30 Photo Collage Ideas

Want to transform your boring walls with creative photo collage ideas? During COVID lockdown, there’s nothing left to do, but to reminisce on the past by looking at our photos. Organize your treasured memories into creative and stylish collages around the house.

Top 30 DIY Photo Collage Ideas

The following list features the ideas that are inexpensive and will fit with any home décor. Most of these require minimal equipment and source materials.

1. Heart-Shaped

photo collage ideas heart

Add a personal touch to your space by making a heart-shaped collage with the photos of your dearest friends and family members. Simple, yet sweet - this is one of the best photo collage ideas to fill a blank wall with.

photo collage ideas heart

2. Christmas Tree

photo collage ideas christmas tree
photo collage ideas christmas tree

If you are short on space, but really want to spread holiday cheer in your home, give this Christmas tree alternative a go. This photo display will look especially cute if all the photos incorporate Christmas photo ideas. Simply make an outline of the tree with fairy lights, put the star on top.

3. Ornaments

photo collage ideas christmas tree ornaments

Another festive photo collage idea is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments out of wooden blocks and your favorite pictures. Seeing your family's smiling faces will make your Christmas tree extra special!

4. Hangers

photo collage ideas clothes hanger

This display is simple and doesn’t take too much time to put together. Just take a spare hanger and transform it into a picture display with binder clips or clothespins. It’s also perfect for small spaces.

photo collage ideas clothes hanger

5. Friends-Inspired

photo collage ideas friends

Is “Friends” your favorite TV-show? Then you’ll find this Friends-inspired idea perfect for showing off the photos of you with your friends. This is one of the unique photo collages that will create a sense of nostalgia and warmth in your room.

photo collage ideas friends

6. Acrylic Frames

photo collage ideas acrylic frames

If you’re looking for a clean and modern way to display your family photos, sandwich them between two sheets of transparent acrylic to make your own frames. The best part about this photo collage is that the photos are easily interchangeable, and you can replace them once you get tired of them.

7. Ombre

photo collage ideas ombre

This vibrant photo display catches an eye with its uniqueness and bold colors. Although aesthetically-pleasing, this idea requires some serious color coordination skills. This display features a horizontal ombre, but you can also create a display with a vertical ombre.

8. Hula Hoop

photo collage ideas hula hoop

Do you have a hula hoop that you haven’t used in ages? You can repurpose it for your picture collage ideas. Spray paint it with gold, and attach some flowers to make it look more elegant. For coherent look, pin the photos to a ribbon.

9. Vertical Banners

photo collage ideas banners

Display your pictures by making vertical banners. This makes for a chic, and streamlined display. This is a popular option to hang photos on doors.

10. Letter/Number Collages

photo collage ideas letters and numbers

Jazz up any space with this interactive photo collage. Stick your photos to wooden letters to form a word of choice. You can even make the entire alphabet, then change up your word or throughout the year. If you have any memorable date or a lucky number, you can arrange photos in numbers too!

photo collage ideas letters and numbers

11. Clothespin Banner

clothespin banner

A combination of rustic twine and clothespins can help you create a charming, low-key display of your favorite memories. Just clip your photos on twines using clothespins, then arrange them as you wish.

12. Fairy Light Display

photo collage ideas fairy lights

This whimsical layout lets you hang pictures along fairy lights to brighten any room with Christmas cheer. This idea will help create a warm atmosphere, when looking at photos, and make any space inviting.

13. Identical Frames

photo collage ideas identical frames
photo collage ideas identical frames

This classic look never goes out of style. The absolute simplest way of displaying your photos is using identical frames and putting all your photographs or artwork into them. This is a good idea when your pictures are similar in size and shape. 

14. Geometric Clip Frame

photo collage ideas hegaxon clip frame

Add a touch of modernity to home decor with this minimalist hexagon clip frame. It’s visually clean look makes it a perfect addition to your home office. Make sure to only use small photos for this collage, as big ones will make it look visually cluttered. 

