Creative Picture Ledge Ideas For Your Home

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Photography Tips

Using picture ledges, you can decorate your rooms in an interesting way. Instead of hanging separate photos on walls, you can take ledges of different lengths and widths, consisting of a single or several pieces, with classic or unusual design, and turn them into a kind of shelf for images.

Top 20 Picture Ledge Ideas

If you want to combine images into a collage or arrange them beautifully in a limited space, you should take advantage of picture ledges. Such items are easy to clean and replace, which makes them extremely popular among people. Besides, they allow displaying more photos than you can with regular frames without drilling dozens of holes in the wall.

1. Wooden Ledge for a Living Room

picture ledge idea for the hall

To make your living room even more inviting, you can buy classic wooden ledges. Such elements are a perfect match for rooms decorated in rustic or a classic minimalistic style. You can diversify the composition by adding a statuette or a photo frame.

2. Minimalistic Corner Composition

picture ledge idea corner composition

If you have looked through multiple photo wall ideas and want something offbeat to beautify your room, try installing a corner ledge. It occupies very little space, while adding interesting décor touches to your room.

3. Ledge for Bathroom

picture ledge idea for bathroom

A bathroom is a great place for experimenting with picture ledge ideas. You can locate shelves over the toilet, put various framed photos there, and fill gaps with tiny items.

4. Create Layers

picture ledge idea layering technique

One of the most popular DIY photo display ideas is to create layers. Arrange ledges one below the other and don’t worry about absolute symmetry. You can put different images, books, art pieces and different knick-knacks on shelves.

5. Unusual Ledges for the Nursery

picture ledge idea for the nursery

While furnishing the nursery room, you can fully rely on your creativity, forgetting about common rules. Purchase shelves of all imaginable sizes and shapes – rainbows, clouds, animals, etc. As for finishing touches, get a basket for toys that matches the general color gamut. As you see, this is one of picture ledge ideas that allow your imagination to run wild.

6. Usable Ledges for Kitchen

picture ledge idea for kitchen

Some people think that mounting picture ledges in the kitchen is a poor idea. In fact, you can achieve a very interesting outcome without hiring an interior designer. In addition to pictures, you can put vases, minimalistic photo frames, and even cookbooks there.

7. Designer Ledge

picture ledge idea with free pattern

Some picture frame shelf ideas are more expensive to bring to life than others, but such expenses are fully justified. If you are OK with spending more, buy designer ledges that stand out with unique shapes, surfaces, and colors. They can become the centerpiece of your room if you opt for something one-of-a-kind or harmoniously blend with the rest of the interior. Besides, if you order designer furniture, you can always suggest some unique modifications, e.g., scorched lines, engraving, and whatnot.

8. Ledges for a Craft Room

picture ledge idea for craft room

Such an environment will definitely benefit if you complement the space with interesting picture ledges. For example, you can choose long ledges imitating a wooden surface and arrange pictures, brushes, and other instruments on them. Besides, you can put your most promising works on such shelves so that they immediately strike the eye when somebody enters your craft room.

9. Scandinavian-style Ledges for a Bedroom

picture ledge idea for a bedroom

Those admiring the Scandinavian style will be glad to embody this photo ledge idea. Don’t limit yourself to shelves of one size, shape, and color. The only thing to remember is that your ledges must be made of wood, while other characteristics don’t play a serious role. When the construction is built, put your favorite photos, books, and even tiny potted flowers on the shelves.

10. Loft-style Ledges

picture ledge idea in a minimalistic style

If you don’t like picture shelf ideas that involve cramming the space with large pieces of furniture, you will surely appreciate the loft-style. According to this aesthetics, you need to buy one-color ledges of moderate or even small dimensions. Such shelves not only add stylish touches to your working environment but are also beneficial from the practical point of view, as you can store your business documents, stationery, and other items there.

11. Mix Art Pieces and Plants

picture ledge idea in conjunction with house plants

If classic wall ledge decoration ideas aren’t for you, why not get medium-sized dark boards and arrange them as steps. Then, you can put various plants, figurines, candles, and photos on them adhering to a particular style. This is a really wonderful technique of giving your rooms fresh touches.

12. Classic Ledge in the Office

picture ledge idea for the workplace

Your working space doesn’t have to be gloomy and uncomfortable Actually, you can get in a proper working mood quicker, if you add some interesting yet not distracting elements to it. For example, you can buy long picture shelves and mount them above your table. Thus, you will not only have special photos with your family and friends but also important books, docs, etc., within easy reach.

13. Catchy Decoration of a Corner Ledge

picture ledge idea in the corner

In case you need a picture ledge for a relatively small room, you’d better opt for a corner option and decorate it with bright pictures, flowers, books, and souvenirs. Thus, your shelf won’t blend with the rest of the interior but become its highlight.

14. Cozy Ledges above the Bed

picture ledge idea romantic corner

This is one of the best picture ledge shelf ideas for a bedroom. This way, you can make your room cozy and welcoming, especially if you put various candles, books, framed images, or even garlands on the shelves.

15. Dark Ledges for a Living Room

picture ledge idea for a living room

More and more people mount picture ledges in their living rooms trying to create an eye-pleasing transition between light walls and dark shelves. You can locate such a ledge above the chest of drawers, thus enlarging the space where you can various personal items.

16. Ledge Along the Entire Wall

picture ledge idea on the whole wall

This is a wonderful photo ledge idea if you have a large wall and want to place many different objects across it. These can be books, photo albums, pictures, vases, etc. Moreover, such a wall-sized ledge allows turning a regular space into a comfortable corner for reading or relaxing. You can visually define several areas, e.g., for playing games, arranging family meetings, and more.

If you have earlier experimented with friend picture ideas, and now have a pack of thematic images, you can use them to decorate a part of the area where you’ll spend time with your mates.

17. Arrange a Corner with White Ledges

picture ledge idea with neat angled projections

Using white picture ledge shelves is a great way to diversify your working space or adding original details to your living area. There are no restrictions concerning the objects to put on the shelves, so locate there anything you want to have at hand.

18. Ledges for Kids’ Playroom

picture ledge idea for kids’ playroom

You’d better choose long picture ledges for this room, as they can not only serve as a decoration but also as storage for books and toys. Besides, opt for colorful models to interest your kids and encourage them to fill empty spaces with drawings and crafts.

19. Ledges over the Tabletop in the Kitchen

picture ledge idea for kitchen

If you are searching for picture ledge ideas for your kitchen, this one is worth trying. You need to hang ledges over the tabletop, so that you can put various spices, jars, bottles, and other kitchen objects there.

20. Budget-friendly Ledge for Bathroom

picture ledge idea for bathroom

This is probably one of the easiest picture frame shelf ideas for the bathroom you can try. Just prepare several wooden bars and attach them the way you like to the wall. Such bars are quick to clean and relocated.