Cute Photo Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

Cute Photo Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

Only photo wall ideas for creatives!! Need an original way to decorate your room with your favourite photos? Check out these 30 cheap and easy wall photo ideas. Be sure you’ll find wall pictures ideas exactly for your room.

30 Photo Wall Ideas to Decorate Your Room

I hope these wall pictures ideas will serve as an inspiration for you to display photos as creative as you can. Feel free to take your own approach to each of these wall picture ideas.

1. Mosaic Photo Wall

creative wall pictures ideas mosaic

How to make a photo wall that is unique? Sort the pictures you are going to print according to color. Select only several colors or all colors of the rainbow. You can also use free photo mosaic software to create really amazing mosaics in a quick way.

After that, you should print and stick them to a solid-color paper or paperboard. Perfect decorating idea for your bedroom.

2. Fairy Lights

creative wall pictures ideas fairy lights
creative wall pictures ideas fairy lights

Hang the string lights on the wall in any shape that you like and attach images to it.

For this task, take small clothespins made out of wood if you are after a cozier atmosphere. In case your room is more on a brighter side, pick colored clothespins.

Polaroid shots suit this idea the most. It won’t take you longer than half an hour to create this wall photo collage layout.

3. Geometric Shapes Photo Wall

creative wall pictures ideas geometric shapes

For a geometric-shaped picture wall collage, you need to arrange nails on the surface in a certain manner. Before you do it, draw a necessary shape using a ruler and pencil.

When you are satisfied with the design, join the nail dots with string. Then hang the shots with the help of stationery clips or pins.

4. Wire Grid

creative wall pictures ideas wire grid
creative wall pictures ideas wire grid

Purchase a grid panel and attach printed images to it. This is one of the best photo decoration ideas for people who, for one reason or another, can’t hang anything on the wall.

photo wall ideas

You can just put the panel on the table and lean it on the wall. If the grid doesn’t quite blend into the interior, dye it with spray paint to get a more fitting color.

5. File Organizers

creative wall pictures ideas file organizers

Transparent file organizers are actually wonderful picture frame alternatives. In case you don’t feel like attaching each shot separately but still want to create a photo wall, get file organizers with pockets.

Place a picture in the pocket, stick an organizer to the surface and you are done!

6. Wooden Hangers Photo Wall

creative wall pictures ideas wooden hangers

Purchase several clothes hangers and hang pictures on them. Feel free to attach more than one shot to a single hanger.

Mixing them will result in a gorgeous DIY photo wall. If you are afraid that the hangers may damage the images, use craft foam to glue the inner side of the hangers.

7. Split Photo Wall Art

creative wall pictures ideas split photo wall art

Here is one of the most incredible living room gallery wall ideas. You will need Photoshop to separate the chosen pictures into two or more pieces.

photo wall ideas

Then you should print the separated pieces and attach them near each other on the wall. Pick the size of the photo collage according to the quality of the picture.

For instance, if the shot is of very poor quality, don’t hang it on a wall, as it will look unaesthetic.

8. Clock Photo Wall

creative wall pictures ideas clock

Clock-shaped photo wall design will look awesome as well. The pictures can be both with and without frames. Add a quote inside the clock itself to complement the shots.

photo wall ideas

9. Heart-Shaped Collage

creative wall pictures ideas heart shaped collage

One of the trendiest family photo wall ideas is arranging images in the shape of a heart. When you hang pictures close to each other, people, who see them, will look through multiple important moments at the same time.

Don’t forget about the proper arrangement and color balance while designing your photo heart.

10. Family Tree Photo Wall

creative wall pictures ideas family tree

If you have a lot of shots with relatives and family members to display, why not arrange them as a family tree? It is one of the best wall photo ideas to show your family ties.

photo wall ideas

Draw the tree by yourself or get the family tree wallpaper.

11. Photo String

creative wall pictures ideas photo string

Here is an example of cheap and minimalistic ideas for pictures on walls that will perfectly fit into any space.

photo wall ideas

It requires drilling two screws, cutting a part of wire or rope, hanging and attaching shots with pins to it. It won’t be difficult to replace the images with new ones.

12. Floating Photos

creative wall pictures ideas
creative wall pictures ideas

As for cute ways to hang pictures with string, you can use a wooden branch or a flower stem. Stick several images to one string or a single shot to one line.

photo wall ideas

Fasten off the design by tying a knot at the end of a string around the branch or stem. Try to evenly attach strings across the entire branch length.

13. Binder Clips

diy photo wall binder clips

If you are searching for more photo wall ideas without frames, try using binder clips, attaching them to the pictures and hanging on the wall. Another variant would be to attach binder clips to a string and make a garland of shots.

14. Photo Hula Hoop

diy photo wall hula hoop

A stunning way to display pictures is to attach them in lines to a hula hoop decorated with artificial flowers. You may either hang or lean the hula hoop against the wall.

15. Tape Frames

diy photo wall tape frames
diy photo wall tape frames

A great alternative to the standard expensive photo frames is a tape. Use your creativity and come up with interesting shapes of frames.

photo wall ideas

Pick multi-colored frames if you want a vibrant photo frame wall art or plain ones to achieve a more restrained look.

