14 Best Photo Enlargement Software

Top 14 Best Photo Enlargement Software

Photo enlargement software let you increase the size of photos or images without losing quality in several clicks. There is plenty of software (free and paid) available on the net for increasing or decreasing the size of pictures.

In this article, I will tell you about 14 best photo enlargement software, which help increase the size of photos without considerable quality loss.

1. Adobe Photoshop CC

For professionals
  • For professional photographers
  • Developed for Windows and Mac
  • Extended functionality
  • Many tutorials for everything
  • Not found

Verdict: Adobe Photoshop is a world-renowned photo enlarger software. It is generally used for picture post-production or digital drawing purposes by professionals. The software guarantees decent picture enlargement with the quality loss kept to a minimum. Photoshop lets users perform all kinds of manipulations connected with the more specific and overall picture editing.

  • best photo enlargement software adobe photoshop cc
  • best photo enlargement software adobe photoshop cc

    2. A Sharper Scaling

    Open source
    • Enlarges pictures on various scales
    • Completely free of charge
    • macOS version will appear soon
    • Great speed while working
    • Isn’t compatible with 16-bit operating systems
    • Final picture size is rather large

    Verdict: A Sharper Scaling is decent Windows-based photo enlargement software designed mostly for upscaling purposes. If you need to enlarge a picture and preserve its high quality, this software will be a perfect option. Moreover, it isn’t paid but some of its capabilities are limited. To check the quality of the final picture, visit the software’s website and zoom in on the numerous presented before and after examples.

    • best photo enlargement software a sharper scaling
    • best photo enlargement software a sharper scaling

      3. GIMP

      Multitasking software
      • Users can customize the interface
      • Supports many picture formats
      • Open-source and completely free
      • Copes with enlarging pictures
      • No advanced image editing

      Verdict: GIMP is another image enlargement software available in free access. Windows, Mac and Linux users can use it without any restrictions. Actually, people working on other platforms can also take advantage of GIMP. If you know a thing or two about editing source code, you can fiddle with it to enhance the software’s performance and share your version with others. Visit the official website to find and download more free open-source applications.

      • best photo enlargement software gimp
      • best photo enlargement software gimp

        4. InPixio Photo Maximizer

        Enlarge the smallest details
        • Rich functionality
        • Plenty of tutorials on different aspects
        • Saves pictures without loss of quality
        • Speedy operation
        • Windows only

        Verdict: Photo Maximizer enables users to turn digital pictures into high-resolution shots. Regardless of whether you are going to zoom in on a certain part of a shot, or make a small picture larger, the software won’t ruin the initial quality and definition.

        With Photo Maximizer, you can forget about pictures with pixilation and blurry areas – your shots will look stunning from now on. Users have an opportunity to print enlarged pictures as posters, pictures for framing, t-shirts, postcards and so on.

        • inpixio photo maximizer interface
        • inpixio photo maximizer interface

          5. AI Image Enlarger

          Image resolution without losing quality
          • Batch processing
          • Very fast
          • Alternative method
          • Few export formats

          Verdict: AI Image Enlarger is a handy instrument that you can use to improve blurry images and fix other defects in a quick and straightforward manner. It is designed to cater to the needs of people using Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Simplicity of operation is the highlight of the tool. The whole image enlargement process boils down to 3 stages. Either you opt for an online platform or decide on using a desktop program, you can easily enlarge your image.

          Both online and offline versions are available free of charge. However, there are some limitations you need to put up with. In case, you want to have a full feature set at your disposal, you need to buy the Premium or Pro version. There are monthly and yearly plans, so choose the most suitable option. If you want to terminate the subscription, you can do it by sending a corresponding e-mail.

          • ai image enlarger interface
          • ai image enlarger interface

            6. Reshade Image Enlarger

            For beginners
            • Professional resolutions techniques
            • Possibility to enlarge pictures in batches
            • Focus lets you make the pictures blurry
            • Noise reduction and defect removal features
            • No professional image editing
            • Problems with the quality of the processed pictures

            Verdict: Reshade Image Enlarger is interesting software that lets users enlarge a digital shot for free. Side-by-side with this process, you can change the resolution of the picture, add blur, highlights, work with transitions between color borders, adjust the quality of textures. A big advantage of the software is that when you enlarge the picture, the quality loss is kept at the minimum, which is very important for photographers. Not all third-party software can boast it.

            This photo enlarging software enables users to work with different image formats, like the common JPEG, TIFF, PNG and others. Rarer ones are present as well– the list is waiting for you on the official website. Note that if you are new to the sphere, you can use the automatic settings that the developers have adjusted for you.

            • best photo enlargement software reshade image enlarger
            • best photo enlargement software reshade image enlarger

              7. SmillaEnlarger

              With a special algorithm
              • Remarkable quality of enlarged pictures
              • Open-source code
              • Quick and decent performance
              • Great enlargement of old film shots
              • Doesn’t cope with the magnification of big files well
              • The software may not work sometimes
              • Difficult to uninstall

              Verdict: SmillaEnlarger is free, straightforward software for reducing the size of pictures. Modified pictures are processed using algorithms to sharpen them, eliminate noise and distortion. This software to resize image doesn’t boast very broad functionality, so it will appeal to novice users. It supports image files in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PPM.

              The most important step is to choose the optimization algorithm. The software offers 4 sets of predefined settings and the ability to manually adjust the picture parameters, such as the level of sharpness and sensitivity reduction.

