50 Halloween Picture Ideas: Spooky & Funny

Halloween Photography Ideas

halloween photography ideas

Looking for original and creative Halloween picture ideas that are funny or spooky? If you want to take really impressive shots, look through the following Halloween photoshoot ideas for kids and grown-ups, save the best ones, and “scary” your friends.

50 Spooky & Funny Halloween Picture Ideas

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These Halloween photo ideas will help you save your joyful memories. Choose the ideal variant for you among many different concepts, starting with pumpkins background and ending with a witch-themed party.

1. Being a Little Witch

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A witch is one of the popular Halloween photoshoot ideas whose mysterious costume is to girls’ liking most. To create this image pay attention to a hairdo disheveled and varnished and put on a dark lipstick. Another Halloween idea is Maleficent that also fascinates by its image.

2. Wearing as a Doll

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Who said a doll cannot be a Halloween outfit? But if it is an evil doll? It also gives a chance to look incomparably in a photo.

3. Cruella de Vil

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Cruella de Vil is a famous villain whose image is easily created. You need a black and white wig and a dress.

4. Like а Princess

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A princess`s costume is suitable for those who don’t tend to frighten the public, but this image is designed to impress people around.

5. Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands is a favorite film character of the majority and perfect Halloween portraits idea. At least it is easy to remember him due to his identity. By it you are able to achieve considerable view ability.

6. Skeleton Costume

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A spooky skeleton as one of the common Halloween photography ideas requires a black costume with bones.

7. Being a Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin and a mime are new quite original Halloween ideas for children costumes. It can be put on by those who haven’t an intention to scare anybody. It is much funnier way to move to laughter.

8. Pirates

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A pirate is a widely spread among either boys or girls in the kids Halloween pictures. They want to be so brave and venturous. Therefore, they will be happy to try on their costumes.

9. Vampire

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A vampire is suitable either for boys or girls to plunge into the world of darkness. Boys are able to assume the role of Dracula. For realizing this Halloween portraits idea, your little model must learn to act as vampire creatures to make natural photos.

10. Clown

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A clown became one more creative Halloween photography idea for children Halloween pictures after a horror film Joker had come out.

11. Halloween Group Photo

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Don’t neglect a group photo. It is always fun to gather with friends to grimace and laugh in front of a camera. You and your models take pleasure in this type of photographing.

12. Experiment with Colors

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Not often usual colors, black and orange, look great because of poor lighting conditions. For that you can use black and white for kids. They add dramatic effect to children Halloween pictures.

13. Kids with Props

Halloween picture ideas with props

It can be jack-o'-lanterns, candles, witch's broomsticks, pumpkins and trick-or-treat bags, certainly, with candies to spark the interest of children. The place where you are going to shoot must be decorated in black and orange colors.

14. Outdoor Kids Photo

outdoor Halloween picture ideas

Reach in time to take beautiful Halloween pictures outdoors before the sun goes down. With the help of golden light of the sun and the dusk light you will manage to create rich and atmospheric pictures characteristic for Halloween.

15. Process of the Preparations for All Saints' Eve

Halloween photo ideas

This means that you should go along with children to do shopping giving the opportunity to try on different Halloween spooky elements like a witch's hat, a false face or eyeballs.

In this way you have the opportunity to catch children's reaction. Or you can take photo in preparation for the holiday at home.

16. Shooting Newborn

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Well, if you are supposed to work with the smallest kids, for example, newborns, the simplest way is to place your tiny tot near Halloween attributes or even in them.

17. Cute Ghost

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This is one of the simplest Halloween photo ideas. To make such a costume, use an unnecessary piece of white cloth or a sheet. Decorate the outfit with fabric inserts and stickers.

18. Bat

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This interesting idea is suitable for both boys and girls. You can make this costume using a black tracksuit, decorated with inserts of multi-colored fabric and a hat with ears. Connect the pants and the sleeve of the sweater with the help of black fabric.

19. Props, Props, Props!

scary halloween photo ideas

Props matter a lot while preparing for the Halloween photo shoot. They can make the composition more original and add special atmosphere to the pictures.

If you have a limited budget, don’t be upset. Find some regular items in your house like a groom, vintage accessories, hats, etc. to get the best Halloween photos.

