50 Cute Spring Picture Ideas to Try This Spring

50 Cute Spring Picture Ideas to Try This Spring

If you have run out of spring pictures ideas, I recommend you to get acquainted with this roundup. All these spring photo ideas are full of love and rebirth. Find ideas for spring pictures indoors, outdoors, as well as some tricks while shooting at challengeable weather conditions.

Top 50 Spring Picture Ideas

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I’ve collected the most universal and classical spring photo ideas that are fitting for photo sessions of families, couples, children and your pets.

1. Bright Accents with Rubber Boots

spring picture ideas

One of the best spring picture outfit ideas, when the weather is bad, dress a child in special yellow waterproof clothes and let him/her have fun, jumping into puddles. The shots will turn out emotional, while bright boots and other accessories will add more colors to them.

2. Use Bright Umbrellas

cute spring pictures

This is another great prop suitable for cute spring pictures taken in the rain. A bright umbrella adds colorful accents. The way you arrange an umbrella gives a shot a unique touch – a child may hold it above the head, cover the face with it, or you can locate the umbrella lying next to him/her.

3. Ask a Child to Blow on Dandelions

spring photo ideas

You will get a dynamic and lively spring shot. I suggest taking such spring pictures when you're outdoors. Compose the shot in such a way that nothing extra, aside from the face and the flower, are captured by the camera. Also, I recommend blurring the background.

4. Use Soap Bubbles

cute spring picture ideas

I recommend realizing such spring photography ideas on a bright sunny day so that soap bubbles reflect all the colors of the rainbow. In terms of a location, stick to nature or monochrome backgrounds in the form of walls and buildings.

Besides, mind that this spring image idea will look even cuter if the baby blows bubbles in the direction of the camera.

5. Use Bright Balloons

ideas for spring pictures

In case, at the time of the shooting, nature hasn’t yet come to life and doesn’t show the entire color palette, I suggest getting balloons of different colors to create bright contrasting accents.

You can play with posing: ask a child to run with the balloons, sit surrounded by them or use the balloons to cover some parts of the body.

6. Sit on a Flower Swing

spring photography ideas

You can easily make such a prop on your own – just tie different flowers to the swing. In terms of clothing, I personally like light-toned and airy dresses for girls, as well as light-toned shirts and pants for boys. By the way, it is one of the best ideas for spring pictures to photograph more than one child.

7. Make a Bright Wreath

spring picture ideas

Looking for spring photography ideas portrait suitable for children of any age, pay attention to this one. The whole concept looks very impressive when the models are surrounded by tall houses. But still, I suggest shooting in forests and fields. Feel free to choose any clothes you want.

8. Use Suitcases for Spring Photos

ideas for spring pictures

If you don’t know where to take spring pictures, consider an empty road, forest or private yard. Bring retro style suitcases and allow a kid to take his/her favorite toy.

In this case, the child's gaze can be directed both at the lens and away. For photo sessions during sunset, I recommend taking a few shots where the kid sits with his/her back to you and looks at the sunset.

9. Let Your Model Swing

spring picture ideas

This idea is similar to a flower swing one only because there is identical prop in the frame. Allow a child to have fun and play around for more lively spring photos.

Also, capture him/her at the moment of reaching high flying points. As for clothes, I suggest using comfortable clothes for walking with bright elements.

10. Let’s Have Fun

indoor spring photoshoot ideas

Give them full freedom within reasonable bounds and don’t scold for the possible consequences. The best spring picture ideas for toddlers are to photograph childish activities and not to be afraid to capture sand or dirt stains as they are playing. You can also remove games in the house. Such as pillow fight or war games.

11. Shoot the Spring Picnic

family spring photo ideas at the picnic

Spring is a great time to open the picnic season, so you shouldn’t miss such a photo shoot. Implement such spring family picture ideas after lunch, when the lighting is warmer and the shots won’t cause rough shadows.

Also, make sure to bring a bright soft blanket and comfortably lie on it.

12. Hand in Hand

spring family picture ideas

Here is an example of excellent spring photo ideas with small children. Take such spring pictures from the kids’ level so that the main focus is on their steps, not the adults’ ones.

