19 Feet Picture Ideas and Photo Tips

If you want to take visually-appealing photos that will stand out among other similar images, take inspiration from these feet picture ideas. You can use them as references to take photos that will be in high demand on stock platforms. They will help you take stunning pictures of shoes and update your portfolio. You just need to use a good camera and smartphone to take high-quality images and set up lighting correctly.

1. In the Bathroom with Flowers at the Frame

feet picture idea in the bathroom

To take such a photo, you will need to use dried flowers and select the right angle. Take pictures when pointing your camera downwards and make sure to fit both the bath and your feet in the frame. You can also take photos from the side to capture only your feet.

feet pic poses in the bathroom

Pro tip: Try using natural light to take feet pictures. Many professionals use high-quality lighting equipment. If you are a beginner photographer, you can start by investing in decent equipment. You can also use LED light bulbs to ensure that your room is well lit. They are pretty affordable and allow you to capture every detail well.

2. Experiment with Temporary Feet Tattoos

feet picture idea with the tattoos

If you have been thinking about how to make your photos more eye-catching, experiment with temporary tattoos. You can use them to emphasize the curves of your feet.

Pro tip: Try assuming different feet pic poses when taking photos. For instance, you can lift them in the air, take close-up photos or keep one foot straight and the other arched.

3. Photographs At Different Times of the Day

feet picture idea at different times of the day

To get the best results, take photos under different light conditions. You will be surprised to see how differently the tone and shape of the feet look depending on the time of the day. In the morning, you can capture photos with naturally-looking textures, while evening light will help you capture warm tones and give your photos a soft look.

cute feet pics

If you want to capture natural colors and textures, take photos early in the morning or in the evening, during the golden hour. To give your photos a romantic glow, shoot them under dim light around sunset.

4. Add Lights

feet picture idea with lights

You can focus a viewer’s attention on your feet or the feet of your model using LED lights. To take such a photo, select a solid-color background so that nothing would distract a viewer’s attention from the main object.

Pro tip: If you want your feet to look perfect in photos, make sure to use this basic feet care routine.

  • Trim your toenails and cuticles
  • Make sure to moisturize your feet daily
  • Soak your feet and remove dead skin
  • Use special toothpaste to make toenails look whiter
  • Apply lotion before going to sleep and wear thick socks
  • When you are at home, wear socks, shoes or slippers to keep your feet clean

5. Capture Creative Chaos

feet picture idea with paint

To implement this idea, you need to add some creative chaos to the frame. If you take photos of a child or an artist, paint their feet. When taking photos of a writer, you can use ink, while for snapping pics of painters and designers, you can use paint, wallpaper, or whitewash.

If you want to enhance colors in your photos, make them brighter, and adjust contrast, make sure to contact professional retouchers.

Pro tip: To make your photo brighter, you can enhance it using photo editing software for PC or Mac. I use such programs as Photoshop, Lightroom or Canva.

6. Take a Photo of Feet in the Air

foot picture idea in the air

Ask the model to lie down and put her legs up. To make her legs look even more attractive, the model can cross them or point her toes. You can use a solid-color black or white background.

Pro tip: Don’t use a solid-color background only. You can use marble tiles as a backdrop for your photos. Besides, you can put some sand in front of the model to make it look like she is walking down the beach.

You can also place a piece of wood with the intact bark somewhere in the frame. It will allow you to focus on the feet of the model and emphasize the symmetry in the frame. You can also give your photos a soft and feminine feel by using white blankets and sheets.

7. Use Different Angles When Shooting Feet

feet picture idea in different angles

You can take feet photos from any position. Makes sure to experiment with different angles. For instance, you can take a close-up photo or capture feet in heels. By snapping pics from a range of angles, you can get more attention-grabbing photos. Pay attention to lighting as well.

cute feet pic idea

You can ask the model to lie down on their back, put her legs to the side and take a photo from above. Alternatively, you can take a picture of the bottom of the feet.

Pro tip: Ask the model to experiment with different poses and think about what angles you are going to use during a photoshoot. This way, you can capture more attractive photos that allow viewers to see feet and toes well.

8. Take a Foot Selfie

feet pose idea

Point your camera downwards and pay attention to the shoes and background. You can also take such cute feet pics without shoes if a photoshoot takes place on the beach or an ocean shore.

Pro tip: For taking a foot selfie, it’s better to use open shoes. If you have a part of eye-catching heels or trendy sneakers, it’s better to use them for other types of photos.

9. Capture Black-and-White Feet Photos

black and white feet picture idea

If you specialize in black and white photography, you can take photos that will look no less eye-catching than color images. There is no need to capture excessive details. You can experiment with lines and shapes instead.

