16 Powerful Pics of Childbirth From the IAPBP Contest

If you want to find inspiring pics of childbirth, take a look at the photos taken for the annual contest organized by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. IAPBP has over 1,100 members in 51 countries.

Winners are selected by a panel of officials. The winners of the 10th contest were announced recently, so make sure to take a look at the best works of childbirth photographers. In this article, I will tell you about my favorite photos and explain what makes them so special.

Top 16 Award-Winning Pics of Childbirth

To tell you about the winners and other worthy contestants, I have created a list of the most attention-grabbing photos from this photography contest. In this article, you will find photos capturing bathtub births, childbirths in hospitals, and cesarean sections. I’ve added detailed descriptions to the photos to help you understand which ideas the photographers wanted to convey.

1. “Daddy’s Girls” by Ashley Marston Photography

ashley marston pics of childbirth

Ashley Marston has deservedly taken the first place in the annual IAPBP competition for this tender and captivating shot. In the photo, you see Justin Webber from Ladysmith surrounded by his daughters Avery, Evelyn, Olivia. He is holding his newborn daughter, Junia. The photo was taken the moments after his wife Nikki gave birth.

Because of COVID-19, only one person could visit a mother in the hospital, which made it impossible to invite a photographer. However, the family opted for a home birth, which made this photo possible.

This picture perfectly captures a unique moment shared by this family during the pandemic and demonstrates that there is a ray of hope even in dire circumstances.

2. “Grace” by Danny Merz

danny merz pics of childbirth

The photographer took this stunning photo a few moments after the childbirth. The happy event happened during a stormy night in March when heavy rain was pouring outside. Danny Merz, a Germany-based photographer, managed to capture a fleeting moment of true happiness. Even professionals rarely have a chance to take photos that portray these moments of wonder and grace.

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3. "Nursing a Newborn" by Carey Lippert

carey lippert pics of childbirth

One of the easiest newborn photo ideas involves taking photos of a mother nursing her baby. Carey Lippert is a professional photographer based in Arizona who decided to capture the strong bond between a mother and her child.

She took this photo in the early days after childbirth. The mother captured in this photo went through a difficult time when nursing her baby. The photographer tells us a story of a woman determined to overcome everything to protect her child.

While the figure of the nursing mother is surrounded by darkness, the photographer shows us that she has found her inner strength in the strong connection with her baby.

4. “Of All Our Travels, This Journey Will Be Our Greatest” by Dana Jacobs

dana jacobs pics of childbirth

This photo received special praise from the judges and was given an honorable mention. Dana Jacobs captured a photo of a mother in labor in a birth pool. This photo conveys a peaceful atmosphere.

The man supports the woman laying in the pool by gently touching her shoulder to show her that he is at her side. The colors look perfectly balanced.

5. “Home Birth in a Pandemic” by Ashley Marston

ashley marston pics of childbirth

This is one of the most striking childbirth photos taken by Ashley Marston. She took a photo of one of her clients giving birth during the pandemic. The photographer captured a quiet moment in the afternoon. The evening sun lights the frame and highlights the fragile figure of the woman in the center.

The woman seems to be alone in this bathroom when going through one of the most unforgettable experiences of her life. Ashley posted the whole story of Marceline on the official website. This photo was given an honorable mention.

6. "Examining Every Detail" by Lisa Phillips

lisa phillips pics of childbirth

The photo was taken at the birth center. The mother asked the photographer to be her support person during childbirth since hospitals in Virginia allow only one support person to be present at birth during the pandemic.

The photographer perfectly captured the inner strength of the mother and her support for her newborn child. She focused on the baby in the arms of the mother to show that even at these difficult times there are moments of beauty, tenderness, and grace.

7. "Welcome Little Woman" by Kate Kennedy

kate kennedy pics of childbirth

Kate Kennedy was lucky to capture this happy moment between the mother and her newborn baby. She is an Australia-based photographer who often takes childbirth pictures of natural and caesarean births.

Kate captures stunning pics in various locations, including homes, hospitals, and birth centers. She specializes in newborn photography and knows how to show a strong bond between a mother and her baby.

8. “When Time Stands Still” by Ashley Marston

ashley marston pics of childbirth

3 of the photos taken by Ashley Marston were featured in the contest. Unlike other pics taken by her, this winning photo captures the childbirth that took place in the hospital. Since Ashley specializes in black and white photography, she knows how to take photos with beautiful highlights and shadows that make viewers’ attention focus on the raw emotions of the mother and her partner.

9. "Birthing Queen" by Kate Kennedy

kate kennedy pics of childbirth

Kate Kennedy captures the moment of well-earned joy with the entire family there sharing this precious moment with the mom. The photo manages to convey the feeling of relief pretty well.

10. “Born Awake” by Elizabeth Gritzmacher

elizabeth gritzmacher pics of childbirth

Elizabeth Gritzmacher is a true professional when it comes to taking uplifting photos that will bring a smile to your face. She focuses on the fine details that make her images so inspiring. She focuses on the fine details like tiny clothes, a soon-to-be-mum looking at a contraction timer app, or tears in man's eyes that make her images so inspiring. This winning picture beautifully captures a baby in the arms of the mother surrounded by doctors. What makes this photo so attention-grabbing is its perfectly balanced colors and the look on the face of the baby.

11. “Mom of Two” by Cradled Creations Birth Photography

cradled creations pics of childbirth

Last spring, this mother gave birth to her first child. In about a year, her second son was born. The photographer captured the happy moment after the labor to show the woman full of inner strength and resilience.

This image instantly evokes a strong emotional response. It beautifully captures the first moments this family spent with their baby, with the father gently wiping away his wife’s tears.

12. “A State of Pride and Bliss” by Colby Tulachanh

colby tulachanh pics of childbirth

The photographer captured the photo of the midwife, Denise Moyer, holding the newborn baby Kataleya. After a long and exhausting delivery that lasted the day and night, the mother is resting. You can see a gentle smile on her face when she looks at her child.

The photographer took this series of childbirth photos to fully document the event since the child’s father was unable to come because of the travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

13. “Earthside” by Brittney Hogue

brittney hogue pics of childbirth

This photo captures the mother holding the baby gently, the first seconds after delivering it into her own arms in a bath. The dramatic lighting and cute newborn photography pose really make this image special.

14. “The Hands that Guide You” by Alexia Ballentine

alexia ballantine pics of childbirth

This photo speaks for itself, and is one of the most beautiful postpartum images. It captures the newly-found mom gently holding her baby, with their hands interlocked.

15. “Birthing in Isolation is Lonely” Brisbane Birth Photography

brisbane birth photography pics of childbirth

This photo features mom, near her newborn baby, and highlights the feelings of loneliness involved in giving birth alone during the pandemic. COVID-19 photography requires only one person present and the woman went through the entire birth only with the photographer by her side.

16. “Love is Love” by Sara Bresser

sara bresser pics of childbirth

This photo captures the same-sex couple welcoming their first newborn. Not only does this photo carry incredible emotions because it captures postpartum moments, but also has a powerful underlying social message.


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