20 Mother and Daughter Photography Ideas in 2023

20 Mother and Daughter Photography Ideas in 2023

Daughters and mothers often arrange joint photo sessions to capture important moments. If you are also considering such a photoshoot, but cannot come up with interesting ideas, then our mother and daughters photo ideas may come in handy. We've collected the best poses, locations, and outfits that are perfect for a photoshoot for mothers and their daughters.

Top 20 Mother and Daughter Photography Ideas

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The birth of a girl is a real miracle for any mother. Every woman sees her character and appearance in the daughter and wants to surround her princess with tenderness every second, take care of her, and constantly show her love. To help you chronicle various moments shared through life, we’ve prepared these mommy and daughter pictures ideas that are worth your attention.

1. Enjoy a Picnic Just for Two

mother and daughter on picnic

A mini picnic with fruits, baby cookies, and drinks is a great option for shooting. Well, some cute photos on an outdoor blanket with a picnic basket will surely embellish your family album. Standing, sitting, lying down – choose a comfortable pose and enjoy the shooting process!

Taking photos outdoors, follow the rules of golden hour photography. Golden hour refers to the time of the day with optimal lighting. In this case, the setting sun creates a soft light pattern, the contour of objects becomes more pronounced. The camera is easy to focus, with no need to use pulsed light sources.

2. Street Style Look

mother and daughter street style

You can organize a beautiful mother and daughter photoshoot in street cafes in the evening when the light bulbs create a pleasant natural bokeh effect. In ancient streets, near fountains and exquisite statues, mother and daughter can create contrast, wearing modern clothes.

Street style can be traced in architecture photography, interesting locations, unusual architectural pieces, modern buildings.

3. Near the Water

mother and daughter near the water

Water always symbolizes purity and tranquility, but a stormy ocean can reflect both fun and chaos. Therefore, the choice of location depends on the aim of the photoshoot. It can be on the beach under the beach umbrella, models can play mischievous games in the sea or river, lie on the sand or sun lounger in large brim hats, and pose at the sunset.

Original reflection photography is also a great variant. You don't have to look for a flat surface for this mother and daughters photo shoot. Reflections in a lake or even a puddle will give an eye-pleasing natural distortion.

4. Same Outfit

mother and daughter same outfit

There are a lot of mommy and daughter pictures ideas, but wearing the same family photo outfits is, perhaps, the most popular option. This is not surprising, because the photos are not only beautiful but filled with deep meaning.

So, matching dresses, legging outfit, jeans, jackets are perfect variants. The photoshoot can be carried out both in the studio and at home or outdoors. Models should take relaxed poses to feel comfortable.

5. Best Chefs

mother and daughter cooking

Cooking dinner together is always an adventure. A little daughter will look very touching in chefs toque or unicorn apron. Mom can teach her daughter how to make pancakes or roll out the dough using a wooden rolling pin, and a kitchen set in a single color scheme will help complement the atmosphere.

Mother daughter photoshoot ideas in the kitchen can also be funny if you add dynamics to the frame, for example, throwing flour at each other, accompanied by laughter. A photo of a child's face smeared with chocolate is a win-win option.

6. Shopping Ladies

mother and daughter on a shopping

Shopping together is one of the favorite activities for girls. That is why a mother and daughter photography in a shopping mall will cause pleasant emotions. For such a photoshoot, it is better to use a general angle and take images from a distance, paying attention to the leading lines.

Mom and daughter may not even notice the presence of a photographer while he/she will catch the highlights of trying on outfits, choosing clothes for each other, and walking through shopping malls with large packages, colorful eco mugs and happy faces.

7. Black and White

mother and daughter black and white photo

Black family photoshoot hasn’t lost its relevance. BW pictures deliver vivid emotions and various lighting contrasts that allow you to see the true love between mom and daughter, without being distracted by the scenery and colors. Almost all the most iconic photos were taken in B&W.

8. Get as Close as You Can

mother and daughter portrait

Portrait shooting is one of the most popular mom and daughter photoshoot ideas. It allows you to convey the character of models, their beauty, similarity, or difference. The most important thing is that such pictures reveal sincere emotions and feelings. This technique has been used by many famous photographers to capture the finest details and similarities between mother and daughter. The closer people are in the photo, the closer their connection and the energy of the photo conveys a sense of kinship. We recommend choosing neutral hair accessories like hair clips so that they don’t distract attention from the models.

9. Play with Shadow

mother and daughter shadows

You can achieve an unusual effect in the photo playing with shadows. Practicing shadow photography can be tricky on a cloudy day, so wait for sunny days. You don’t need to worry if you cannot take daylight pictures as you can achieve the same interesting effects at night using artificial lighting and trying different female poses.

You can be more inventive with artificial light since there is a big choice of them and they come in different colors. The light and camera must be behind the model to get the silhouette photography effect.

