ImgUpscaler – Image Upscaler Software 2023 Review


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Verdict: ImgUpscaler is an online tool for improving image quality. For me, the biggest advantage of this solution is the use of AI technologies that significantly increase speed and improve work quality.

I also like that I can edit pics online without installing any software and process many photos simultaneously.

  • Up to 4x image upscaling online
  • Remove JPEG artifacts after compression
  • Image deblurring support
  • Helpful AI upscaling tool
  • Batch processing
  • Few editing tools
imgupscaler interface

ImageUpscaler allows users to upscale pics up to 4 times online. This solution is powered by AI technology that enables you to upscale photos preserving their original quality and details.

The maximum size of images you can process is 5 MB, and the maximum width and height is 2500 pixels. Apart from photos, the tool can process cartoons. Read the ImgUpscaler review to learn more about the main features of this web-based service.

ImgUpscaler Review: Main Features

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ImgUpscaler is an AI photo editor that transforms small pics into big ones by scanning them and guessing the lost pixels. While upscaling images, it preserves their original quality.

Advanced AI Technologies for Photography

ImgUpscaler features the upscaling technology by ImgLarger. It’s very effective if you need to increase resolution. You can process dozens of images simultaneously and achieve fast top-quality results.

Thanks to AI-powered technologies, ImgUpscaler allows users to process their images faster.

Upscaling Tool that Increases Image Resolution

imgupscaler upscaling tool

In brief, image upscaling is the process of making images larger by increasing the width and height values. You might get poor results when upscaling images with the help of photo enlargement software. Sometimes the picture is blurred and it’s impossible to see the details in the frame.

Yet, ImgUpscaler is an online tool that will increase the photo resolution without affecting the original quality. All you have to do is to choose the photos you need to improve and upload them on the site. The rest will be done by technologies. You will get high-resolution photos in a blink of an eye.

Options to Upscale Portraits for Better Quality

ImgUpscaler allows you to upscale and improve your poor-quality portraits with minimum time and effort. Thanks to the AI algorithm, this service can apply various editing techniques to detect the face in the frame. This way, it can improve skin tone, eyes, and remove wrinkles. ImgUpscaler is a perfect solution for those who need to quickly improve pics before sharing them online.

This web-based service can automatically find faces in your pics and enhance them. All retouching manipulations are also automatic, so you will get the desired outcomes very quickly. The functionality of this software is similar to those of the best automatic photo editors.

Besides, it will help you improve details, correct skin defects, retouch eyes, and make the face look clearer. You don’t need to use any brushes to perform all these corrections. To improve the quality of your images even further, you can use Icons8 Smart Upscaler or other ImgUpscaler alternatives that allow you to enhance pictures using AI-based tools.

Anime and Cartoon Upscaler for Wallpaper Creation

imgupscaler anime tool

This upscaler is a perfect match for everyone working with anime, manga art, small and low-resolution anime photos. In several mouse clicks, a little 480p anime photo will turn into a super HD picture.

The process of upscaling anime and cartoon photos differs from the process of upscaling real shots. This software will make changes look natural to provide better outcomes. After downloading 4K pics, you can use them as wallpaper. If you compare ImgUpscaler with Waifu2x, you will see that the former uses an optimized upscaling technology to improve details and denoise images.

If you need to create top-quality anime posters or wallpapers, ImgUpscaler is an ideal tool for that. Its cutting-edge AI algorithms allow getting rid of pixelation when upscaling pics.

What’s more, artificial intelligence technology enables it to reduce noise and compression artifacts in anime images. The program removes everything you uploaded in 24 hours.

Batch Image Upscaling to Save Your Time

imgupscaler benefits

ImgUpscaler is exactly what you need for upscaling multiple images. Thanks to its batch processing feature, you can improve dozens of shots at a time. The most important thing is that all these features are available online and you don’t have to download photo editing software on your device.

ImgUpscaler Prices

In case you want to use ImgUpscaler for free, you can process only 10 images a week. The tool is available for everyone and doesn’t require signing up. However, you can purchase a paid package and enhance as many pics as you need.

The Day Plan costs $9. You get unlimited access to all services and can enhance an unlimited number of pics during 24 hours. No subscription is required.

The Monthly Plan costs $19 a month. You need to renew it every month. It is an ad-free solution. You may cancel the subscription any time you want.

The Yearly Plan costs $69 and includes all the options of a Monthly Plan. It is renewed every year.

ImgUpscaler Alternatives