It is a multifunctional free photo editor that creates a comfortable environment for fixing photos or creating collages and designs from scratch and fast. The BeFunky Online Editor is super-helpful for customizing images in a multitude of ways even if you have no experience with Photoshop or Illustrator.

FAQ: BeFunky Online Editor

How can I create selections?
This simple step is often fundamental to many image editing tasks and there are different ways to take it. If you need to work with the entire canvas, the “Select” menu section has an “All” feature. Or you can simply press the Ctrl+A combination for the same result. If you need separation based on the level of transparency, hold your Ctrl key and perform a mouse click on the layer.
Is it possible to perform batch editing?
Yes, there is a convenient feature in this BeFunky Online Editor that can memorize all the adjustments you made as a single action applicable to other documents. You can access them through the Actions panel. Any Action will consist of a set (the one depicted as a folder) that further splits into the actions themselves. The actions are marked with arrows, and the steps they consist of, with a checkmark on the left.
How to create a collage in this editor?
The process is quite easy and can start with either a template or a manual placement of figures. The latter represents the layers where you will place your images. You can perform image editing with Photoshop collage templates or just by applying an effect. To add the images, use the Mask tool that has some additional properties accessible in the sidebar. The Density can be used for setting the opacity of the mask. For blurring the mask, you need to work with the Feather property.
Can I use BeFunky Online Editor for color correction?
Yes, you can make any basic correction with this simple online Photoshop alternative. Altering the tints and saturation of the colors is basically the main step of photo editing. You can work it out between the sections called Adjustments and Filters. If you do not want or do not know how to do it on your own, you can approach color correction services where you will receive professional results at an affordable price.

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