10. Go on Riding a Bike

mother and daughter on a bike

Cycling photography doesn’t require complex tricks. Mother and daughter photoshoot ideas, in this case, vary from riding a bike with two seats or driving a daughter on a mother’s bike. The elastic headbands will help unite mother and daughter in the frame.

If you apply grace Photoshop actions while editing photos, then you’ll get dynamic images with warm colors that convey a tight family bond.

11. Home Alone

mother and daughter home alone

The main props for such a mother and daughter photoshoot are a plush blanket, hot cocoa, knitted socks and mom and daughter looking through the family photo album. You can convey a feeling of special comfort using Tenderness Collection of Photoshop actions at the image post-processing stage.

In winter, you can capture the process of decorating a Christmas tree. Such pictures reveal the mood of the holiday.

12. Sweet Dreams

mother and daughter before sleeping

The advantage of these mother and daughters photo ideas is that they are suitable for models of any age. If you photograph newborns and young children, you can take cute family portrait pictures with a sleeping baby in mother's arms. If a daughter is older, you can take a hear-warming photo when she naps on her mother's lap while mom is caressing her head.

13. Hold Each Other as Hard as You Can

mother and daughter hugging

Not a single photo session of parents and children can do without gentle hugs, which reflect love and care. You can further highlight the mood by applying Shimmer actions during photo editing. A gentle caring look, hugs, passionate conversation, and laughter are great for a family shooting. It doesn’t matter where the shooting is organized and in what genre.

There are a huge number of mother and daughter photoshoot poses. Mom can take a small baby in her hands, and older children can sit nearby. Use face-to-face, back hug, cheek-to-cheek poses, and add an oval light reflector to the light setup to get perfect lighting.

14. Swing Each Other Around

mother and daughter swing around

The dynamics in the photo always look natural. Such candid photos may not be ideal in terms of professional photography, but their main task is to convey genuine emotions. But mind that in most cases you can take such a photo with small children. The fluffy girl skirt will add dynamics to the frame.

You can ride adult children on swings or carousels. If you use sparkle actions while editing photos, then you can achieve a magical effect.

15. Cool off Together on a Hot Day

mother and daughter plays near the beach

To diversify photos taken near the water, you can shoot with long exposure. Thus, the splashes will become blurry and smooth as if they are wrapping mom and daughter in a delicate shawl. You can use a close-up lens to get sharper images of drops on mother’s and daughter’s faces and palms.

While shooting in the studio, use a waterproof background.

16. Lift Each Other Up

mother and daughter lift up

Such photos symbolize the trust between models. You are welcome to experiment with original photo levitation techniques. For example, a photo where mom and daughter levitate over the water wearing fairy wings will look very interesting.

17. Share an Ice Cream Cone

mother and daughter share an ice cream

In childhood, parents often buy children ice-cream while being on the walk and this can be a great idea for mother and daughters photo shoot. You can get sweet photos if a daughter feeds her mother ice cream while sitting in her arms, or lying on a blanket in the park.

If the photo session is in the studio, it is important to prepare the location and decor in advance, choose mother daughter photo poses, and then add ice cream into the frame. Ice cream photography is among the biggest nightmares of food stylists and here professional food photography tricks come in handy. Ice and melting food are difficult to work with. If you work with real ice-cream and frozen products, you have little time to capture the object.

18. Whisper Secrets Just for the Two of You

mother and daughter whisper secrets

Undoubtedly, mum is the ideal companion for her daughter in almost all kinds of activities. However, she can become more than just a mother: a friend, a teacher, an excellent cook, an amazing fashion designer and seamstress, a good makeup artist, and, of course, a mentor.

Therefore, a photo with a daughter sharing a secret with her mother symbolizes trust and a strong bond. You can capture a girl sharing something very personal sitting on her mother's lap, and while mummy is listening with surprise or great attention. Such family photography will add special meaning to the family album.

19. Recreate a Photo from the Past

mother and daughter recreate photo from the past

Standard versions of such a photo involve a simple mimicking of a photo from childhood, which a mother and a daughter already took many years ago. It is important to convey the same emotions and postures or at least get as close as possible to this.

Ideally, find the same clothes. A complex version of such a photo involves using a double exposure technique when one object seems to fill another. Such photos placed in a collage photo frame will become a special decoration for any house.

20. Balloons Party

mother and daughter balloon party

All children, without exception, love balloons. You can order a large composition from confetti balloons, or you can simply inflate many balloons of different colors and sizes. There are a lot of poses for toddlers and moms outdoors and indoors. Helium balloons can fly, but babies are often upset if they "run away" from them high into the sky.


portraiture photoshop actions

After the photoshoot, you can use these Portraiture Photoshop Actions to enhance your pictures, adjusting a skin tone, dealing with visible imperfections, etc. There are also special smooth skin actions designed for close-up photos. Mastering portrait photography and using Portrait Photoshop Actions, you will get perfect shots for your family album.