As for location, shoot on various roads and paths. With older children, take a full-length photo with their parents.

13. Gazing at the Scenery

spring picture ideas outdoors

If the spring photo shoot is organized in an area with gorgeous scenery, ask the senior participants of the shooting to take the children's hands or take children into their arms and show them the surrounding beauty. They should stand sideways to you.

14. Take a Walk in the Woods

spring family picture ideas

In this location, you can take both classic spring portraits and experiment with the composition of the frame, placing models between the trees or covering them with branches. In this case, the best outfit spring colors for family pictures are light-toned and bright ones.

15. Play with Outfit Colors

spring photo ideas

Use bright clothes of different colors on each member of the family. The shots will be very vibrant and colorful. Such a method will be especially good when there are still not enough colors in nature.

16. Experiment with Focus

ideas for spring pictures

Place the baby in the foreground and slightly blur the parents or vice versa. For more unique spring family photography results, put a beautiful flower in focus and blur all the models. Besides, I really like when people show tenderness and warmth towards each other and not just pose.

17. Take Pictures of Common Hobbies

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In this case, all family members can, for instance, play games or musical instruments, read books or make something with their own hands. Thus, you will not only show floral landscapes but also convey a peculiar atmosphere in the spring shot.

18. Funny Kisses

spring picture ideas for families

One of the most heartwarming spring picture ideas for families is to ask parents to kiss their baby together from different sides or each other. The main emphasis is put on this action and the shot will turn out very touching. The family can lie on the grass or stand against the background of trees, holding the baby in their arms.

19. Use Monochrome Colors in Spring Photos

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What to do in case the clients don’t know what to wear for a family photo shoot outside in spring? Ask them to pick clothes in a color palette similar to the location where you shoot, especially if it has many trees or flowers of the same color. Such shots turn out tender and unique. There are no limits in terms of posing, as long as the colored background is visible in the images.

20. Take Spring Pictures During the “Golden Hour”

spring picture ideas for families

I like this period of the day due to the beautiful and uniform lighting. Also, when implementing such spring picture ideas, I capture family members communicating and having a walk, pretending that it is an ordinary process, not a photo shoot.

I suggest using the Golden Hour App for Android and IOS to know the exact time of this charming daylight time.

21. Use Holiday Outfit

cute spring picture ideas with newborn

Use bunny ears to turn the child into an Easter bunny and get unique spring shots. In this case, I recommend using colored eggs and placing the kid in a special basket. In addition, you can take such spring pictures not only with newborns but also elder children.

22. Give Cute Animals to Active Kids

spring photography ideas

To bring to life eye-catching toddler spring picture ideas, involve pets in the shots. Bring an animal associated with Easter and it will cheer up a baby.

Besides, you have an opportunity to gain experience photographing pets. For a holiday shooting in spring, the best domestic animals and birds are bunnies, ducklings, lambs and chicks. However, any baby animal will do.

23. Make Custom Signs

spring picture ideas

If you are after spring photo ideas with a bit of humor, consider making or printing out signs. Then locate them near a cute pet and take a picture. As an alternative, you can write a digital message. Simply bring a blank sheet of paper to the shooting and write your text in the post.

24. Take Colorful Flower Photography in Spring

spring picture ideas

Spring and its blooming flowers serve as stunning spring photo backdrops. Take such pictures when the sun is shining, don’t forget about vivid colors and adding bokeh. Capturing details is a great way to show the real floral beauty.

Make flower arrangements the main subjects of your spring photo shoot or put flowers in the foreground of landscape shots. You can also use them as the main object on the festive table.

25. Take Cute Spring Pictures of Decorated Eggs

creative spring picture ideas

It isn’t necessary to create spectacular paintings out of Easter eggs. Funny drawings and writings may better convey the personality of models.

Taking spring pictures of Easter eggs will help you practice still life photography. Besides, you will be able to get a hang of shooting with artificial or natural lighting to increase the visual appeal of objects.

26. Make Your Pet Wear Bunny Ears!

spring photography ideas for pets

One more way to involve pets in your spring photoshoot is to put bunny ears on them. For more accurate results, take pictures in burst mode to capture the whole variety of emotions.