              • best photo enlargement software smillaenlarger
              • best photo enlargement software smillaenlarger

                8. Kneson Imagener

                With intelligent module
                • Picture enlargement based on various aspects
                • The picture size enlargement can be customized
                • Possible to get large, clear and sharp pictures
                • The quality of the final images isn’t satisfying

                Verdict: Kneson Imagener is free Windows-oriented image enlargement software. With its help, users can enlarge images according to such aspects as inches, centimeters and others. Some of the software’s tools are aimed at adjusting and sharpening pictures.

                It supports such formats as JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PCX, PSD, ETC. The software uses an intelligent module that analyzes a large area around each pixel to boost the image quality. So it is possible to achieve a 200-300% magnification without noticeable quality loss.

                • best photo enlargement software kneson imagener
                • best photo enlargement software kneson imagener

                  9. IrfanView

                  For Windows users
                  • Completely free
                  • Free viewing of all types of format pictures
                  • Image editing capabilities
                  • Disappointing output quality
                  • Image magnification only up to 600x600 pixels with pixel enlarger
                  • Isn’t supported by Mac

                  Verdict: IrfanView is another free software for enlarging and enhancing pictures oriented on Windows users. The final quality of photos is worse in comparison with similar software for the task. IrfanView is a powerful program for viewing pictures, video and audio files.

                  Besides, it supports picture editing that can fully satisfy all the needs of regular users. In fact, it is amazing how the developers managed to fit so many features into this small software.

                  • best photo enlargement software irfanview
                  • best photo enlargement software irfanview

                    10. Enlarger Pro

                    For Mac users
                    • Enlarges pictures up to 400%
                    • Available for Mac users for free
                    • The UIhas been recently enhanced
                    • Lightweight software
                    • Compatible with numerous picture formats
                    • The picture enlarging process isn’t so quick
                    • The main window may hide automatically
                    • Disappointing picture preview

                    Verdict: Enlarger Pro lets users zoom in the pictures and then save the results. It is compatible with numerous file formats, for instance, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF. The software pleases users with a user-friendly layout and an understandable interface.

                    There are two ways to add pictures to the workspace – via “drag and drop” or the file browser. Several pictures can be processed simultaneously as well. To enlarge the shot, you need to move a slider to set the magnification level and specify the directory for final images. Setting the resulting DPI is possible through the Options menu.

                    • best photo enlargement software enlarger pro
                    • best photo enlargement software enlarger pro

                      11. Fotophire Maximizer

                      All image editing features
                      • Picture enlargement up to 1000%
                      • Free trial to test the features
                      • Comes with basic picture post-production tools
                      • No need to pay for the software each month
                      • No Mac version

                      Verdict: This is a Windows-compatible software for picture enlargement purposes. You don’t have to pay for the software each month; you get all the necessary features once and for all. Aside from enlarging pictures, it is possible to edit, cut them, adjust focus and use the picture eraser to achieve better quality.

                      Among the strong points of the software is the support for background picture editing. It enables users to replace or remove the background without any hassle and print pictures in high resolution.

                      • best photo enlargement software wondershare fotophire
                      • best photo enlargement software wondershare fotophire

                        12. PhotoZoom Pro

                        Best specialized software
                        • Doesn’t reduce the picture quality
                        • Compatible with Windows and Mac
                        • Numerous preset settings
                        • Support for multiple types of processors
                        • Problems with batch image processing
                        • Picture enlargement only

                        Verdict: PhotoZoom Pro from BenVista is specialized enlarge photo software. The variety of available editing features, as well as support for the latest picture post-production techniques, makes PhotoZoom Pro an important addition to an arsenal of a professional photographer.

                        Use the software if you need to emphasize a fragment or detail in a picture, but preserve its quality intact. The picture interpolation algorithms use innovative S-Spline, S-Spline XL and S-Spline Max. They let users achieve a significant enlargement while maintaining picture quality at the level of commercially photo post-production software.

                        • best photo enlargement software photozoom pro
                        • best photo enlargement software photozoom pro

                          13. STOIK Smart Resizer

                          Powerful and smart software
                          • Picture enlargement up to 1000%
                          • Possibility to shrink pictures for further sharing on social networks
                          • Picture printing from the software interface
                          • Very few tools
                          • Improper work of batch picture resizing
                          • The processing speed is slow

                          Verdict: STOIK Smart Resizer is great software for picture enlarging. Aside from resizing, it enables users to edit pictures and perform other related manipulations with the provided tools. In case you need to reduce the size of a picture, this photo enlarger app will perfectly cope with the task.

                          It boasts intelligent enlargement algorithms to help users get smooth edges and boost sharpening in the enlarged pictures, producing an imaginable sharp, detailed effect. Mind that if picture quality is your main concern, stay away from picture enlargement tools integrated into picture editors.

                          • best photo enlargement software stoik smart resizer
                          • best photo enlargement software stoik smart resizer

                            14. ON1 Resize

                            Industry standard
                            • Quick image resizing process
                            • Supports picture printing
                            • Desktop, network or cloud storage
                            • The software occupies plenty of space on a hard disk

                            Verdict: ON1 Resize is undoubtedly the best photo enlargement software if you are going to print the enlarged images later. The main advantages of the software are that it offers a quick picture resizing process, and is capable of increasing picture size over 1000% with the detail and sharpness preserved. This makes ON1 Resize stand out among other image enlarger software.

                            ON1 Resize sharpens the picture before printing so that the image doesn’t lose its initial sharpness because of dot gain from the printer. Thanks to integrated presets and manual controls, it is possible to enlarge pictures at a high level and do it according to your own adjustments of print size, type of material and output, gallery wraps included.

                            • best photo enlargement software on1 resize
                            • best photo enlargement software on1 resize

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