You can easily improve your photos with PiZap Online Editor for posting on social networks and create funny collages using uploaded photos. PiZap Online Editor is a free Adobe Photoshop alternative that can be used to edit photos, create collages and more.

FAQ: PiZap Online

What types of photo editing can I use?
You can edit photos in semi-automatic mode. You will see the main set of tools in the panel on the left. You can use them to improve images – brightness adjustment, contrast, correct colors, etc. Using PiZap Online Editor you can also draw by clicking the “Brush”, “Pencil” or “Pen” on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the instruments to perform simple image retouching.
Is PiZap Online a professional editor?
PiZap Online is a simplified version of the image editor for beginners. If you want to get a perfect picture but don't know how to do it on your own, please contact our portrait retouching service to achieve a truly professional result.
How to retouch photos in PiZap Online Editor?
The range of filters is very large. PiZap Photo Editor includes filters to blur, sharpen, pixelate and more. There are also very interesting filters here, for example, those for decorating. To make simple image retouching, click the “Defect Removal” icon. Use the Dodge and Burn tools, photo smoothing feature, and remove skin defects and imperfections with the Healing Brush.
How to crop a photo?
Once a photo has been uploaded, click on "Crop" and select the area you want to crop. You can choose an aspect ratio — square, horizontal or vertical. Use one of the grids offered by the software to do it correctly. To get an interesting effect, you can also click "Dim unselected".
If the provided options are not enough and you plan to perform complex design work, we recommend you download Adobe Photoshop for free on your computer.

PiZap Online Photo Editor – Video Tricks: