11 Best Video Optimizers in 2023

11 Best Video Optimizers in 2023

If you want to improve mobile video viewing experience by reducing video start times or re-buffering events, you will require specialized software, namely video optimizers.

Such video optimization software will be helpful for beginning and experienced video bloggers allowing them to reduce the amount of network bandwidth consumed by video sessions.

Top 11 Video Optimizers

  1. Keyword Tool - Google autofill
  2. Canva - Produces video thumbnails
  3. TubeBuddy - Monitors comments
  4. DrumUp - Auto-post feature
  5. vidIQ - Spies on competitors
  6. Camtasia - Adds animations
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro - Automatic video reframing
  8. Any Video Converter - Supports numerous video formats
  9. Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2 - Makes shaky videos stable
  10. HandBrake - Gmail presets
  11. Freemake Video Converter - User-friendly

The programs listed here are suitable for optimizing videos for all platforms. They support numerous video formats, help create tags, edit audio files and text. Some tools have a calendar for posting videos and templates for recording footage.

1. Keyword Tool — Our Choice

Google autofill
  • Generates long sentences
  • Performs search by hashtags
  • Can view request details
  • Supports numerous languages
  • None

Verdict: It is a video optimization software that will be a great assistant in finding keywords in YouTube autofill databases. These search phrases will help you identify themes that might interest your channel visitors. Moreover, the right keywords are also useful for attracting relevant traffic to your content.

Enter a keyword, and the software will suggest other related keywords, as well as the questions, prepositions and hashtags that can be used with them. If you purchase a monthly subscription that costs $99, you will get an opportunity to monitor search volumes, trends, CPC and competition data.

Keyword Tool generates up to 750 keywords for each search request. It uses the Google autofill feature to accelerate the search. You can also use one of 83 languages to find what you need.

keyword tool video optimizer interface

2. Canva

Produces video thumbnails
  • Big collection of textures
  • Trimming tool
  • Allows adding dialogues
  • A great collection of photos and backgrounds
  • Few Cyrillic fonts

Verdict: Canva is an effective and user-friendly graphic design tool that can be used for producing professional thumbnails.

It provides the majority of functions for free, but some features are paid. A trial version comes with a great collection of free backgrounds, stock images, illustrations, shapes and many other features. Its library of images contains textures that can be highlighted with the help of photo filters and transparency adjustment.

Canva is widely referred to as one of the best image optimizers, as it can crop images easily. After creating a large stack of photos, you can use the crop tool to adjust their size.

With the help of digital speech bubbles, you can always modify the dialog. It’s also possible to change colors, move and re-size bubbles. Text tools will provide you with numerous original fonts and professional typography options.

сanva video optimizer interface

3. TubeBuddy

Monitors comments
  • Generates tags easily
  • Searches for popular video themes
  • Designs sketches using templates
  • Helps with SEO optimization
  • Does not function in some browsers

Verdict: TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that allows direct monitoring of your YouTube channel without having to switch between tabs. It will help you monitor your YouTube channel, check users’ comments and respond to them fast.

Considered as the best video optimizer in terms of its rich functionality, TubeBuddy has a great variety of functions that will save you time and boost your productivity. You can use response templates, create sketches, add end screens and share videos. TubeBuddy also lets you update tooltips, end screens or playlists in bulk.

Besides, the extension will be helpful in SEO, video promotion, data and statistics research. It will also be a great assistant in finding favored video themes, creating great titles and tags.

tubebuddy video optimizer interface

4. DrumUp

Auto-post feature
  • Notifications available for various platforms
  • Many configurable settings
  • Real-time content monitoring
  • Post publishing calendar
  • Queue status is not displayed correctly
  • No authentication after connecting to social network

Verdict: DrumUp can popularize your videos simultaneously on such platforms as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also allows configuring notifications for each platform and incorporates an automatic posting feature. DrumUp views content online in real-time and uses algorithms to recommend the latest stories that are most relevant to your audience.

Using this extension, you can add multiple accounts to the control panel and customize their settings to your liking. Your news feed will be perfectly balanced between your own and third-party content, with publications scheduled by date and time. You can also increase the popularity of your posts using hashtag recommendations.

drumup video optimizer interface

5. vidIQ

Spies on competitors
  • Schedules video publications
  • Monitors activity in social networks
  • Bulk video optimization
  • Official support provided by the developers
  • Uses outdated algorithms
  • Poor SEO analytics

Verdict: As the best video optimizer, vidIQ has many useful features for popularizing your content online. It can show you who watches your videos so that you can produce content that will be popular among your likely viewers. This browser extension assists you in scheduling the right time for content publication and rewards you with some useful info about your videos or channel.

vidIQ also compares your rating with the rating of your rivals. The tool lets you analyze the competitors’ views, main keywords, tags and other search metrics right from your browser.

