32 Photo Wall Ideas & Layouts to Display Your Pictures

By hanging your family pics and art pieces on the walls, you can make your quests focus their attention on specific places and make your interior cozier. You can use a variety of creative photo wall ideas to decorate different areas of your home.

There are countless variations of photo displays that you can use. For instance, you can either hang framed photos or leave them unframed. In addition, you can choose between color and black-and-white pictures. Such displays are suitable for showcasing photos from weddings, family trips, and other important events.


Note! I also recommend you take a look at websites that allow you to see how your photos will look after you arrange them on the walls. For instance, PictureThat and WallApp enable you to see pictures, prints, and artworks on the walls of your house.

1. Layer Frames Over Wallpaper

photo wall ideas layer frames over wallpaper

Try using minimalistic frames for your photos as they might create an unusual contrast with the color of the wallpaper. It’s important to select suitable colors to ensure that the result won’t be too catchy. For instance, if you have striped wallpaper, you may use black-and-white pictures for your display.

Pro Tip: If the wall in your room looks empty, you can fill out the space with photos. Make sure to think about their arrangement beforehand.

2. Composition of 5 Photos

photo wall ideas composition from 5 pictures

It’s considered to be one of the best picture ledge ideas. To implement it, you need to select five photo segments united by the same storyline. Such a display is a perfect fit for any interior. It will allow you to decorate your room without making the space look cluttered.

3. Wall Shaped as a Clock Face

photo wall ideas clock face

The hands of the clock will point to the memorable moments of your life. Such a decoration will look great on any wall of your room and become a bright accent catching the attention of your guests.

4. Eye-Catching Grid

photo wall ideas eye catching grid

If grids are your thing, take a closer look at this arrangement. To recreate it, you need to use 12 photos. Such DIY photo wall ideas will allow you to display a gallery of the most memorable moments of your life on the wall.

5. Photos Above the Sofa

photo wall ideas hang pictures above the sofa

This type of arrangement is a traditional technique for creating a wall display. By putting photo frames in an asymmetrical order, you can add a unique feel to your room. To make your space better balanced, you can hang frames in the center of the wall.

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You can also hang your photos above your bed in your bedroom. Such bedroom photo wall ideas will help you drive the attention of your guests to this part of your room. Whether you decide to use one large photo or an arrangement of smaller pictures, such a display will become a perfect addition to your interior.

6. Black-and-White Theme

photo wall ideas bw theme

To give your interior a timeless feel, use black-and-white photos to decorate your wall. For this type of display, it’s better to use pictures with contrasting shades. You may use different types of frames and print your photos on expensive paper to achieve a more striking effect.

7. Install Some Ledges

photo wall ideas install some ledges

If you want to have an opportunity to change photos that you display on the wall or arrange them in different ways, put frames on a floating wooden shelf instead of nailing your photos into the wall. It will enable you to change and arrange your pictures as you see fit.

8. Incorporate a Split Photo Wall Art

photo wall ideas split picture wall art

Select a picture you like the most and split it into multiple parts using a dedicated application. Then, you need to print these segments of your photo and arrange them on the wall in your living room.

9. Use Different Fixtures

photo wall ideas different types of fixtures

You may use frames made of metal, wood, or plastic. Decorate them in a style similar to the style of your room. For instance, you can use some additional elements, such as stones, rhinestones, pieces of paper, buttons, and other objects.

Pro Tip: To hang the pictures, you may use a rope. It will suffice to drive two nails into the wall and hang a thread between them. You can create multiple rows. To attach threads securely, use hooks or clothespins. Some people find it easier to tie them to the rope. By regulating the thread’s tension, you can create an unusual effect.

10. Make The Wall Timeline

photo wall ideas timeline

In case you want to narrate a story using your pictures, use this DIY photo display idea. For a better effect, use photos taken during various periods of your life and arrange them in chronological order.

11. Experiment with Collages

photo wall ideas collages

If you can’t choose only a few images and want to hang all of them, you can easily do it. Attach the pictures cross throughout the entire wall so that they look like wallpaper. Print photos of the same size to make everything look more coherent. To implement such photo wall ideas, you may experiment with the size and orientation of the photos and randomly place them on the wall for a more eye-catching effect.

Pro Tip: When selecting pictures, be sure to choose photos taken in a consistent style that matches the type of room and its interior. For instance, you can place newborn photos in your child’s room.

12. Photo Hoop Display

picture wall ideas hoop display

If you don’t like getting bored, use this type of photo display to create a DIY picture wall. You can achieve a similar effect using a spray-painted hula hoop, faux flowers, and a fishing line for clipping your pics.

13. Cascade Order

picture wall ideas cascade order

To drive the attention of your visitors to a specific part of your room, for instance, a staircase, you can align photos or posters in a specific way. It will allow you to make your interior look better balanced and improve the experience of your guests.

14. Replace the TV Place

picture wall ideas replace tv

If you don’t have a TV or don’t watch it, you can create a cozy corner with photos using family and friends photo ideas. Make sure to select a suitable theme and decorate the wall with photos that will allow you to visualize your concept. You can either hang photos using traditional methods or utilize photo ledges with sliding collage frames.