Pro tip: A black-and-white will look perfect if you use sharp contrast to emphasize all the elements. You can achieve this by placing a dark object in front of a white or light-colored background. Gray shades will help you emphasize the details.

10. Choose an Attention-Grabbing Background

feet picture idea with attention grabbing background

Don’t limit yourself to working in a photo studio. You can take feet photos with the forest, mountains, or blossoming garden in the background.

Pro tip: To take a clear photo without any sign of blur, use a tripod. It will come in handy for photographers who need to shoot feet in motion. Another way to improve the quality of your shots involves using a remote shutter control. It will help reduce camera shake and take high-quality photos.

11. Adorn Feet with Jewelry

feet picture idea with jewelry

You can use jewelry pieces to adorn your model’s feet or put them somewhere in the frame. Use wedding rings to decorate the newborn baby’s feet, and you will get a memorable picture for your family album.

feet pic poses with jewelry

Pro tip: When selecting an ankle bracelet or other jewelry pieces, think about the story that you want to tell. You can choose various themes to engage your audience. Potential customers will pay attention to the feet photos that stand out among the rest. You can use medieval, renaissance, underwater, pinup, and farm themes.

12. Complement a Look With Shoes and Accessories

feet picture idea with shoes and accessories

To create a well-balanced composition, you need to select the right shoes. Take into account the location and color palette. If you take photos of a wedding dress, you can also capture bridal heels and accessories with flower patterns.

feet pic poses with shoes and accessories

Pro tip: You can take inspiration from the works of famous photographers. John James from Wembley knows how to work with models during a photoshoot and provides useful sale and marketing tips. In his portfolio, you will find photos of colorful toenails as well as oiled, tattooed, stretched feet. There, you will also see pictures with various props and accessories.

13. Organize a Photoshoot on the Beach

feet picture idea on the beach

You can attract attention to your photo by selecting the right location and feet poses. If you organize a photoshoot on the beach, you will be able to take great photos even without additional props.

feet pic poses on the beach

Take photos of the model walking barefoot on the sand. You can use the waves as the background or take a photo from above.

14. Create a Mini-Composition Around the Feet

creative feet picture idea

Your photo will be more memorable and attention-grabbing if you turn it into a mini-story. Add action figures to the frame and show how they are taking care of nails.

Pro tip: When taking photos, ask the model to relax or tense her feet and toes. Thanks to it, it will be easier for you to capture cute toe pics and show the shoes from the best side.

15. Use Photoshop

feet picture idea with photoshop

If you want to take a creative photo, make sure to process it in Photoshop after shooting. You can tweak colors, crop the image or add missing details.

Pro tip: To learn how to use this photo editing software for beginners, you can use online lessons and tutorials.

Here are the most helpful Photoshop tutorials:

16. Capture Dancing Feet

dancing feet picture idea

Instead of trying to select the right pose, ask the model to dance and take several shots in motion. If you take photos of ballet dancers, ask the model to perform dance steps slowly and freeze in one position for a couple of seconds.

Pro tip: If you want to sell feet pics, you can create your site or upload your photos to Craigslist, Etsy, Instafeet.

17. Select a Location Above the Ground

select a location for the feet picture idea

Another example of using an unusual angle involves taking a feet photo by pointing the camera upwards. The model should stand on a bridge or higher ground. To implement this idea, you need to select picturesque photography locations. For instance, you can shoot a feet photo in Rome or somewhere in the Chianti wine region of Tuscany.

18. Organize a Water Photoshoot

feet picture idea in a water

One of the most popular foot picture ideas involves taking photos of feet immersed in the water. You can implement it near any water body or swimming pool. To take such a photo, you just need to select the right pose and take care of the lighting to capture the sun glare on the water.

Pro tip: If the weather is bad, and you didn’t manage to capture sun glare, you can add it with the help of Photoshop water textures. Using them, you can add realistic waves, sun glare, raindrops, etc.

19. Organize a Holiday Photoshoot

holiday feet picture idea

You can create a holiday atmosphere with the help of different backgrounds and accessories. Before Christmas, take photos in front of the Christmas tree or with Christmas lights in the background. For an Easter-themed photoshoot, decorate your studio with chocolate and white creme eggs. To convey the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, use red hearts and candies.

Free Tools for Feet Photos

free tools for feet photos

Use the actions from this collection to adjust the brightness in your feet photos. With them, you can improve the color palette, add vintage tones and emphasize details. These actions come in ATN format. You can use them in Photoshop CS 4-6, Photoshop CC.