Huemor Development Company Review For Businesses Of All Sizes

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Huemor is a web development company that cooperates with different-size companies. The team helps their clients understand what makes them unique and use it for business growth. I like their approach to cooperation. They build eye-catching websites, improve your key metrics and demonstrate the advantages of your brand.

At the same time, the development process is simple, transparent, and customer-oriented. Huemor’s specialists cooperate with B2C and B2B brands. They combine original storytelling, web development, and design to provide qualitative digital products.

  • 10 years of experience
  • Work in various industries
  • They continue supporting the product after launch
  • It takes them around 2-6 months to develop a product
  • Deep understanding of the client’s goals
  • A bit more expensive than some competitors
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With more than 10 years in the business, Huemor knows how to improve the company’s online presence. The agency team works towards a common goal to create an industry-leading website for a client. They develop a digital strategy, create a UI/UX design, provide full-stack web development services, implement eCommerce solutions, and optimize conversion.

The company can build a new website from scratch and improve an existing one. Moreover, the experts will support your website after the development is over. They will improve the functionality and add new features, carry out testing, improve traffic and a conversion rate.

Huemor Development Company — Main Features

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Headquartered in the USA, this web development company cooperates with more than 100 agencies from all over the globe. Their clients are American Crew, Geico, Henry Schein, The Humane League, Live Nation, NBC Sports, M&C, Saatchi, and more.

Create Web Design People Will Remember

huemor development company web design

The Huemor specialists present your brand story so that your company stands out in the market and makes potential clients trust you. Looking through Huemor case studies, I was sure they would create an unforgettable design that will help me attract new clients.

Working on the project, this web design company develops memorable content and a stunning visual design. I like that they can develop each project from scratch as they have an in-house team and freelance experts.

When a new client contacts the Huemor development company, the team tries to understand the target audience of the brand. They analyze your potential clients and how they interact with your website. Huemor also conducts customer surveys and tracks user sessions by utilizing visual data tools. It allows them to analyze your customer’s behavior.

If you need to create a design from scratch, the team can come up with a solution that matches your brand’s image. They even have a workshop that explains how to uncover your brand potential.

Website Redesign for Increasing Conversions

When I contacted the agency, I had a website, but I didn’t have many orders. So, the company offered to redesign it.

Their solutions improved the engagement on the platform and boosted my sales. They offered a strategy, created a design, produced content, provided support and maintenance services.

To make the design consistent, they create visual style guides. The team focuses on micro-interactions on the site to enhance customer experience. For me, they developed a custom WordPress photography theme that can be scaled for the demands of my business. Plus, I can edit and update it.

The team built a visually-appealing website and increased all basic indicators. The traffic went up, while the communication with the audience became more transparent.

Help Companies Solve Business Challenges through Development

huemor website development

All web-development specialists that work for the Huemor Development Company are located in the USA. The company is a certified Shopify, WordPress, and Hubspot partner. When cooperating with the agency, you will be assigned a project team that will support you through the development process.

The team builds websites using custom WordPress and Shopify themes, so it’s easy to update their content when necessary. Both systems allow creating a simple, drag-and-drop UI.

The company can also integrate the latest CRM, OEM, ATS, ERP, marketing automation, and analytic systems.

Creation of the Complex Brand Development Strategy

The Huemor development company can create strategies for developing your brand, producing engaging content, improving your online presence and optimizing a conversion rate. The team studies your brand, product, market and competitors, and develops a strategy that will help you become a market leader in your niche.

First, they analyze the website and detect sales possibilities. Next, they generate a roadmap that describes what improvements should be implemented. Every month, you know what tests they carry out and what results they expect to get. You will also have access to the tracking software and get reports each month.

It’s great that each client is assigned a project team. In case you need additional specialists for your brand development, the agency will provide them.

Support after the Project Launch

After launching a website, the agency provides support and maintenance services. They monitor the website’s performance 24/7, release updates, create backups, conduct security and performance checks, and prepare monthly reports.

Their clients get monthly recaps of the website’s uptime and core updates. Besides, real-time monitoring reports are sent to all support accounts, which allows you to instantly react to all issues.

Quick Answers to Questions

The Huemor development company is located in the USA. Its customer support team quickly answers all the questions. If any issues arise, you can write an email or call your project manager. They respond in several hours.

Huemor Development Company Prices

The price depends on the project complexity. A standard end-to-end website redesign will cost you $50,000-$100,000.

If you know what services you need, you can get a more specific price by using a cost calculator on their website. Plus, you can request a copy of the pricing sheet to get more details.