15. Fill Out The Wall Space

picture wall ideas fill out the space

To achieve this result, you can order custom photo wallpaper and use it to decorate your wall. You can also attach separate photos to your wall manually. For instance, you may use large or small photos to fill out the empty space.

16. Create a Chaotic Order

picture wall ideas chaotic order

You can experiment with asymmetrical solutions when changing the order of your photos. Arrange your pictures in different ways using hangit picture frames. By avoiding strict geometry shapes when creating your composition, you can create a unique design using a limited number of cheap photography props.

17. Print and Frame Instagram Photos

picture wall ideas print insta pictures

To display Instagram-sized pics, it’s better to use simple frames of a square shape. Such DIY photo wall ideas will allow you to see your memorable moments even when you are offline.

18. Use Unframed Pictures

picture wall ideas unframed pictures

Provided you do everything right, such unframed photos will allow you to create a natural and eye-catching composition that will make your house unique. Due to the absence of frames, such photos will easily fit into any interior.

19. Remember About Polaroid

picture wall ideas polaroid

It’s considered one of the best Polaroid picture ideas. Using small Polaroid pictures with captions and memorable dates, you can create a cute reminder about the happy moments of your life.

20. Keep It Simple

picture wall ideas keep it simple

This stylish gallery photo wall idea is extremely easy to implement. Besides, it is perfectly suitable for modern interiors. Make sure to use it if you have a recessed wall.

21. Use a Garland

picture wall ideas with garland

Using such a collage, you can give a fresh feel to your room and fully transform the atmosphere. Soft light falling from the garland will make your photos look unusual and turn them into an art object.

22. Chalkboard Gallery Wall

picture wall ideas chalkboard

This is a perfect budget project that will allow you to keep your kids busy. You just need to attach your photo prints to the wall and use pieces of chalk to draw frames around them. To further enhance the display of your photos, you can also add captions and drawings.

23. Add Letters/Captions

picture wall ideas adding letters

Cute captions and voluminous letters allow you to make your composition more emotional and impactful. Using such decoration tips, you can bring to life your own unique photo collage idea.

24. Greet Friends With Family Photos

creative picture wall ideas

Instead of hanging a mirror on the wall behind your entryway table or filling out the empty space with framed artwork, you can display your family pictures. Such photo wall ideas will allow you to add a unique feel to your home.

25. Pay Homage to Your Pet25. Pay Homage to Your Pet

picture wall ideas pay homage to pet

Remember that you can also decorate your bedroom with a photo of your pet. In this example, you can see two pets of the family captured in the most creative way.

26. Put Large and Small Photos Together

picture wall ideas large and small pictures together

By using photo frames of different shapes and sizes and experimenting with different orders, you can make the most reserved design lively and give it a dynamic feel.

27. Create a Window Pane

picture wall ideas window pane

Don’t get rid of old window panes, as you can easily utilize them for decorating your home. You can try dividing one photo into different segments and putting them in different panes to emphasize important details.

28. Eclectic Style Wall

picture wall ideas eclectic style

When done right, mixing different photos on walls ideas with family picture ideas looks stunning. You may combine wall grids with clipboards and regular frames. Evenly distributed textures and dimensions are important for creating visual appeal.

29. Magnetic Board

picture wall ideas magnetic board

Here is one of the simplest and most effortless photo wall ideas. Purchase a magnetic board as a basis for a photo wall and add printed images, magnets or other decorations. With such a flexible board, it is possible to change the shots or their position at any moment you wish.

30. Floating Photos

picture wall ideas floating pictures

As for cute ways to hang pictures with string, you can use a wooden branch or a flower stem. Stick several images to one string or a single shot to one line.

Fasten off the design by tying a knot at the end of a string around the branch or stem. Try to evenly attach strings across the entire branch length.

31. Keep It Minimalist

picture wall ideas minimalistic style

There is no need for a photo display to take up most of the wall. In some cases, it might be better to make photos scattered to achieve a better visual impact.

32. Look for Unexpected Locations

picture wall ideas unexpected locations

By displaying your favorite artwork pieces and photos on the walls of your home, you can surprise your friends and loved ones. Besides, it will give a playful feel to your decor if you find unusual places for hanging photos.

The Benefits of Displaying Photos on the Wall in Your Home

I believe that there are three main reasons to decorate the walls of your home with photos.

Photos hold memories which makes them perfect for those who want to remember the cherished moments of their lives. They tell a viewer about important events. When you see them, they evoke happy memories or allow you to remember the moments spent with people who are no longer here.

When it comes to family photos, people display them to improve the self-esteem of their children and make them feel loved. Such pictures allow children to see that they are an important part of a family. Due to this, you can use a variety of family pics and creative photo ideas when decorating your house.

creative photo wall ideas

By hanging photos on the walls, you can make your house feel like a real home. It will allow you to create a more relaxing atmosphere and give your interior a cozy feel.

Pro Tip: To find the best position for your photos, think about selecting the wall where you are going to hang them. It’s better to hang them on the wall that allows you to see them from the distance of 3.5 meters. It will allow you to see the whole collage. Besides, it’s better to select an uncluttered space, as it will allow you to come closer to the photos and see all the details clearly.

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