35 Brother and Sister Photoshoot Ideas for Inspiration

Whether you are a professional family photographer or have just bought a camera, using these brother and sister photoshoot ideas, you can make a great kids’ album with creative photos. Experimenting with such concepts, you can take pictures with a special mood and feel.

Top 35 Brother and Sister Photoshoot Ideas to Repeat

I’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for you to capture special relationships between a brother and sister. I will also share some tips on how to organize a complex photoshoot that requires additional preparation and take fantastic photos that will please your clients.

1. Hold Each Other's Hands

hold each others hands brother and sister photo idea

Ask a brother and a sister to hold hands while you are taking images. This is one of the sweetest brother sister poses you can try. Kids can laugh, look at each other or in different directions with their hands being connected. Don’t restrict their movements but encourage them to behave the way they want. This pose is ideal for demonstrating how close a brother and a sister can be.

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2. Have Fun with Your Family

have fun with your family brother and sister photo idea

A sincere smile can make any photo better. Brothers and sisters can jump, run or play games – just make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and joyous so that you can capture smiles. While bringing this idea to life, you can also encourage parents to join their children to get a very special and emotional photo. Frankly speaking, this is one of the best family ideas for a photo session and the finished photos can become the highlight of any album or collage.

3. Take Portrait on the Grass

take portrait on the grass brother and sister photo idea

If you are looking for brother and sister photo ideas that don’t require using multiple props, this one can work just perfectly. Children will definitely like lying on the grass in summer or in the pile of golden leaves in autumn, and you will have lots of special moments to capture.

They can look both at the camera and at each other, laugh, smile, etc. Besides, they can hug each other, fool around, and totally enjoy the day. You will surely get beautiful and funny pictures.

4. Reading Together

reading together brother and sister photo idea

Paying attention to a little brother or sister is always a good way to express love. An older kid can embrace his/her younger brother/sister, read a fairy tale aloud, or show pictures of animals in a children's book.

When taking photos, highlight tender movements and the thrill of interaction. Such images are bound to look sweet and touching. If the second baby has just appeared in your family, there are lots of newborn photo ideas you can realize.

5. Hugging from Behind

hugging from behind brother and sister photo idea

Hugging an older brother/sister from behind is a great way to show love and trust. Such a photo will be filled with tenderness. You should take such images outdoors to incorporate picturesque backgrounds into the frame.

6. Playing with Leaves

playing with leaves brother and sister photo idea

Golden autumn (October) is a great time to bring to life creative children photos ideas. The main element of such a photo session is leaves of all colors and shades. Children can throw them up in the air and trace how leaves are floating to the ground. Such pictures look realistic and eye-pleasing.

7. Cuddle while Sitting on the Ground

cuddle while sitting on the ground brother and sister photo idea

This is one of the simplest brother and sister picture ideas you can bring to life. Let a younger kid sit on the ground, while his/her sibling is hugging him/her from behind. They can interact by talking about something, smiling, laughing, etc. Encourage them to show genuine emotions as they are the essence of a successful shot.

8. In the Comfort of Home

in the comfort of home brother and sister photo idea

Take a photo in a comfortable house when kids and parents are sitting on the couch to show their connection. Parents can sit behind, hugging children and showing them something in a book or tablet. Such photos are bound to bring smiles and tears of happiness to your face every time you look them through.

9. Growth Pyramid

growth pyramid brother and sister photo idea

If you want to diversify the album with interesting and offbeat shots, you should try the “growth pyramid” or the "train" pose. Family members should stand behind each other or lie on top of each other, thus forming a train. Though such brother and sister photoshoot ideas don’t require much preparation, they always bring terrific results.

10. In the Autumn

in the autumn brother and sister photo idea

Undoubtedly, golden autumn is one of the best periods for a photoshoot, especially if it is arranged in the forest. When taking images such a location, children can hug or an older brother can take his sister in his arms, smiling and having fun. Remember to incorporate leaves into the frame – kids can throw them up in the air or just pose against a beautiful background.

