Furniture Photography

Furniture Photography

Are you going to shoot furniture photography for your e-commerce business? It’s time to make your large furniture stand out among the competitors.

In this article, I will reveal 15 helpful tips in order to stage and take professional pictures of furniture.

15 Furniture Photography Tips

Read more about how to shoot large objects for catalogs on location and studio. What’s the best way to stage and photograph furniture without much experience in product photography?

1. Prepare Furniture for Shooting

product photography basics View Cleaning Kit for Furniture

A lot of attention is paid to details in pictures of furniture, so you need to take care of its cleanliness beforehand. This way, the image editing will become easy. To do this, get special cleaning and polishing agents before shooting, clean each corner of the object to be photographed.

2. Find a Great Place for Shooting

photo furniture View Photo Background

In order to carry out the shooting at its best, you need to take care not only of the cleanliness of the furniture but also of its location.

The ideal choice, in this case, would be a place opposite the white wall. In case of its absence, you can always use special photo paper to create a clean background or find a furniture photography studio in your area.

3. Don’t Use Many Props

furniture photography tips

It may be a fun process and may even look cute, but it’s not recommended to style furniture with too much props. Customers have different preferences and may not like your style. They will also most likely suspect you’re trying to cover something up.

I recommend taking several photos with and without props.

4. Choose your Angle

how to photograph furniture

During photography furniture needs to be put at a specific angle where front, top and side will be visible. A front-on shot gives the customer little information about the item whereas shooting from an angle allows to better understand the size and dimensions.

5. Make Several Photos

several photos with furniture

With a variety of shots, the customer forms a better idea about the item. Since they are unable to touch it, the photograph’s accuracy is their only assistant. Multiple furniture pics allow them to virtually walk around the furniture and imagine it within their interior.

6. Don’t Hide Defects

furniture photography defects

If you’re dealing with used furniture, don’t attempt to conceal anything. The best qualities should certainly be brought under the light, but no damage (like scratches etc.) has to be hidden. When photographing antique furniture, make sure that the best features of your product are highlighted first and any worn out or ruined details are fully disclosed.

7. Choose a Lens for Shooting

best lens for furniture photography View Recommended Lens

For shooting furniture, I recommend lenses in the range from 50 to 75mm. This option is able to provide you with photos without significant distortion. Additionally, you can use a 24-70mm zoom lens to zoom in and out in a smaller area.

8. Use a Tripod When Shooting

best tripod for furniture photography View Recommended Tripod

In order for the photos of the furniture to turn out better, I advise you to use a tripod during the photo shoot to avoid trembling and blurry frames. In this case, you will have more options for setting up the camera in case of low light.

9. Photograph Furniture with a Small Aperture

furniture photography tips aperture

Keep your aperture set to f/7.1 to f/9 unless you want a shallow depth of field to highlight a certain subject within the room. In this case, the photos you get are clearer and more detailed. It means that you can convey the texture and features of each type of furniture being shot.

10. Use a Reflector

furniture photography lighting View Recommended Reflector

In any genre, shooting by a window has a drawback in the form of dark shadows on the side opposite to it. One of the best furniture photography tips is to use a fill light or a reflector to soften harsh shadows and ensure even illumination.

Keep your reflector opposite the window and play with the angle and altitude if you need to make sure the highlight falls where the item needs it the most.

11. Check Your Competition

Think of a way how to photograph furniture even better to offbeat any rivals and make the item more appealing in comparison with others. It is also a great way to set the right price which is a little bit lower than your competitors set.

12. Outsource Photo Editing

furniture photography editing Order Product Photo Retouching $1 per photo

If you do not own Photoshop at the proper level or simply do not have enough time for image post-processing because of the large flow of orders, I advise you to entrust this process to professionals in furniture photography retouching.

You may order background enhancement, replacing, making color correction, adding natural shadows, etc.

13. Remove Background

product photography background Order Background Removal $1 per photo

Clear the background of your shots to make them look more professional on Amazon. Removing product photography background is an efficient way to ensure easy integration across sales channels, faster page loading speed and more attention from potential buyers.

14. Fix White Balance

furniture photography editing tips

Don't allow a weird tint on your images to scare customers away. Sometimes cameras mess the white balance, so keep an eye on that and adjust it manually if needed.

Correcting white balance will help your furniture photos look natural and realistic without the need for image post-production adjustments.

15. Use Presets for Photo Editing

lightroom preset for furniture photographylightroom preset for furniture photography
Download Professional Lightroom Presets

To improve the color, contrast and white balance of your furniture photography, I advise you to use special Lightroom presets, which almost instantly improve the white balance and shadows to make photos more appealing to buyers.

5 Freebies for Editing Furniture Photography

In order to improve the quality of your photos, I have prepared several free presets for editing furniture photos, which will significantly improve their colors.

1. Free Lr Preset “Clean White”

If you apply this preset after working in a photography studio furniture will benefit from an even clearer and whiter background.

2. Free Lr Preset “Colorful”

The given preset will make the colors in your photos more vivid and rich. Additionally, the pictures will become clearer and cleaner.

3. Free Lr Preset “Clarity”

If you apply this free preset, your photo of furniture will have more brightness and gloss. This preset also improves the white background.

4. Free Lr Preset “Matte”

In order to take a photo for an online store, it is better to use this free preset. This effect will add some roughness, which will be accompanied by a greater saturation of colors.

5. Free Lr Preset “Contrast”

To increase the contrast and clarity of your furniture photography, as well as improve color correction, use this free preset for Lightroom.

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