12 Best Software for Photo Borders in 2023

By Eva Williams 23 days ago, Software Reviews

Software for photo borders is helpful when you need to improve your photo by adding a creative or basic black frame. There are thousands of beautiful frames available that will help you understand how a photo will look on the wall or just post in on social networks.

These programs can be used by digital content creators, photographers, scrapbookers and all the people who enjoy framing their family photos.

Top 12 Best Software for Photo Borders

  1. Canva - Easy-to-navigate UI
  2. BeFunky - A well-thought interface
  3. ShakeItPhoto - A great choice for beginners
  4. InFrame - Intuitive UI with handy tools
  5. Afterlight - Highly useful filters
  6. Photo Frames Unlimited - A wide array of frames
  7. PhotoShine - Basic image editing tools
  8. Photo Frame Studio - A great choice for scrapbooking
  9. IrfanView - Quick batch processing
  10. Pizap - Free online software
  11. Adobe Photoshop - Advanced photo editing
  12. Photo Frame - Unique photo frames

Besides mobile apps, there are also useful online services and other desktop software for photo borders that can be installed on your PC. You can quickly enhance your pictures and make them more unique by using Android or iOS apps. They are perfectly suitable for creating collages or adding beautiful frames to your photos.

1. Canva

Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Extremely simple to understand
  • A great choice of features
  • Allows making your pics unique
  • Doesn’t offer many images to choose from

Verdict: Canva is a perfect option for enhancing your pictures in different ways. It comes with beautifully designed frames and borders. With the help of the available tools, you can create eye-catching Instagram collages, Polaroid-like pictures, or images enhanced by color-blocking effects.

While you can easily add frames to photos for free to make your images stand out, Canva also comes with a special set of frames that are available only for premium users. Beware that if you want to apply the Polaroid frame effect, you can’t download the final result as a PNG file unless you have purchased a licensed version.

canva software for photo borders interface

2. BeFunky

A well-thought interface
  • No need to sign up
  • A nice set of options
  • You can control your pictures
  • Distracting ads
  • Limited free features

Verdict: BeFunky’s Photo Editor is useful if you need to add an amazing frame with little to no effort. There is no need to create an account to use this service.

While a choice of free frames is not impressive, you can subscribe by paying around $5 per month to get full access to all the categories.

Once you have opened this photos frames software, click on the Photo Editor menu. Then, you will be able to import your picture and add any frame that you like. This software has a decent choice of genres, for instance, you can opt for adding ArtDeco, Rustic, or Lace frames. By selecting the Instant option, you can quickly add a Polaroid frame to your photo.

befunky software for photo borders interface

3. ShakeItPhoto

A great choice for beginners
  • UI is easy to understand
  • Great for iPhone users
  • Doesn’t have a lot of tools

Verdict: ShakeItPhoto is a useful iOS application that has been designed for one specific task. It allows adding a Polaroid photo frame while simultaneously applying vintage effects.

If you don’t have too much time and need to find an effective option for photo enhancement, make sure to download this easy-to-use iOS app. One of its key advantages is that you can take a picture within the app or add it from your gallery.

shakeitphoto software for photo borders interface

4. InFrame

Intuitive UI with handy tools
  • An impressive selection of frames
  • Stunning filters
  • Allows saving high-resolution images
  • Not found
inframe logo

Verdict: InFrame is a useful app for creating collages. Besides adding well-designed frames, you can use it for other image editing tasks.

The developers of this photo frame software have made sure to add finely designed frames, stunning textures, and useful filters. When you decide which image you want to edit, you will see an impressive set of filters to choose from.

After applying one of them, you can also use other tools to adjust colors or to apply different effects and stickers.

inframe software for photo borders interface

5. Afterlight

Highly useful filters
  • It’s possible to adjust exposure
  • A result can be shared with other people
  • Disappointing effects
  • Doesn’t allow adding text
afterlight logo

Verdict: Afterlight is a photo border app that can be used for adding or editing the borders of your images. Moreover, this tool has other handy effects that can be used for further photo enhancement. Those, who have been engaged in photo editing for a long time, might have heard of the previous version of the Afterlight app. This version has a better designed interface so it can be used even by beginners.

You will be especially impressed by the choice of borders. Before adding a frame, you can crop a photo by using different shapes, for instance, a heart or star. It’s also possible to make borders blurry and adjust their colors.