15. Fishing Net

photo collage ideas fishing net

Make a statement about your stylish taste by hanging your pictures on this unique fish net. This one is perfect for mermaid-themed kids’ rooms, or nautical-inspired living rooms. 

16. Clipboard Frames

photo collage ideas clipboard frames

Clipboards make an interesting alternative to regular frames, especially because they allow an easier way to change the photos. You could buy identical clipboards and put them in a grid for a simple yet stylish collage wall, or use a collection of different colors or different shapes and sizes for a more mismatched and chaotic look.

17. Bulletin Board

photo collage ideas cork board

This photo collage also doubles as a space for organization and inspiration. Purchase a cork board and stick your photos to it with thumbtacks. You can also wrap it in fabric, to make it match your decorative style.

18. One Frame

photo collage ideas one frame

This is a great lifehack for those, who can’t damage their wall by hanging multiple frames, but still want to personalize space with their photos. Just purchase one huge frame, and arrange multiple little photos inside of it.

19. Digital

photo collage ideas in photoshop

This is an inexpensive, yet sweet project to do. To realize this idea, you’ll have to learn how to make a collage in Photoshop, or use photo collage apps.

Compose your photos digitally, adding typography, print the result, and put it in a big frame.

20. Rustic Holder

photo collage ideas rustic holder

This is a minimalistic rustic display that all your guests will compliment. Add greenery or other embellishments that fit with your décor.

photo collage ideas rustic holder

21. Wooden Hanging

photo collage ideas branch
photo collage ideas branch

To achieve this hanging display, all you need is a wood branch, clothespins, and some string. You can also hang your photos on some greenery or vines for a more bohemian look.

22. Chicken Wire

photo collage ideas chicken wire

For a home with a country or rustic décor, try this chicken wire frame idea. Add some ribbon, or seasonal florals for decoration. You can also use hooks to hang small flower pots.

23. Log Collage

photo collage ideas logs

Be creative and hang strings of photos on small logs. The homely appeal makes this collage especially lovely.

24. Magnetic Wall

photo collage ideas magnetic wall

Have a blank wall you want to spice up? Paint a wall — or a portion of one — with magnetic paint. Use tiny strong magnets to hang the photos, and you’ll be able to change them around anytime and create endless DIY photo collages.

25. Neon Vibes

photo collage ideas neon

Amp the coziness of your space, by making a neon sign a centerpiece of your photo collage. Surround it with photos in any way you find fitting. I recommend incorporating symmetry in photo layout, as it will make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

26. Grid Wall

photo collage ideas grid wall
photo collage ideas grid wall

This is one of the trendy picture collage ideas. Purchase a wire wall grid panel and attach your photos to it with binder clips. You can also add a little spin on this idea, by framing the grid with fairy lights.

27. World Map

photo collage ideas world map

Want to display your world travel photos in a stylish way? World map DIY photo collages are an excellent way to do that. You can either print a world map and stick photos to it with thumbtacks, or create a map-shaped collage out of your photos with a free photo collage maker.

photo collage ideas world map

28. Fridge Magnets

photo collage ideas magnets on fridge

This is one of the best photo collage ideas to personalize your kitchen space. Design your fridge with a gallery of pictures and fun memories. All you need if buy magnetic frames of your choice and you’ll be able to easily display your photos on the fridge.

photo collage ideas magnets on fridge

29. Vertical Display Bar

photo collage ideas vertical display bar

This is definitely one of the best picture collage ideas for a modern home. This installation is made up of hundreds of metal discs inserted into a magnetic wall. Each disc features a photo on one side, and is either black or white on the reverse. This wall project is a bit more avant-garde, since you have to look at photos from a certain distance and angle for it to make sense.

30. Black and White

photo collage ideas black and white

Sometimes, colorful photos don’t fit with the luxurious interior. In this case, I recommend creating a photo wall out of black and white pictures. This will look great even in the classiest and most elegant interiors.