15 Jewelry Advertising Ideas to Try in 2024

By Tata Rossi 3 days ago, Photography Tips

Regardless of whether you’re only just getting your business off the ground or have an established brand already, you can always benefit from new jewelry advertising ideas. Below you’ll find an array of promising options that will help you attract attention to your jewelry products: from building a brand on social media with photography to collaborating with influencers and enterprises.

1. Post Photos of Your Jewelry Frequently on Pinterest

jewelry advertising idea pinterest

Pinterest is the optimal destination for most customers who want to get inspired for their next purchase. As such, this is the perfect platform for showcasing our jewelry items. Another benefit of Pinterest is that can help you come up with more jewelry ad ideas for the future.

Pro tip:

Be sure to accompany all your website product listings with a “Pin it” button. Every time a visitor pins one of your items, it will be shared online, increasing your chances of having your products seen by more people. The more views you get, the more sales you’ll make.

2. Create a Branded Mini-Game Related to Jewelry

Interactive web-based games are great tools for increasing follower engagement and cultivating more sales. For example, a basic word-search activity that has people looking for specific jewelry item names hidden on a grid to win a shot at a shopping voucher can already do wonders for your brand.

jewelry advertising idea game

Other great jewelry advertising ideas include memory games that have the visitors search for identical photos of rings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Pro tip:

Implementing such a game doesn’t require any coding knowledge or web development services. You can just use Woorsie or Interact, which offer a broad set of features for gamifying jewelry stores.

3. Create Your Jewelry Brand or Product Story

Since jewelry is a luxury item, convincing someone to buy it can boil down to crafting a compelling story and making them feel like they want your product in their lives. An engaging brand story is essential for building brand loyalty and converting visitors into buyers.

jewelry advertising idea story

Consider adding rings tied to love and friendship to your product lineup or pick necklace designs that help tell more about a person’s character. You can further advance the chosen narrative with relevant photography, graphics, and text.

Pro tip:

If you need help crafting a story about your brand or products, it might be a good idea to reach out to a branding agency. For a more budget-friendly solution, seek out freelancers who can offer the same services for a lower price on platforms like Fiverr.

4. Leverage Virtual Jewelry Try-On Tools

Virtual jewelry try-on solutions offer multiple advantages: they enable potential buyers to visualize how a jewelry item will look on them while also making your online store come across as more professional. This method is also efficient at minimizing return rates and helping your brand stand out from the rest.

You can produce jewelry creative ads based on this technology while leveraging tools like Trillion and Jewelry Hub to infuse your site with AR features that enable users to try on your items in a single click.

5. Invest in Professional Quality Jewelry Shoots

jewelry advertising idea photo

A lot of jewellery advertisement ideas require professional photography to work properly, regardless of whether you’re taking photos for social media, your own site, or print media. You always have to make sure your products are presented in the best possible light since that’s the only impression you can make on a customer who can’t physically touch your items.

If you own proper gear like a jewelry photography kit and know how to photograph jewelry like a pro, then you’ll receive high-quality results in no time. Otherwise, consider reaching out to a professional photographer and experienced retouchers.

fixthephoto jewellery retouching service fixthephoto jewellery retouching service

Want to Improve Jewelry Advertisement Photo?

If you lack the time or skills needed for enhancing photos that will be used for your ads, assign that task to FixThePhoto. The agency employs professional retouchers who will improve the shine of your jewelry items.

6. Take Advantage of Holidays for Creating Promotions

jewelry advertising idea holidays

As a jewelry business owner, you have to know the most opportune dates for running promotional campaigns. No matter the occasion, you need to build your ads around the idea that purchasing your jewelry is the best decision a customer can make to commemorate a special event.

Pro tip:

Make sure to prepare holiday ads that convey the spirit of the occasion. For example, Valentine’s Day is the keystone of the jewelry industry. As such, when putting together a promotional campaign, employ jewelry photography props that match the event in question.