You can also use vidIQ to check your engagement rate on Facebook and Twitter, as well as to monitor mentions of your brand. vidIQ team will cooperate with you for developing a successful programming and content strategy that will suit your needs.

vidiq video optimizer interface

6. Camtasia

Adds animations
  • Records screen using input devices
  • Notes editor
  • Can overlay music
  • Has templates for beginners
  • Bad-quality effects
  • Does not allow adding custom effects

Verdict: If you are involved in producing practical, demonstration or educational videos, you will probably need screen recordings. Camtasia is widely regarded as one of the best free screen recording software, as it can record your screen along with mouse movements and keystrokes.

With the help of this video optimization software you can edit recordings, add effects, notes and annotations such as arrows, captions or highlights. Camtasia lets you add voiceovers and music to your recordings. You can also add animated images or interactive content, like quizzes, to your videos.

First, choose a template or simply record your screen and then add some effects to your liking. Whether you already have some experience or shoot a video for the first time, Camtasia will provide you with everything you need to create high-quality content.

camtasia video optimizer interface

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

Automatic video reframing
  • Creates videos for virtual reality
  • HDR-screen optimization
  • Project protection
  • User-friendly UI
  • Sometimes crashes
  • Short trial period

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Pro has features for editing any recording, from standard format footage to 8K or even VR video. Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video optimizer in terms of functionality, as it has a great range of helpful features for optimizing your content for various platforms.

For example, its reframe feature can optimize your video files for social networks automatically so that your content always stays in the frame regardless of its size or format. There is also HDR10 metadata support, which optimizes content to make it look perfect on HDR screens.

Premiere Pro also integrates with various other Adobe-developed products, including Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Stock, as well as with other third-party extensions. Thanks to its integration with Premiere Rush, you can shoot, edit and post videos using any device. When editing, you can lock a project to prevent other users from modifying the content.

adobe premiere pro video optimizer interface

8. Any Video Converter

Supports numerous video formats
  • Video optimization for mobile devices
  • Can adjust the level of contrast
  • DVD-recording option
  • Numerous editing tools
  • Is not compatible with AMD and Intel graphic cards
  • It will be difficult for beginners to understand the formats

Verdict: This software is compatible with a wide range of formats and is regarded as one of the best free video converters for Windows. The Ultimate version incorporates extra tools for converting DVDs and recording footage. It also has DVD menu templates.

Both versions of this video optimization software can function effectively on Windows XP, Windows 10 and Mac platforms. AVC users can choose from many preset device profiles to optimize their media content on iPhone, Android and PC. Any Video Converter has numerous editing features for adjusting contrast and saturation, cropping clips, extracting sound and adding special effects to videos.

Many users consider this tool to be the best video optimizer because of its super-fast conversion speed. Any Video Converter also incorporates some helpful tools for downloading video files and burning them to DVDs.

any video converter video optimizer interface

9. Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2

Makes shaky videos stable
  • Numerous video settings available
  • Noise removal
  • Crops and rotates frames
  • Supports text and visual effects
  • Complicated for beginners
  • Many features are only available in the Premium version

Verdict: Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2 allows you to configure the standard video settings, including the quality of the video, its colors and contrast. You can also modify other video configurations, such as white balance, the level of brightness, saturation and shadows. It would be a great idea to choose this tool to work with shaky clips shot without a tripod. Its noise removal feature ensures clear footage.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2 also has basic functions for modifying videos, such as cropping or rotating. The tool lets you apply the slow-motion effect to your footage. You can also accelerate playback speed and produce time-lapse clips. Featuring many text and visual effects that can be enriched with various metadata, this program is widely regarded as the best video optimizer.

ashampoo video optimizer 2 interface

10. HandBrake

Gmail presets
  • Open-source tool
  • Wide range of audio settings
  • Exports video files from CDs
  • Can work with numerous formats
  • Only two output formats
  • Long encoding

Verdict: HandBrake is an open-source software that is widely regarded as one of the best free video converters. This tool is also a great choice for video encoding, as it incorporates many extra features for customizing the output files.

This video optimization software supports numerous input formats, but it can only convert the output files to MP4 or MKV. However, the tool allows customizing image resolution of output files, the size of the screen, frame frequency, video codecs and filters, audio bitrate and other features.

HandBrake has numerous preset profiles. These presets are also available for Gmail so that you could share compressed videos by email. Besides, users can convert videos to other formats and copy the content from Blu-ray and DVDs.

handbrake video optimizer interface

11. Freemake Video Converter

  • Compatible with multiple formats
  • Preset profiles
  • Crops and merges clips
  • Uploads content directly to YouTube
  • The free version contains watermarks
  • Numerous ads

Verdict: With the help of Freemake Video Converter, you can convert multiple formats to MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, Blu-ray and DVD.

The tool contains fully customizable presets for various devices including mobile phones, tablets, etc. Besides, the users can configure their settings with the preset editor and modify the output file resolution.

Freemake has various options for editing that allow you to crop, merge or rotate clips before their conversion. Users can save videos from YouTube, various websites or social media networks. You can also upload content directly to YouTube and use Freemake for copying videos from unprotected DVDs.

freemake video converter video optimizer interface