20. Witch

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This classic character is loved by many girls because of the possibility to create a special mystical atmosphere. A magic wand, a black cloak, a corset, a pointed witch hat, a broom, a deck of fortunetelling cards are essential attributes of this look.

Don’t forget about bright makeup. Check some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

21. Dead Bride

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This idea for Halloween photographs gained amazing popularity after the release of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. You need a minimum of props to bring this idea to life. I recommend you to use a veil, a wreath made from dried flowers, and a long white dress.

22. Nurse

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This is one of the most popular Halloween portraits ideas for girls. It is appealing and scary at the same time. Moreover, it is very easy to realize.

You need a bright red lipstick, high-heeled shoes, a lab coat, a cap, and a blood-pressure cuff. Lipstick can be used not only for makeup but also to stain the clothes to imitate blood. You can also use artificial blood for this purpose.

  • Check out these female poses to make you Halloween pics more interesting.

23. Ghost

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This is a frequently-used idea for Halloween photo sessions. Apply pale makeup, put on a white shirt, and a wig to create an impressive look. You can also use a doll or fake knife as props.

24. Snow Beauty

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Here is another good idea for your Halloween pictures. The snow beauty has a very pale face, blond hair, red, or black eyes. Make the right accents with the help of contouring, crystals and huge false eyelashes.

25. Maleficent

cute Halloween pictures

This is one of the most popular Halloween photo shoot ideas in our time. You can easily find the costume of this character and rent it, or make it yourself.

I recommend you to use black horns and leather wings to create such a mystical look. Draw sharp cheekbones following special contouring techniques.

26. Harley Quinn

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If you love "Suicide Squad," you will definitely enjoy this bold look. The Joker’s girl prefers red and blue colors in her outfit, as well as blue and pink tones in makeup.

27. Drowned Woman

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This is one of the most frightening Halloween picture ideas. Give your skin a dead-pale look, complementing your image with green and blue tones. White eyelashes and lips, as well as sparkles, will make your character even more interesting.

28. With Scary Make-Up

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Here is one of the most original Halloween photo shoot ideas. If your client has a good friend makeup artist, I advise you to take advantage of this and take a terribly beautiful photo for Halloween. Looks sooooo scary!

29. Zombie

Halloween picture ideas for men

This is the sample of classical Halloween portrait ideas. You do not even need a special costume. Just take old unnecessary clothes. Tear them and then stain it with fake blood.

30. Gangster from Chicago

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This is a fairly simple, but at the same time quite unusual idea for a photoshoot, which allows you to get wonderful Halloween pictures. Use a cigar to complement your gangster look.

31. Joker

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This image is used for scary Halloween pictures every year and does not lose its relevance. Put a green wig and a purple suit on. Don’t forget about the appropriate makeup. Show your acting talent to demonstrate the character of this personage to the full.

32. Freddy Krueger

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For sure, everyone knows Freddy. Undoubtedly, this image can be called one of the scariestused for Halloween shooting. You can apply makeup or buy a really frightening mask.

33. Lumberjack

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You need an ordinary shirt, beard, vest, jeans, and an ax. Complete your image with fake blood on your hands and ax.

34. Werewolf

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Use a mask or special makeup. Put gloves with claws on. Sew some pieces of fur on your clothes.

35. Near Parks

outdoor Halloween picture ideas

Many theme parks and entertainment venues create a special atmosphere using decorations on this day. Take advantage of such placed totake truly creepy Halloween pictures. Besides, look for the most mysterious and frightening places in your city to take some shots there.

36. Levitation

creative halloween picture ideas

Go for bold Halloween ideas. Make your models levitate. To do this, first, you need to photograph the scene without an object to get the background of your image.

Then take a picture of the model placing him/her on a chair or any other object that will raise him/her above the ground. Look for the most successful poses.

Combine two images in Photoshop using masks and layers. Have fun creating cool pictures.

37. Ghost Story Lighting

creative Halloween photoshoot ideas

Play with lighting to get unusual shots. As a rule, lighting reaches the scene from above. Change the direction of lighting when realizing your Halloween picture ideas. Use an additional flash for this purpose.

Use an off-camera flash, placing itunder the chin, so that the background is dark. The flash will also help you focus on important details and even “freeze” the smoke if you decided to add some to the frame.

38. Photograph Cemeteries

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The cemetery is the best place to get spooky Halloween pictures free. However, do not forget to show your respect to the dead and the cemetery workers. Before organizing a photo session, find out what is allowed and what is forbidden to do there.