The app also has tools that allow achieving a gradient-like effect. What’s more, you can create mirror borders and apply a blur effect to them.

afterlight software for photo borders interface

6. Photo Frames Unlimited

A wide array of frames
  • Easy to master
  • Fantastic frames and templates
  • Not found
photo frames unlimited logo
Photo Frames Unlimited

Verdict: Photo Frames Unlimited is the best software for photo borders if you need to select eye-catching frames for your images. While this program offers a fantastic choice of frames, you won’t be able to use a lot of filters.

However, it’s a great variant for those, who enjoy designing collages. There are templates for any task, from basic to the most advanced ones that come with unique decorating options.

Besides using the available templates, you can design new ones. There are plenty of customization tools that will help you make your project unique. You will be impressed by the great choice of decorative tools.

What’s more, the shapes of your photos can be easily changed if you use a special cropping tool. If you want to use some templates again, make sure to save them by adding them to your Favorites.

photo frames unlimited software for photo borders interface

7. PhotoShine

Basic photo editing tools
  • Effects are easy to apply
  • A lot of templates
  • Distasteful design
  • Some effects are not exquisite enough
photoshine logo

Verdict: PhotoShine is a great option for those, who want to get access to a waste library of templates. There are more than 700 of them in the paid version while the free one offers only 100 templates. To make your task easier, the templates are put into different categories, for example, Frame or Festival, etc. It makes the interface easier to navigate.

The most significant advantage of this app is a stunning selection of effects. There are other tools available as well. Some users might find it difficult to use the interface at first, as the effects are organized by such categories as Baby, Simulation, or Magazine.

When you get used to weird category names, you will enjoy the simplicity of the app. It detects faces with high accuracy which allows it to apply an effect or a photo border frame with high precision. If necessary, you can make some adjustments manually to ensure that your photo will be perfectly edited.

photoshine software for photo borders interface

8. Photo Frame Studio

A great choice for scrapbooking
  • Allows exporting high-resolution images
  • Supports many languages
  • The app can’t be used for free after the trial period
photo frame studio logo
Photo Frame Studio

Verdict: It’s a useful application for those, who want to make their content unique. All the menus are easy to navigate. There are more than 200 frames available. Besides, they can be customized with the help of photo editing tools.

Even beginners will find all the tools easy to master. A user can also use instructions to figure out how to apply certain effects. Some options allow you to add borders for pictures, apply masks, replace a background, edit shadows, and add text.

photo frame studio software for photo borders interface

9. IrfanView

Quick batch processing
  • A wide array of plug-ins
  • Extremely fast
  • More than 100 formats
  • Runs only on Windows
  • Poorly designed UI

Verdict: IrfanView is a well-known photo viewer that deservedly enjoys its popularity. As the developers regularly update this software, it offers amazing image editing tools. You will be impressed by an output image. What’s more, you can edit several pictures at once thanks to the batch processing option.

If you are just trying your hand at photo editing, you can improve your photos by using basic filters but there are advanced plug-ins as well.

The only significant drawback of this photos frame software tool is that you might face some interface bugs. The UI might also seem too confusing for newbies.

irfanview software for photo borders interface

10. Pizap

Free online software
  • Decent speed
  • Pro-level tools
  • No RAW files support

Verdict: Pizap comes with a set of advanced tools for photo enhancement. They can also be used for making collages. While this photo frame app doesn’t require signing up, it is necessary to create an account to save edited photos.

You can add borders in a few clicks by using the Edit a Photo option. There are more than 13 well-organized categories. For instance, you can choose frames for Christmas, Halloween, or birthday. While there are plenty of free options, you need to subscribe to get access to premium tools.

pizap software for photo borders interface

11. Adobe Photoshop

Advanced photo editing software
  • Handy tools
  • Impressive speed
  • Well-organized UI
  • Difficult to master
  • Resource-demanding

Verdict: Photoshop is famous for its professional-level tools. Some options of this best software for photo borders allow adding frames to any image. If you are already using Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop will help you further enhance your photos.

You can either opt for a simple variant by adding a white border or experiment with different patterns and shapes to make your works visually stunning. This software will help you give free rein to your creativity.

adobe photoshop software for photo borders interface

12. Photo Frame

Unique photo frames
  • 25 high-resolution frames
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of system resources
  • No resizing option
  • No cropping tool
photo frame logo
Photo Frame

Verdict: Photo Frame software provides all the necessary options for improving your photos. You can use any of the 25 frames. Developers have included flowery and wooden frames to the list. A user can also choose a Christmas frame to send warm wishes to friends and relatives.

For user convenience, pictures can be displayed in a slideshow. It makes it easier to decide which photo to use. You can adjust the slideshow settings by indicating how and in what order photos are going to be displayed.

photo frame software for photo borders interface