This Online Gimp Editor is a tool designed for beginners and professional users as a free alternative to Photoshop. Use Gimp online to work with RAW files, using layers and third-party Gimp plugins. Edit the skin, remove pimples, redness, red eye defects and perform semi-automatic color grading using this free Gimp Online Editor.

FAQ: Gimp Online

Is Gimp Online Editor the full version of Gimp?
No, this editor is designed for novice users who need to perform quick semi-automatic photo editing and publish photos on social media.
Can I perform professional photo retouching?
You can cover up pimples, remove red eyes, whiten teeth or even change the face shape. But if you are preparing a photo for publication in a popular magazine or printing, I recommend you to outsource photo editing to FixThePhoto.
Can I import my plugins to this Gimp Online Editor?
Yes, this Free Gimp Online alternative supports all the third-party plug-ins that you are used to seeing in Gimp or Photoshop. These include professional Photoshop brushes, Photoshop actions, Photoshop overlays and even Photoshop textures.
Why can't I upload more than one photo?
This Gimp Online Editor doesn’t support batch editing. You can upload photos individually and edit them in different windows, just like in Gimp Desktop Version.

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