25 DIY Photo Display Ideas to Try in 2023

25 DIY Photo Display Ideas to Try in 2023

Are you looking for creative DIY photo display ideas to decorate your home? I have collected several amazing ideas, so everyone can choose something suitable. Some of the tricks are very simple, some are very creative and non-standard, but you will certainly find the one that fits into your design.

Top 25 DIY Photo Display Ideas

Even in the era of smartphones and laptops, when thousands of shots can be stored on our devices, we love to decorate walls with photos. While simple frames are still a great option, there are many other ways to display your photos and turn them into cool decor elements.

1. Favorite Song

favorite song photo display

Almost every person listens to music on Spotify. Moreover, many couples have “their own song” - a track that they associate with shared memories. You can put the title of this track and your photo instead of the track's cover on a glass frame. You can do this yourself by printing on film, but it would be better to order it in a specialized service.

2. Light Up Your Photos

light up your photo display

Using such a collage, you can noticeably refresh the atmosphere of your room. The garlands emit soft light that will give photographs an unusual look and turn them into a real art object.

3. Binder Clips

binder clips photo display

Photographers often use binder clips. Their main advantage of this hanging photo display is the ability to change pictures as often as you want. This doesn’t pose any problems, since you don’t need to rearrange the frames or peel off the photo from the wall.

You can use binder clips as in the sample by nailing them to the wall or fixing them on a magnetic board (if the clips are metal). You can nail two studs at different ends of the wall, pull a string between them, and attach the photographs with binder clips. You can also hang several ropes at different levels to decorate the entire wall.

4. Polaroid Coasters

polaroid coasters photo display

It's a great way to combine beautiful images with useful things. Pick your coolest photos and send them to a photo printing service. Most of them have a cup coaster printing service.

If they can't print pictures on coasters in the shape of a polaroid card, then you can simply add a border using photo borders software.

5. Ladder

ladder photo display

If your house has a free space near the wall and you want to fill it with your pictures, then a multi-level photo frame in the form of a ladder is one of those cool photo display ideas that can suit you. Buy a stylish ladder that perfectly matches your decor, or take an old one you have at home.

You can tie a rope to each crossbar and attach a framed photo to them. Alternatively, you can drill holes in the crossbars and thread the ropes through them.

6. Trinket

trinket photo display

I'm sure many of you have photos of your nearest and dearest in your wallet. However, there is another way to carry such images with you. It’s a trinket.

You can print pictures on paper and laminate them in several layers. You can also print them on a piece of wood to turn them into a DIY photo display. Some companies provide trinket printing services.

7. Bung

bung photo display

It is one of the greatest photo display ideas for parties, weddings, and celebrations. You need to take several small pieces of wood and make a small cut on one of their sides. Then you should grind the other side off a little, or, if you have time, attach a few small legs for support.

You can insert self-printed pictures into them or put frames next to the iPhone printer so that guests can print images themselves and place them in the stands.

8. Box Wall

box wall photo display

This is an unusual method of how to make a photo wall in your room. This format isn’t suitable for a living room, but it is a good idea for a garage or creative corner. Take several boxes, attach your pictures to them and build a wall. You can take square boxes and place one photo on each side, and then change photos by turning the box.

9. Thematic Words

thematic words photo display

It is an interesting idea for pictures in one theme. Take a photo of, for example, your child, print or buy an inscription that is associated with him/her. It even can be his/her name. Attach it to the wall. It is advisable to fix the inscription using nails, as the whole structure can ruin under the weight of the photographs.

The same as in the 2nd method, you can hang the pictures on a rope and secure them with binder clips. It can be one of the cutest photo display ideas for birthday party or other celebrations.

10. Shapes

shapes photo display

This is a very simple and cute way to decorate your room with pictures in a unique way. First, you need several meters of a beautiful rope (don’t use ordinary threads), cut out, or buy several nice cardboard figures and tie it all together with your photos.

11. Old Book

old book photo display

This is a great way to give a second life to your old books and one of the cheap picture frame alternatives. Surely you have books that you read a long time ago. They are already in poor condition and you won’t use them for their intended purpose. You should take a razor and carefully cut the cover to a size slightly smaller than the photo format.

If you don't like the color of the book, paint it! Stick a photo on the first page of the book and close it.