Don’t get upset if the shots appear unprofessional. The main thing is that you have spring images full of unforgettable and funny moments, similar to the one mentioned above.

27. Have Fun and Take Lifestyle Spring Photos

family spring picture ideas

Many people associate portrait shootings with neutral facial expressions, high-end lighting gear and professional poses. However, you should capture genuine emotions, the nearest and dearest being happy and excited to celebrate this wonderful spring holiday together.

28. Egg Hunt

spring picture ideas

Children grow up very fast and you need to take time to capture plenty of moments. One of them is the Easter egg hunt. I recommend taking such spring pictures outdoors in the afternoon. Be sure to leave a few bright eggs in front of the lens for extra atmosphere.

29. Spring Still Life

spring picture ideas

Spring photoshoot isn’t complete without a still life shot of a table full of colorful eggs, tasty dishes and other Easter-themed decorations. Take advantage of distractions in the background and inside lighting to get captivating images. Besides, it is a nice chance to bring your still life shooting skills to the next level and capture small but important moments that can be forgotten.

30. Arrange an Spring Holiday Sale

spring photography ideas

You can organize an interesting spring photo shoot using a mini stand and a variety of holiday treats, which children will sell for a token fee. It is one of the best spring photography ideas for children as they will be more than glad to participate in this interesting activity and you will be able to display a lot of holiday props.

31. Use Hats and Animals

spring picture ideas for kids

You can take stylish spring photos with elegant hats worn not only by kids but also by adults. I suggest picking similar hats. Also, include colorful eggs, various vegetables, fruits and, possibly, animals in the composition.

32. Have a Floral-Themed Spring Photoshoot

spring picture ideas

Use real bright flowers to make the spring photo brighter and warmer. Just put the whole family or just the kids in the flowering garden.

Also one of my favorite spring photoshoot ideas for babies is to put them on a cozy blanket covered with spring flowers. Real flowers may cause an allergy so stick to artificial ones. For beautiful light in shots, photograph near a big window on a sunny day.

33. Shoot the Process of Painting

spring picture ideas

Here is an example of great indoor spring photoshoot ideas that will show the emotions of all family members, as well as their preparation for the upcoming holiday. In addition, due to the variety of colors, your spring picture will turn out vibrant and eye-catching. I suggest taking such shots next to a large window for better lighting.

34. Don’t Forget to Take Pictures of Sweets

spring picture ideas for food

You can locate them separately or photograph them on the holiday table. In any case, take images of creative sweets. Flowers, colorful eggs and fruits will serve as additional details of the composition.

35. Photograph a Holiday Picnic in Spring

ideas for spring pictures

Here is another wonderful idea for family spring pictures if the members decide to celebrate the holiday outside. It is important to capture all the ingredients and a small part of the location for the family to remember.

36. Shoot the Process of Cooking Food

indoor spring photoshoot ideas

In this case, you can involve the entire family or only some of its members. I recommend locating everyone closer to the window for better lighting. Don’t forget to make the dishes and ingredients a part of the composition.

37. Take a Spring Photo of a Little Chick

cute spring pictures with kids

Use egg shell photography prop and put the baby in it to create the illusion that the baby has just hatched out. Or use special knitted costumes. It is definitely one of the cutest ideas for spring pictures.

38. With Children in the Evening Sun

spring picture ideas
spring picture ideas

It is advisable to take such spring pictures after the preparations are finished in soft sunlight outdoors or indoors near the window. Hugs will make the shots even more touching and heartwarming. By the way, you can photograph not only hugs but a regular conversation as well.

39. Take a Classic Spring Portrait with Props

ideas for spring pictures

You can take such spring pictures indoors against a neutral wall. Various Easter props will serve as bright elements. I suggest wearing clothes in a similar color gamut and ask models to pose naturally.

40. Photograph Mystical Spring Nature

spring photography ideas

It is better to implement such spring picture ideas in the afternoon in order to get dark enough shadows on the leaves and tree branches. You can take spring shots of flowers in the same style and blur the background.