11. Halloween-Themed Photo Session

halloween-themed photo session brother and sister photo idea

Halloween is a great time for a family photo session. Decorate a backyard with thematic props and accessories. Siblings can sit at the table, carve pumpkins, eat ghost cookies, and just have fun. Such pictures turn out to be especially cute and bright, and most importantly, creative. You can examine 50 Halloween photography ideas to choose something suitable for your family.

12. Show Love by Dancing

show love by dancing brother and sister photo idea

What can be more heart-warming than a photo of an older brother dancing with his younger sister? It doesn’t mean kids have to be skilled dancers; let them enjoy themselves, swirl around, and make dance moves they’ve seen on TV or somewhere else. Moreover, little models can put on thematic attire for more interesting results.

13. Tender Hugs

tender hugs brother and sister photo idea

If you need brother and sister picture ideas that can depict invisible bonds between 2 close people, this one is worth trying. Such a pose when kids are hugging results in very sweet photos. You can locate an older child a bit behind and ask them both to look straight into the camera.

14. Have Rest in a Tent

have rest in a tent brother and sister photo idea

A snapshot taken in a children's cozy hut or tent is always filled with the atmosphere of childhood, comfort and tranquility. In the hut, children can play, have fun, or hug each other. This picture will become the centerpiece of an album.

15. Use Soap Bubbles

use soap bubbles brother and sister photo idea

You can use soap bubbles to add bright and colorful touches to your photos. Children really like playing with bubbles, so you are sure to take very funny and emotional images. Brother and sister can blow bubbles, jump and burst them. There are no definite brother sister poses for such a shooting scenario, so don’t be afraid to go with your gut. The main thing is to capture candid emotions.

16. Incorporate Balloons to Add Lightness

incorporate balloons to add lightness brother and sister photo idea

Giving your photos extra lightness and adding colorful accents is very simple by using balloons. You can place a younger child in a knitted basket and strap a bundle of balloons at the back. The older child, in turn, can kiss or hug his/her sibling. Such a photo will leave nobody indifferent.

If your photo session is related to the kid’s first birthday, study these first birthday photo shoot ideas in detail.

17. Funny Signs with Inscriptions

funny signs with inscriptions brother and sister photo idea

Those looking for funny brother and sister photoshoot ideas should definitely try this one. Prepare 2 signs with humorous inscriptions. This can be something like “Brother for sale” and “Just one dollar”. Ask kids to hold these signs while you are taking photos. Of course, you can write anything you have in mind, just make sure it is funny.

18. With Parents

with parents brother and sister photo idea

Photographing children with their parents is always a great idea. Encourage all family members to interact in a usual manner to get realistic photos without staged poses. For example, parents can embrace kids, throw them up in the air, hold them in their hands, run after children, etc. You ate sure to get many emotional shots.

19. Kissing Younger Brother/Sister

kissing younger brother/sister brother and sister photo idea

What can be sweeter than kissing a younger brother’s/sister’s forehead or crown? For instance, an older brother can gently hug his sister from the side and kiss gently on the back of the head or forehead. Such a picture will be filled with tenderness and love.

20. Water Plays

water plays brother and sister photo idea

If you are shooting in summer when it is very hot outdoors, don’t miss a chance to take some photos in the water. Brother and sister can splash each other or a parent, play around, and laugh. Children can also hug their parents and pose for a while in the water.

21. Eating Ice Cream or Other Delicious Food

eating ice cream or other delicious food brother and sister photo idea

Almost all children like eating ice cream and you can capture this process. Chances are high, you will see smeared faces and clothes, but this makes the shooting even more exciting. The surroundings don’t really matter, as the main accent is on kids and how they savor their treat.