12. Party Balloon

party balloon photo display

Almost every party should have helium balloons as they create a festive atmosphere. After the party, you can use them for entertainment. Another cool idea is to attach images to balloons.

You can glue photographs to the ends of the ropes that hold the balls. A corner filled with balloons will be a great decoration for your home. But be careful and don’t put them all over the house not to restrict movements.

13. Lightbox

lightbox photo display

You can use your favorite photo as a night light lamp embellished with a light photo frame. These frames are very cheap and look amazingly beautiful. You can change the pictures inside them as in a regular frame. Besides, you can also disconnect the cable and don’t use the backlight if you temporarily don’t need it.

If you have more time and you know how to make a photo board with cardboard, you can do it yourself. You need to make a similar frame out of a board, use a few nails and LED tape.

14. Macrame

macrame photo display

Macrame is one of the coolest accessories in a boho style you can place on your wall. You can decorate the room using it as a base for your images. Print your pictures and secure them with pins.

By the way, if you plan to hang your pictures in front of the window, then you need to choose a very high-quality photo paper for printing. It allows you to prevent fading issues.

15. Metal Net

metal net photo display

Although a metal net was originally intended for a garden, it perfectly complements modern interior design and can be used in many photo display ideas for walls. Placing it above the workplace is a great idea.

You simply attach a metal net over the table with hooks and it becomes your creative board. You can leave notes there, attach your favorite pictures, decorate with a garland, etc.

16. Velvet Ribbons

velvet ribbons photo display

This is not your usual but a very stylish way to decorate the wall with your pictures. To create this DIY picture display, you need to get hot glue or a skein of thread with a needle. To make it look even more stylish, you should buy D-rings or in the form of a triangle.

Attach them to the ends of the tape. The top ring is for hanging the ribbon and the bottom is for making it heavier, but you can replace the bottom ring with some kind of decoration. Then simply stick your photos to the tape with paper clips.

17. The Calendar

the calendar photo display

A calendar made from your photos is a timeless classic for photo displays. If you have beautiful pictures in high resolution, you can make a calendar in A4 or even A3 format. However, a small calendar looks amazing as well.

If you don’t want to spend money ordering such services, you can create it yourself using calendar making software.

18. Photo Ledge

photo ledge display

If you plan to fill the entire wall with various framed photographs, but don't want to punch dozens of holes, putting them on the shelf can be one of the best photo wall ideas. For a standard shelf, you need only 3 holes for fasteners and you can put a lot of images on it!

You can often change photos, rearrange them, decorate shelves with knick-knacks and flowers.

19. Hanger

hanger photo display

I think this is one of the coolest DIY photo display ideas for a fashion studio, atelier, and similar agencies that specialize in fashion and clothing. If you are engaged in these fields, feel free to copy this style. All you need is a few holes in the wall, pants hangers with clips and your photos.

20. Branches

branches photo display

Nowadays natural materials for decorating our homes are back in fashion, so you can use almost any beautiful natural element to create unique wall decoration ideas with photos. Take a dry branch that you like. Be careful! Look for branches in dry places, so you will be less likely to come across dangerous creatures inside.

Now you need to prepare it:

  • Wash it thoroughly.
  • Polish the branch with sandpaper to make it smooth and even.
  • Then dry it in the fresh air, preferably under the sun.

You can varnish the branch or paint it if you like.

21. Duct Tape

duct tape photo display

This is a classic way of how to stick photos on wall without damaging. Use duct tape as it doesn’t leave marks on walls. I used to attach photographs to the wall in this way when I was a student and lived in a dormitory.

22. Fishing Net

fishing net photo display

This creative DIY photo display is only suitable if you have a marine-themed room. Otherwise, it will look ridiculous. All you need to do is buy a small fishing net. Mind you shouldn’t take the green one. It is convenient to attach photos to such a net with clothespins. You can also add various shells and similar decorations in a marine style.

23. Magnets

magnets photo display

If you like to put magnets on the fridge, you can add your photos to them. Almost all printing services now provide this option. So, you just need to make pictures smaller and send them to print.

24. Clipboards

clipboards photo display

If you want to creatively decorate your office or workplace, then you can use clipboards with attached photos. This is one of the simplest and the most effective DIY photo display ideas.

25. Floating Photo Frame

floating photo frame

This is an interesting option for a photo frame where the image seems to float in the air. You place a photo in a compartment between two transparent glasses. After closing, it gives the impression that it simply levitates.