41. Shoot Spring Sea

spring photography ideas nature

Beach is one of the most suitable places to photograph in spring. The weather is warm already and there will be hardly any person to interfere with the shooting process, as it usually happens in summer.

42. Pictures of Spring Through the Crystal Ball

spring photography ideas

Using a transparent crystal ball, you can turn an ordinary shot into a unique one. Try including a variety of bright flowers or trees in the ball.

43. Use Flower Branches and Online Services

spring portrait photo retouching spring portrait photo retouching
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Locate the model under a flower tree and ask her to keep the branches closer to the face for more appealing spring portrait photography results. You can also use tree shadows to create patterns on the model's face and body.

Address professional image enhancement service to make your spring photos look even better at affordable price.

44. April Showers

spring portrait photography idea
spring portrait photography idea

Don’t get upset if it starts raining while you are taking spring shots – use it to your advantage. Raindrops will look beautiful on leaves and the rain itself will create a peculiar atmosphere in images.

I recommend bringing bright umbrellas to the shooting and photograph outside. Besides, I would like to note that many Instagram photographers often take such pictures.

45. Combine Flowers and Paper in Shots

spring picture ideas

You will get cute spring pictures to post on your social networks and will be able to show your creativity. Just combine flowers and different kinds of paper together. For instance, put them in a paper bag or use craft paper as a bouquet wrapper.

46. Take Pictures of Fresh Berries

spring photography ideas

Photograph berries that appear in spring to create vivid and catchy shots. It is possible to shoot them not only on a table but also in hands, located on a patterned fabric, in a hat or even while berries are still growing, without picking them.

47. Catch the Ladybug

spring photography ideas nature

You can realize cute spring picture ideas with these adorable insects while they are sitting on leaves or any other surface. It will be even better if they sit on your hand or other parts of the body. Be ready to take pictures on the smartphone since ladybugs tend to appear unexpectedly.

48. Use Flowers as a Body Part

spring portrait photography for Instagram

Replace the model's head with an interesting flower or create pieces of clothing with their help. Such an idea can be implemented not only in natural but in the urban landscape as well.

49. Macro Floral Shots

spring photo ideas with flowers

Flowers make perfect subjects for spring picture ideas. They stay motionless, ready to impress people with their beauty. Take a close-up shot of flowers’ tender, vibrant petals and magnificent images are guaranteed!

50. Spring Reads

cute spring picture ideas

In case you are currently reading a book, put in a flower bookmark for a bright accent and take a photo. Capture the scene from different angles and add extra elements to the composition – cups with drinks, various fruits and berries.

Freebies for Editing Spring Photos

To make your spring picture ideas even more vivid, captivating and outstanding, you should pay attention to image post-processing. That’s why I have gathered a selection of free tools that will improve your photos professionally in a matter of minutes.

Ps Freebie “Bright Spring Colors”

free action bright colors for spring picture ideas free action bright colors for spring picture ideas

This free action will become an indispensable tool for enhancing your spring shots. It adds more light, makes the pictures more saturated and natural.

Ps Freebie “Spring HDR Classic”

free action hdr classic for spring picture ideas free action hdr classic for spring picture ideas

This free tool is quite attentive to details. The action makes the picture clearer, adds details to the elements of clothing, gives the hair a little volume and turns shots into real works of art. I don’t recommend applying it to spring photos with too many colorful details.

Lr Freebie “Spring Sunny Day”

free lr preset sunny day for spring picture ideas free lr preset sunny day for spring picture ideas

With this preset, you will get more sunlight in shots even on a cloudy day. In addition, it significantly improves colors, making them brighter and more saturated.

Lr Freebie “Pure White Balance”

free lr preset greenery for spring picture ideas free lr preset greenery for spring picture ideas

The preset is aimed at improving pictures taken outdoors. It enhances and intensifies the green color, increases contrast and brightness of shots while preserving a natural look.

Ps Freebie “Warm Spring Haze”

freebie for spring picture ideas freebie for spring picture ideas

This overlay adds bright and saturated sunbeams to images, as well as a slight bokeh effect. It is perfect for photos of children and couples.

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