16 Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas to Inspire You in 2022

Are you trying to find some creative gender reveal photoshoot ideas to document this special day? Whether you're looking for traditional simple ideas or want to organize a photoshoot with pre-arranged lighting and props, you probably need some help. We've rounded up some of the best concepts that are sure to spark your imagination. Make your gender party memorable!

1. Use Holi Paints

holi paints gender reveal photoshoot idea

Holi parties are very popular. Guests never leave them in clean clothes and you now have the opportunity to use this for your gender reveal photoshoot. You can pour Holi paints out of opaque bags and create a huge cloud of color indicating the child’s gender.

You can even make such paints yourself using flour and dyes. However, this takes some time, so I recommend purchasing ready-to-use holi powder in a store.

2. Papier-Mâché Volcano

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Remember your science lessons and build an impressive mini volcano for your party. Make lava in a color that represents the gender of your unborn child. You can prepare a special mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring, or you can buy a ready-made smoke bomb.

3. Sonogram Image Showing Gender

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Many parents keep sonograms as the first pictures of their babies. Why not use it for gender announcement photos? Add some interesting attributes, colored elements to share your good news with your closest people.

Decorate your sonogram image with some cute things or put it in an appealing frame painted in the appropriate color. You can improve a sonogram photo yourself or ask specialists for help. Professional photo retouchers know several effective ways how to create a breathtaking image for your gender reveal party.

4. Poppers with Confetti

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Using party poppers is not only a good way to spread the word about your baby's gender. It also allows you to get guests involved in the process. Ask friends and family to stand around the parents-to-be. Start the countdown and all the poppers reveal the confetti color at the end. This is a nice moment to capture genuine emotions of parents and their loved ones.

5. Balloon Box

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Take an ordinary cardboard box and put balloons in it. Stock up on pink balloons if you are going to have a girl and blue ones for a boy. Don't forget to fill the balloons with helium. It will let them fly out of the box for a wow effect. By the way, tying the balls to the bottom of the box is also a good idea.

6. Gender Reveal Cake

gender reveal photoshoot idea

You need to prepare in advance to implement this gender reveal pictures idea. Ask your doctor not to tell the gender of the baby but to write it down on a piece of paper. Arrange with the bakery to bake you a cake for the party. Give them the envelope with the note you received from the doctor so that they use pink or blue inside icing.

7. Gender Name Balloons

gender reveal photoshoot idea

You can arrange balloons to make up the gender name and then place this construction into the box. It will look spectacular if it flies up last. If the gender of a child has already been announced to you, then using such balloons to decorate a location or just to surprise relatives is also a good variant.

8. Use Colored Smoke Bombs

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Using smoke bombs for photo shooting is one of the best gender reveal photo ideas. This will be a great surprise since no one will know the color of the smoke until the very ignition.

The couple stands together and smoke bombs in the color of the child's gender are lit behind or to the sides of them. It is best to take such a picture in a field or any other open space. The reason is that smoke from such bombs is bad for your health if you inhale it. Moreover, it is prohibited for use in enclosed spaces.

9. Use Paint

gender reveal photoshoot idea

If you love art or didn’t have time to repeat the “ice-bucket challenge” before, this unusual way to reveal the gender of a unborn child will do just fine. You can use normal acrylic paints to pour them onto the canvas together. Alternatively, you can take special body paints, dilute them with water and give yourself a cool, colored shower right out of the bucket.

10. For Baseball Fans

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Combining your favorite hobby, sport and gender reveal photoshoot is always a wonderful idea. You can make such a ball yourself. You need to cut the ball, fill it with paint and glue it. On the other hand, you can order a gender reveal baseball set consisting of 2 balls for different genders. Now you just have to throw the ball to the batter and capture the result.

11. Balloons

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Balloons can be a simple and affordable prop to let everyone know about the gender of your baby. Preparations won’t take much time and effort. All you need to do is prepare pink and blue balloons before the party. However, such small things will bring a lot of touching moments that a photographer will capture for you.

12. Piñata

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Piñatas are always among the brightest catchy attributes of any party. You can use one of them to implement unusual announcement gender reveal photo ideas. Fill it with themed candies or blue/pink confetti and have some fun. Your guests, especially children, will surely like the idea!

The most important thing in shooting with a piñata is to capture the moment it breaks. If your camera has continuous shooting mode, use it. Set it on and keep your finger on the shutter button.

13. With an Animal

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Pet owners often refer to their four-legged friends as family members and sometimes as their children. Therefore, the idea that your pet will reveal to you this good news is very sweet. Ask a gender keeper to tie a bandanna to your dog’s neck, give it something that indicates the gender, or hang a medallion on your cat. There are different variants but make sure to use something that your pet can carry safely. For example, your dog will probably eat a cookie with a gender name.

14. Clothes

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Baby clothing manufacturers offer a huge variety of cute items that you can use for your gender reveal picture ideas. Buy nice onesies that say "It's a girl" or "It's a boy" if you don't want to come up with something too complicated. Using baby clothes to reveal the gender of the unborn child is a good option for those who want to know this secret before other guests will find out.

You can take some sweet pictures with baby items while shopping, when you put them in a chest of drawers, or just hang them on a clothesline in the background.

15. Color Explosion

gender reveal photoshoot idea

Another way to mix hobby and gender reveal photo ideas is target shooting. You can fill a bag, bottle or any other container with colored powder. When it explodes, it will burst into a colored cloud.

Future parents can shoot with anything. It can be an air gun, a hunting gun, or even a bow. Plus, using paintball guns with balls filled with the appropriate color would be a more peaceful idea.

16. Gum

gender reveal photoshoot idea

This idea is also great for a maternity photo session and it's perfect for a studio shoot. Ask a person who knows the gender to prepare the gum of the desired color for you. At the party, you will need to inflate the bubble gum and at that moment you will find out the gender of the unborn child. Practice making bubbles ahead to make sure it looks as photogenic as possible.

Bonus Tools

must have lightroom presets for gender reveal photoshoot

After any photo session, including the gender reveal party, you have to improve pictures. Color correction is one of the first things to be done. Using Adobe Lightroom, you can easily improve your photos and give them a special atmosphere. In our preset collection, you will find film effects, haze, contrast, cinematic effect, and more.