16. Window Pane

diy photo wall window pane

Don’t throw away old window panes and use them for your picture decoration ideas. You may divide one shot into many pieces or dedicate each pane to a separate shot.

photo wall ideas

You will successfully realize this idea if you measure everything properly. Worn-out window panes contribute to a vintage look. For a modern style, dye them anew with a fresh coat of paint.

17. Clipboards

diy photo wall clipboards

Place living room wall pictures onto the clipboards. You only need to attach an image to the clipboard and fix it on the wall.

photo wall ideas

Select the size of clipboards taking into account the size of pictures. Remember about leaving a 1-inch space on all four sides of the clipboards for a better look.

18. Clothespin Photo Wreath

As for more picture hanging ideas without frames, you can try cutting the cardboard into a circle, and attach clothespins and photos to it. This video guide will help you figure out the process.

19. Photo Collage Letters

diy photo wall letter collage

To create modern wall decor for living room, purchase letters made out of cardboard in the craft store, dye them with any desired color and attach printed shots to them.

Laying out pictures on the surface of all letters and arranging them appropriately is very important. I suggest taking a photo with a smartphone as a reference, once you begin sticking pictures.

20. Cork Board

diy photo wall cork board
diy photo wall cork board

You have to pick the cork board according to the size of the space, where you’ll create a photo wall.

photo wall ideas

You can make either a panel of the size of the entire wall or of the smaller size and place it in a frame as in the second image. You only need pins to attach shots to a cork board.

These boards are not just wall decorations but useful tools for organization, particularly, in a home office.

21. Magnetic Board

diy photo wall magnetic

Here is one of the simplest and effortless pictures on wall ideas. Purchase a magnetic board as a basis for a photo wall, adding printed images, magnets or other decorations.

With such a flexible board, it is possible to change the shots or their position any moment you wish.

22. Collage Photo Wall

diy photo wall collage
diy photo wall collage

If you can’t choose only a few images and want to hang all of them, you can easily do it. Attach the pictures cross throughout the entire wall so that they look like wallpaper.

Print photos of the same size to make everything look more coherent. Or you may experiment with the size and orientation of the photos and randomly place them on the wall for a more eye-catching effect.

23. Chalkboard Photo Wall

diy photo wall chalkboard

Involve your children into realizing one of the most creative picture hanging ideas. Attach the pictures to the chalkboard and draw frames around them with colored chalk.

Feel free to experiment and leave some notes or small sketches.

24. Ombre Photo Wall

If you like colorful photo wall design ideas, you will surely appreciate this one. You need to make backgrounds of various colors for shots.

photo wall ideas

Involve several shades for a beautiful gradient from the palest to the brightest color. Black and white pictures will look best of all with vibrant frames.

25. Staircase Cascade

Stairs near the wall is an ideal place for hanging photos. Don’t forget about even arrangement of images across the wall that should follow the direction of the staircase.

26. Eclectic Style Photo Wall

When done right, mixing different photos on walls ideas will look stunning. You may combine wall grids with clipboards and regular frames.

photo wall ideas

Evenly distributed textures and dimensions are important for visual appeal.

27. Photo Border

Trying to come up with photo frames on wall arrangement, be more creative. Hanging pictures on empty walls is quite standard and boring.

Maybe you can use printed shots for framing the bed, door, window or other furniture items. Randomly placed wall art around various objects at home tend to smoothly blend into the interior.

28. Shelves

One of the best ways to hang pictures without nails is to place them on shelves. It is a nice variant for those who don’t want to ruin the walls with holes or aren’t allowed to but still wish to decorate the space with photos.

You can even put tiny plants or small statues near the frames.

29. Black and White Photo Wall Idea

Printing and hanging living room wall decor pictures in black and white will add an elegant and sleek touch to the cozy space. Moreover, neutral tones will perfectly fit into any decor.

30. Big Frame Collage

This is one of the quickest and easiest photo display ideas for home. Simply purchase a big frame and prints shots in a small size. An impressive result is guaranteed!

Freebies for Your Wall Photography Ideas

To make wall decoration pictures for living room or any other space better complement each other, take advantage of the following freebies for image editing.

Free Wedding Action “Perfect Black and White”

wall picture ideas free wedding action before afterwall picture ideas free wedding action before after

This ageless effect will contribute to the purity of the bride’s wedding gown and chic flair of the groom’s suit. The action softens the lines and neutralizes imperfections connected with coloring in shots.

Free Portrait Preset “Contrast”

wall picture ideas free portrait preset before afterwall picture ideas free portrait preset before after

All indoor portraits will certainly benefit from the use of this preset. It balances lighting, increases clarity, brightness and fixes white balance.

Free Light and Airy Preset “Brighten”

wall picture ideas free light and airy preset before afterwall picture ideas free light and airy preset before after

Get a beautiful dreamy look of the pictures with this preset. It adds a bit of mystery, makes the shots deeper, but at the same time, less dark.

Free Action “Color”

wall picture ideas photoshop action before afterwall picture ideas photoshop action before after

The action is perfect for emphasizing particular details in images, turning them into more contrasting and saturated. Wall pictures with this effect applied are sure to attract attention.

Free Overlay “Sky”

wall picture ideas free sky overlay before afterwall picture ideas free sky overlay before after

The overlay is aimed at saving shots with lifeless skies. With its help, you can add a realistic, cloudy and vibrant sky to images.

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