9 Best Slow Motion Video Editing Software in 2023

9 Best Slow Motion Video Editing Software in 2023

The best slow motion video editing software helps you achieve the results you want without buying expensive gear. There are many free or budget-friendly programs on the market that allow applying the desired slow-mo effects to your video and slowing it down up to 500 times. A big plus is that such programs work both on PCs and smartphones.

Top 9 Slow Motion Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe After Effects CC - Professional toolkit
  2. Movavi Video Editor - Supports simultaneous processing
  3. Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro - Batch editing
  4. Boris Continuum Time Unit - For professionals
  5. Wondershare Filmora - Easy-to-apply slow motion effects
  6. VideoPad - Supports 3D video editing
  7. BeeCut - Supports wide range of aspect ratios
  8. Slomovideo - For amateurs
  9. ReSpeedr - Comes with dynamic frame blending

To choose the best slow motion video editor, you must understand what key features are and compare them with those offered by a program - speed, deceleration and acceleration features, availability of video editing tools, etc.

1. After Effects - Our Choice

Professional toolkit
  • Great animation options
  • 3D pipeline with Cinema 4D Lite R19
  • Advanced editing toolkit
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Verdict: After Effects is advanced video editing software. The program allows you to create slow motion video and speed up clips if needed.

You can slow down your movie in two ways. The first is by setting the time and its stretch factor to 400%. Thus, the video will be slowed down by 25%. The second involves using the Pixel Movement, where you can use the Timewarp effect. To get high-quality results, we recommend using the highest frame rate possible.

Although the second method is more difficult, it can slow down separate parts of a video. A useful feature is Time Remapping. It set the desired speed and time frames.

  • after effects slow motion video editing software interface

    2. Movavi Video Editor

    Supports simultaneous processing
    • Import media elements with ease
    • Several videos on the screen
    • Audio editing
    • Many handy features are paid

    Verdict: Movavi Video Editor is used not only for applying slow motion effects but for audio editing as well. The latter option will help you create organic videos where sound and image are coherent.

    This slow motion video editor has a drag-and-drop option that makes the program easier to work with. Along with the possibility to choose the slowdown level, the program offers various transitions and subtitles. To watch the result before approving all changes, use the preview mode.

    Compared to many services, Movavi allows users to work with multiple videos at a time. This helps users compare parts of the video to determine if the selected option is appropriate for each one. The finished clip can be saved in the desired format and quickly shared with friends on social networks.

    • movavi video editor slow motion software interface

      3. Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro

      Batch editing
      • Simple rotation
      • User-friendly layout
      • Timeline and storyboard options
      • Doesn’t support HEVC, WMV, or 360º videos

      Verdict: Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro works as timelapse software, but it also contains some slow-mo features and numerous artistic effects.

      You can start editing your video after you've already used the slow motion or timelapse effects. Along with rotation and merging functions, you can remove noise and stabilize your frames. Just a couple of clicks and the program will cope with any lens distortion.

      Besides, you can change the sharpness and colors of your clip. The program offers a batch processing option, which brings maximum convenience to users.

      ashampoo video optimizer pro slow motion editing software interface

      4. Boris Continuum Time Unit

      For professionals
      • Generates keyframe automatically
      • Has integrated textures
      • Cook filters
      • High price

      Verdict: Boris Continuum Time Unit can be called the best slow motion video editing software for Windows and Mac users. Because of the wide range of functions and filters, you need to devote some time to master the program.

      You can use this slow motion video maker and apply the timelapse effect with Optical Flow retiming options along with the automatic keyframe generation of the Beat Reactor. With the help of BBC Remover, deleting the undesired objects from frames is a breeze.

      Along with the basic, Boris Continuum Time Unit offers various advanced tools such as real-time anti-aliasing, adding 3D objects, changing colors and sharpening, adjusting perspective, and more.

      boris continuum time unit slow motion video editing software interface

      5. Wondershare Filmora

      Easy-to-apply slow motion effects
      • Timeline editing
      • Easy-to-use
      • Reverse and speed controls
      • Watermarks videos in a free version

      Verdict: Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software for Mac and Windows that comes with a set of slow motion effects. Along with the slow motion, the program has such functions as fast forward, freeze frame, and speed control.

      You can quickly apply a slow motion effect by selecting the video you want and the desired speed.

      Close-up shots impress with great clarity. Wondershare Filmora has a transition option that unites your images and short videos into a coherent union.

      Moreover, you can remove perspective distortion and stabilize clips in this program, and thanks to audio editing functions, replace the noise with music.

      • wondershare filmora slow motion video editing software interface

        6. VideoPad

        Supports 3D video processing
        • Adjustable parameters
        • Various transition options
        • Rich audio and video support
        • Limited animation instruments

        Verdict: VideoPad is free slow motion video editor that allows saving finished videos in different formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc. It also works with such audio formats as WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc.

        Here you can use tools to edit video, stabilize the picture to avoid jitter, perform cropping, rotating, and resizing. You can also convert 3D video to 2D format.

        Creative, engaging transitions set VideoPad apart from other video editors. Such transitions as crossfade or fade can give your videos a special vibe.

        • videopad slow motion video editing software interface

          7. BeeCut

          Supports a wide range of aspect ratios
          • Multi-track option
          • Ready-made templates, filters
          • Configurable video parameters
          • Lacks default voice narration option

          Verdict: BeeCut is slow motion video software free that comes with numerous features suitable both for beginner and professional users.

          Due to the speed controllers, you can use different levels of deceleration depending on your needs. Besides, BeeCut offers audio editing tools.

          A huge plus is support for different screen formats, which makes the program universal for any situation. It offers Instagram format (1:1), widescreen (16: 9), standard (4:3), Taobao (3:4), and portrait format (9:16). You can hardly find a better alternative as BeeCut gives you lots of ready-made free templates and filters to make the process of video creation even easier.

          • beecut slow motion video editing software interface

            8. Slomovideo

            Works for novices
            • Open-Source
            • Motion blur option
            • Tools to create timelapse videos
            • Poor performance

            Verdict: Slomovideo is an online stop motion maker that slows down clips by up to 0.01x. This online video editor is suitable only to apply slow motion effects but also to speed up videos, as well as apply timelapse with fewer frames.

            Slomovideo has many attractive effects and basic editing options. Although the program doesn’t offer advanced tools, users can change colors, crop, cut parts of a video, and rotate a frame. Besides, you can save the finished videos in almost any format. Slomovideo is a free video editor that allows you to edit clips, and apply various effects online, no matter what OS you use.

            • slomovideo slow motion video editing software interface

              9. ReSpeedr

              Comes with dynamic frame blending
              • Dynamic frame-blending feature
              • Eliminates frame distortions
              • Side-by-side viewing
              • Small choice of basic editing tools

              Verdict: ReSpeedr is an open-source editor that creates slow motion videos regardless of the frame rate it was recorded at. The program is easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive interface. It offers all the basic video editing tools you may need. While creating slow motion or timelapse clips, you can select the desired speed. You can also use smooth transitions to make your video look more professional. The program supports two formats - MOV and MP4.

              ReSpeedr stabilizes footage, reduces distortion, and offers a cutting tool. Use the side-to-side option to compare the finished video with the original one.

              It's easy-to-share your creations right from the software on social networks as well as send them via email.

              • respeedr slow motion video editing software interface
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