7. Excite Your Audience with Jewelry Giveaways

jewelry advertising idea giveaways

According to statistics, contests, and giveaways are great tools for boosting user engagement and receiving a higher number of likes and reactions compared to standard posts. Moreover, social media marketing companies state that such events are not only the optimal tool for reaching your target audience but also incredibly efficient for raising overall brand awareness.

Pro tip:

When making jewelry store ads about your giveaways or contests, it’s essential to offer a clear breakdown of all the rules. You need to mention the prize, eligibility regulations, entry deadlines, and the winner selection date.

8. Use the Right Hashtags on Social Media

jewelry advertising idea hashtags

Consider adding text as well as relevant photography hashtags to all content you create to increase incoming traffic and get more eyes on your jewelry items. You can begin by researching trending keywords on Instagram and finding out how you can leverage them to advertise your own products.

Pro tip:

Put together a list of essential hashtags that you’d like to add to all posts while double-checking if they’re appropriate for the content you’re publishing. Even though you can’t add links to your site or listings to the post, you can feature them on your profile so ensure that section is always updated.

9. Lend Your Jewelry Pieces to Influencers

jewelry advertising idea influencer

Influencers can be irreplaceable when it comes to advertising your jewelry items across various social networks and vlogs while building more hype around your brand as a part of your product marketing campaign. You can implement this idea by following the steps described below.

After selecting a couple of influencers, subscribe to them, engage with their social media content, and show your interest. Afterward, message them and offer a collaboration opportunity, with the amount of money you offer being dependent on your budget and the influencer’s reach. Some might accept a free jewelry item as payment for posts, stories, and reels, while others may ask for cash.

10. Take Some Behind-the-Scenes Product Photos

jewelry advertising idea creation

Shoppers are almost always interested in seeing how things are made and jewelry items also fall into that category. Don’t reveal any secrets, but showing a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff can do wonders for gathering interest in your products and establishing a trust-based relationship with your customers.

Jewellery advertising ideas like this one allow you to demonstrate how much work and love goes into creating one of your items, making it easier for buyers to justify the expense.

11. Use Email Marketing for Promoting Your Jewelry Brand

jewelry advertising idea email

Email marketing can be a fantastic tool for staying in touch with your client base. Newsletters or special offer emails can be sent out with minimum effort thanks to bulk email senders like SendinBlue or Moosend. Just remember to only share relevant information or focus on promotions and sale announcements.

Pro tip:

Remember to include Call to Action (CTA) buttons that will prompt the customer to purchase one of your products or go to your site. Also, make sure your website offers a convenient way to sign-up for your newsletter so that you can steadily increase your subscriber base over time.

12. Invest in 360-Degree Jewelry Video Advertisements

Jewelry advertising ideas that involve 360-degree videos always get a lot of attention and are great for showcasing your products. Since the customer can’t touch your item, the ability to examine it from all sides helps them visualize themselves wearing it. If you don’t have the necessary equipment for this idea, consider reaching out to a professional videographer.

Pro tip:

Employ a lightbox for jewelry photography with a turntable add-on like the GemLightbox. This way you’ll be able to highlight all the sides of the item as you see fit.

13. Team Up with Like-Minded Individuals

jewelry advertising idea team

Write down a list of “kindred spirits” that you want to collaborate with and contact them. To make your offer more enticing, consider making a personalized jewelry item just for them and think of other ways that your collaboration might be beneficial to them.

14. Sponsor Events or Charities with Your Jewelry

jewelry advertising idea events

Another method you can use to promote your jewelry brand is to become a sponsor of an auction or charity event. If the event is somehow tied to your industry, you can gain access to a new market of potential customers who have previously never seen your products.

Pro tip:

Collaborate with event planning companies to discover how you can become a sponsor by investing funds or by providing your jewelry items as auction lots while receiving brand exposure as a reward.

15. Visit Jewelry Exhibits and Craft Fairs

jewelry advertising idea exhibits

Renting a booth that showcases your best items or is dedicated to the production process is a fantastic idea for instantly drawing attention to your brand. Jewelry exhibits are usually visited by well-targeted individuals who have deep roots in the industry. As such, participating in one offers one of the best chances for you to raise brand awareness.