22. In the Open Field

in the open field brother and sister photo idea

If a photoshoot in the woods or in your backyard isn’t for you, try taking images in the field. Children can bring their favorite toys and you’ll take care of additional props. Kids can hug in front of the camera or an older brother can run after his sister.

23. With the Back to the Camera

with the back to the camera brother and sister photo idea

This is one of the timeless brother and sister picture ideas. Turning kids away from the camera is a great way to diversify standard poses. For this shot, siblings can sit on the ground and hug each other or run away from the camera. You can complement the picture with small accessories in the form of a bow in girl’s hair.

24. Play Cozy Games

play cozy games brother and sister photo idea

Let children enjoy their childhood even during a photo session. Build a hut and equip it comfortably. Brother and sister can fool around, jump, somersault, play fights with pots on their heads, etc. As a result, you will get unusual and funny pictures.

25. Use a Cart

use a cart brother and sister photo idea

A cart is a great prop for brother & sister photo sessions. Sitting on it, children can hold each other's hands or hug, looking directly into the camera. Also, an older child can carry the younger one on the cart, while both of them are smiling.

26. Go for a Run with your Sister or Brother

running brother and sister photo idea

If your kids are very active and you need brother and sister photo ideas that match their temper, choose this one. Children can run together or one after another. If you have a dog, don’t hesitate to involve it in the shooting process. Brother and sister can run from a little furry friend and play with it. Also, children can hug hit in their arms. Such a cute photo with a pet is likely to add dynamics to your photo album.

27. First Hugs with a Newborn

first hugs with a newborn brother and sister photo idea

The emergence of a new family member is undoubtedly a joyful event. So, make sure to document the moment your older kids see a newborn and hold him/her. Older children can hug the baby or kiss his/her forehead. Such a winsome photo will bring many happy memories.

28. With Heads Touching

with heads touching brother and sister photo idea

Place kids close to each other so that their heads are gently touching. Encourage them to hug each other to show love and tenderness. They can either face the camera or each other – both variants work just fine.

29. Use a Ladder

use a ladder brother and sister photo idea

Autumn is a great season to take photos, especially if you manage to capture the rays of a setting sun that beautifully illuminates the surrounding riot of colors. Locate a ladder in your year or garden and ask your children to stay on each side. They can look directly into the camera or talk to each other.

30. Walk in the Autumn Forest

walk in the autumn forest brother and sister photo idea

There are lots of brother and sister photo ideas that you can bring to life in autumn. Choose a warm and sunny day, spread a blanket on the ground and ask children to sit on it. You can cover the blanket with golden leaves a bit or ask kids to scatter them. You can also capture the moment of collecting golden leaves, showing the awe and tenderness of children.

31. While Slipping

while slipping brother and sister photo idea

Sleeping babies look very cute, so try to catch the moment when babies fall asleep, or ask them to pretend they are sleeping. An older sister can hug and a baby, showing how much, she loves the younger one.

32. Interest Kids with Something

interest kids with something brother and sister photo idea

Prepare a small tripod and cheap camera before the shooting. For example, an older brother can “become” a photographer and pretend to photograph a younger sister. So, you make the atmosphere relaxed and get cute and funny shots with children doing something.

33. Kiss on Cheek

kiss on cheek brother and sister photo idea

This is a win-win brother sister pose that looks very natural and sweet. A brother can hug his sister and gently kiss her on the cheek while looking straight into the camera. This simple gesture will show tenderness and love between children.

34. Use an Umbrella

use an umbrella brother and sister photo idea

If you photograph in the late autumn, which is typically rainy, you need to bring an umbrella to the shooting spot. Brother and sister can sit in a clearing in the forest under an umbrella and read books, look at pictures, etc. In such a beautiful location, you can take bright and atmospheric pictures.

35. Having Fun at Home

having fun at home brother and sister photo idea

Photograph kids in a relaxed home setting. Let children have a pillow fight, jump on the bed, play with each other, showing sincere emotions and smiles.

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