Changers Online in 2023

When the pitch doesn’t suit the video sequence, an online video pitch changer will help you fix it. With the help of these services, you can easily modify the pitch to the desired level without downloading any programs to your computer.

Top 4 Video Pitch Changers Online

  1. Audio Speed Changer - Changes the tempo and pitch of your videos
  2. Online Music Pitch - Ability to import clips from social media platforms
  3. YouTube Pitchin - For changing the pitch of a YouTube video
  4. Song Surgeon - Preserves video quality

With these video pitch changers online, you can enhance the pitch of a video file in a matter of a minute. Moreover, the programs will preserve the video quality and its original playback speed.

1. Audio Speed Changer - Our Choice

Changes the tempo and pitch of your videos
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works with audio
  • Fast
  • None

Verdict: Audio Speed Changer is one of the most popular audio editing software that can serve as a first-class pitch changer online. The program mainly works with MP4 video format and is also compatible with M4A and AVI files.

Among the advantages of the service is the ability to work with audio files of different formats such as AAC, WAV, FLAC, and OGG. Apart from changing the pitch, Audio Speed Changer can also modify the video playback speed. You can import the clip from your computer, Dropbox and OneDrive, or simply insert a link.

audio speed changer video pitch changer interface

2. Online Music Pitch

Ability to import clips from social media platforms
  • Work with most video hosting sites
  • Fast changing of the pitch
  • Ability to change the speed of the video
  • Isn’t suitable for YouTube

Verdict: Online Music Pitch is an effective online service for tweaking the pitch of footage. It works with various social media platforms and most free video hostings, including Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, MTV, Myspace, Tumblr, Vice, Ustream, Vevo, etc. However, this free pitch changer online doesn’t work with YouTube videos.

The service doesn’t have limitations concerning the length or size of the clip. To change the pitch of the audio, you just need to upload the file into a platform or insert a link. After that, using a special slider, you can set the pitch to the desired level.

online music pitch video pitch changer interface

3. YouTube Pitchin

Perfect for YouTube
  • Changes the sound in several clicks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Uploads videos online
  • The duration of the clips is limited

Verdict: YouTube Pitchin is a dedicated service for adjusting the pitch of a video. This is a web-based program designed specifically for YouTube, so it allows you to quickly change the sound by inserting a link.

As one of the best free video editors for YouTube, the program allows you to change not only the pitch but also edit playback speed. The maximum duration of the clip you can work with is 10 minutes.

youtube pitchin video pitch changer interface

4. Song Surgeon

Preserves video quality
  • Simple interface
  • Alters the tempo of the video
  • Ability to change the file type
  • File size limitations

Verdict: Song Surgeon is a first-class online video pitch editor. The service includes only three buttons, so it is suitable for amateurs as well. Aside from modifying the pitch of the sound, the developers have provided the ability to alter the tempo and key. This allows you to considerably enhance the audio sequence as if you have used the voice changers for Discord.

The program works with such file formats as MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, and FLAC. The main downside of Song Surgeon is that you can’t upload a clip of more than 16MB.

song surgeon video pitch changer interface