39. Add Some Smoke for Movement

halloween picture ideas with pumpkins

The smoke looks very mysterious, complementing your Halloween decorations. Make the composition of your photos look more original. You can get smoke for your pictures in many ways, for example, lighting aroma sticks, turning on a steamer, using dry ice or a special machine.

Typically, I use aroma sticks. They areaffordable than other options. Besides, they are safer than an open flame. The main thing is to work in a well-ventilated place and be very careful.

40. Feature Your Pets

halloween picture ideas with pets

Let your pets become part of your cute Halloween pictures. Such photos will look original. Moreover, a lot of people love animals very much. Therefore, your pictures will undoubtedly impress a large audience.

41. Eerie Scenery

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Choosing the right place for a photoshoot is a very important thing. Even if you do not have interesting Halloween props and costumes, you can get really creepy pictures shooting in the appropriate location. Follow the rule of thirds when working on the composition of your images.

42. Put an Emphasis on a Scare Factor

scary halloween photo idea

Create an atmosphere of fear in your images. Forget about beauty and make your pictures as bloody and creepy as possible. I like to use diffuse flash in low lighting conditions to give my images an eerie look. Try to stick to this technique too.

43. Incorporate Silhouettes

halloween photo ideas with silhouettees

Here is one of the most original Halloween photoshoot ideas. Photographing silhouettes, you can distract the audience from unnecessary details, focusing on the mysterious atmosphere of the picture. This is a great way to get cool shots.

44. Use Pumpkins

halloween picture idea with pumpkin

To show the Halloween mood, it is not necessary to dress up in scary costumes at all. Pumpkin is a real symbol of this holiday. Use it as a prop while taking happy Halloween pictures. It can help you reveal the spirit of this day to the fullest.

45. At Home

indoor halloween picture ideas

If you do not have the possibility to go to the countryside and photograph beautiful rural landscapes, don’t worry. Being at home, you can take great scary Halloween pictures too. Makeup plays a significant role here. Draw something mystical and scary on the faces.

46. Near Abandoned House

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Abandoned house can be the perfect place for taking your spooky Halloween pictures. To recreate a vintage atmosphere, I advise you to scatter old newspapers and rags everywhere. Be a bit messy to add creepy touches to your shots.

47. Studio Shooting

halloween photoshoot studio

A dark-gray background, fearful props (pumpkins, old dolls, glasses with red wine, etc), and costumes are perfect options for Halloween photoshoots.

48. Take a Photo of the Decorated Room

interesting halloween photo ideas

Light the candles. Make bats from color paper. Use gauze as a web. Remember about safety, and warn your friends and family about your Halloween picture ideas and plans.

49. Lots of Candles

perfect halloween picture idea

Candles can be great Halloween props. Take the usual white candles. Light them. Wait for the wax to melt a little. Then add red paint to the wax and wick.

You can also use the red candle for this purpose. Light it and wait while the wax melts. Drop red wax on white candles to get a truly bloody look.

50. True Decadence

halloween couple photoshoot

Strict black tones and the foggy autumn atmosphere is a very interesting idea for your Halloween photos. You will need a cloak, mask and witch costume.

Freebies for Halloween Photo Ideas

Enhance your shots with these free actions, overlays, and presets. Make them realistically scary in several clicks.


freebie for halloween picture ideas freebie for halloween picture ideas

These presets are great for your portrait shots. They will help you emphasize the beauty of autumn colors and make your images brighter. Try to apply them to a picture with dark tones prevailing.


freebie for halloween picture ideas freebie for halloween picture ideas

Here is another good preset for you Halloween photos taken in a studio. You can correct lighting flaws and adjust white balance very quickly. In addition, it is an excellent tool for smoothing the skin tone.

Autumn Light

freebie for halloween picture ideas freebie for halloween picture ideas

This Photoshop action will giveyou Halloween photos some warm shades and glow.

Three Color

freebie for halloween picture ideas freebie for halloween picture ideas

This Photoshop action will let you combine landscape and portrait shots. It is great for pictures with bright colors. The action will make them more pronounced.

Golden Flares

freebie for halloween picture ideas freebie for halloween picture ideas

Get brighter and more joyful photos with this overlay. It adds some golden touches that change the overall look of your images.

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