Male Poses Guide: How to Pose Men Well to Get Stylish Results

These male poses will become very useful if you’re going to photograph men for the first time. Save these classical and fashion male poses to your posing guide and don’t waste much time on them at the photoshoot.

30 Best Male Poses for Your Photoshoot

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These male poses will help get started in male portrait photography successfully. Do not be afraid to combine these tips with your ideas, experiment and create your own style.

1. Classical Headshots

headshot male poses

Headshots are pretty popular although this type of male photography requires specials skills and experience. The main secret of headshots is the facial expression.

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You can get a nice photo, if a man knows how to express his feelings with his face. Minimalism and black-and-white effect on the pictures will make facial features even more expressive.

2. Full Face Shot (Look at The Camera)

full face male poses

Men typically feel uptight in front of a camera regardless of the male poses they take. If you want to make your model feel relaxed, just take several close-ups with the accent on his eyes. You can also ask him to show various emotions from happiness to anger. Ask a person what facial expression he feels the most comfortable, so you can understand what expression is suitable for his personality.

3. Full Face Photo at an Angle

full face at angle male poses

Another male pose to show your model advantageous is a full-face photo at angle. It will help to make the model visually thinner.

To get a good shot, ask your model slightly move the chin forward to lengthen the neck and give a photo an aesthetic look.

4. With Glasses

male portrait poses

Additional props are always a good idea for male photography. You can try using glasses, for example. They will help you to bring certain story to the image, making it more expressive and catchy.

5. Man’s Hands

mans hands male pose

Man hands also can tell the story, especially when the model has a tattoo, wear watches, or cufflinks. Try to show the vein, scars, and other details to make the photo speak and evoke emotions.

6. Hands in Camera

hands in camera male pose

This pose is highly popular among girls but why not try it for man shooting? Ask your model to sit closer to the camera, catch the light and you’ll snap a shot. Part of the face can be hidden, giving an image a mysterious look.

7. Crossed Arms

crossed arms men pose

One of the easiest male poses photography ideas. The pose with crossed arms is great for a full-length photo.

8. Tattoos

male pose with tattoo

Tattoos are another thing that hides the stories behind. You can take close-up shots of tattoos on the individual part of the body, or take a full-length photo, using a standing pose male, depending on your preferences and the level of liberating of your model.

9. With Cigarettes

male standing pose with cigarettes

Props can help you diversify photos and make a man pose more interesting. For example, ask your model to hold a cigarette. That`s an interesting option even if the model doesn`t smoke. This idea will help to make a photo atmospheric.

10. Outerwear Thrown Over a Shoulder

male model poses with outerwear

Throwing a jacket or other outerwear over the shoulder, hooking a finger in the pocket, and crossing the legs can bring a wonderful frame. Special attention should be paid to posture. Taking such a male pose, your model can show his character.

11. Full-Length Shots

male standing poses

One of the best male standing poses for a photoshoot is when feet are shoulder-width apart. A man can have look in the distance, directly at the camera or tilt a head a bit to focus on his shoes. You can choose any background that corresponds to the theme of the photo session.

12. Leaning Pose

male leaning poses

The model can lean against the wall, table, or anything else while standing. He can touch the wall with his back, shoulder or elbow. This male model pose is one of the best options for a full-length photo. Check whether the model’s facial expression corresponds to the body language.

13. Moving to The Camera

male moving poses

Capture the model while he is walking with long strides in your direction. This man pose looks perfect when a model has a neutral expression and straight posture. To make his hands look natural in the frame, ask him to hold something, for example, a book, a jacket, or a bag.

14. Hands in Pockets

male poses with hands in pockets

If you ask a man to fully or partially put his hands in the front pockets– you are guaranteed to get a natural and relaxed posture.

15. Crossed Legs

male poses with crossed legs

This male pose is a win-win one for the photo session. It will show confidence, courage, and masculinity, making your model look absolutely handsome in the frame. Just be careful with the outfit and props, as they greatly affect the final result.

16. Hand and Face Pose

hands and face male poses

This man pose is quite interesting and even intriguing. Ask your model to cover the face with hands. You can shoot from different angles.

This pose will perfectly express emotions, create a special atmosphere and a connection with the model. The outfit can highlight the message you want to send.

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17. Bare Torso

male poses with bare torso

This is a nice sample of male poses to show your model’ e strong arms, shoulders and athletic body. Photo with bare torso looks very attractive. Just try to set your model in the right mood, so he doesn’t look shy and unconfident in pictures.

18. One Leg Up

one leg up men poses

The ‘one leg up’ standing pose male will help you show a model feeling relaxed. It will work nice either a man is standing and sitting. Ask your model to lean against the wall or any other surface. This pose is definitely worth trying.

19. Moving Away from The Camera

male portrait poses

Motion photos are always creative and interesting. Ask your model to move away from the camera, turning back from time to time. Follow him and take shots. Such photos are perfect if you have an outdoor shooting in narrow streets with beautiful architecture.

20. In Motion

male action poses

If your model is a sportsman, let him do his favorite sports while you are capturing these moments. You can add matching props into the frame.

21. Sitting in The Armchair

male sitting poses

This is a classic sitting male pose. Your model can just sit relaxed in the chair, while you are shooting him from various angles.

22. Sitting On the Floor

male model sitting poses

This man pose is perfect for an outdoor photo session. It will help you capture both a good-looking model and the beauty of the surrounding. The right perspective plays important role here.

23. Sitting on Stairs

formal sitting pose for men

This is one of the best poses for men if you work outdoors. The background plays a huge role here, defining the style of photo. You can try different outfits depending on the surrounding.

24. Sitting On a High Surface (Facing Sideways)

facing sideways male poses

This male model pose is pretty interesting as it shows the landscape and unusual background when the model is sitting on the high surface. Usually, a man looks at the camera or into a distance. Try to play with angles to get a fascinating scene.

25. Sitting on a High Chair

sitting on chair men pose

Sitting on the bar chair is a pretty bold idea that always works. Your model posing on it will look truly confident. Moreover, it is a great visual way to make your model look taller.

26. Sitting on Unfolded Chair

sitting male poses

Sitting male poses are always popular. The unfolded chair may be a nice prop to add a casual look to your images. Ask your model to turn the chair around, sit on it and look to the side.

27. With Sport Equipment

male poses in action

Sports equipment is always a good idea since it will diversify the range of male poses. Choose the one that suits your model the most. It can be a skate, a bicycle, roller-skates, etc.

28. With Musician Instruments

male poses with guitar

If your model is fond of music, take interesting photos with his favorite musical instrument. Any male pose and location will do. Emotions, especially look, are something that really matters.

29. Country Style

country style male phototography

Add creativity and piquancy to the photo by shooting a man in a country-style outfit. Don`t forget to choose a suitable place that will create the necessary atmosphere.

30. With His Car

male poses with car

Another good male pose is connected with his favorite car. You model can sit in the car or pose near it. Photograph him facing the camera or looking away – anyway, the picture will look great.

Freebies for Male Photos Editing

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We have gathered freebies that will help you enhance your male photos, make them more vibrant and catchy. These presets will turn your photos into B&W highlighting the certain mood of a shot or create a cinematic effect by adding contrast and blue tones.