20 Touching Mother of the Bride Photo Ideas to Try

Wedding photographers usually have thousands of ideas for newlywed photos but a wedding is an event that includes other important participants who are often neglected during the photoshoot – the bride’s parents and particularly her mother is incredibly emotionally invested in the daughter’s wedding.

If you’re a photographer at a wedding, you need to dedicate enough of your attention to the mother, ensuring you’ve studied different mother of the bride photo ideas beforehand to take emotional, creative shots.

Top 20 Mother of the Bride Photo Ideas

This post goes over mother of the bride photo ideas that will help you come up with poses, props, and angles for your shots. It also offers tips on how to ensure all your wedding portraits look as natural as possible.

1. Mother’s Portrait while Hugging the Bride

mother of the bride photo ideas portrait while hugging

Begin with portrait photography and ask the bride’s mother to hug her while you take photos of her face. Such shots are used by most wedding photographers and for good reason. You can capture the sincere emotions and smile of the mother who is giving away her daughter. Moreover, unlike some other mother daughter wedding photo ideas, this one doesn’t require excessive posing or extra wedding photography props.

2. Holding Hands

mother of the bride photo ideas holding hand

Don’t be afraid to rely on hand posing when taking pictures of the bride and her mom. It would be fitting if they both held hands, grabbed each other by the elbow, touched the wedding ring, etc. If the arms have some accessories or tattoos, try to emphasize them during the retouching stage while using all possible diamond photography tips.

3. Full-Length Portrait

mother of the bride photo ideas full height

Think of multiple variations of the standard “bride and her mother” full-length portraits. Pay attention to how the model’s attire looks and make sure the dresses aren’t wrinkled, twisted, or look unflattering.

As for the background, you can either use a monotone wall or take some outdoor portrait photographs. Ask the models to adopt relaxed poses to ensure they look as natural and comfortable as possible. Such a photo can be further enhanced with wedding props like the bouquet in the hands of the bride or any other fitting item (hat, purse, handkerchief, etc.) held by the mother.

4. Close Up Portrait

mother of the bride photo ideas close up portrait

When it comes to wedding photoshoots, portraiture is the most common genre of photography you’re going to use, hence why the photos you take should be as varied as possible. Feel free to experiment with different camera placements, angles, backdrops, wedding photography styles, and props.

Take several close-up portrait shots. Ask the bride’s mother to hug her daughter or lean against her cheek. Focus all photos on the model’s faces while the rest of the scene can be slightly blurred when you’re photoshopping portraits during editing.

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You’ll receive stunning professionally-retouched wedding photos that can be either printed or posted online.

5. Face to Face Portrait

mother of the bride photo ideas face to face

To add variety to the family portrait poses you’re using for the bride and her mother, you can take some photos of them standing face-to-face. They can touch each other’s foreheads and close their eyes – such a pose will look more natural while the shot will be much more touching.

When processing the images, you can emphasize the mother’s figure by performing more meticulous hair retouching or highlighting the texture of her attire. When doing so, you can also slightly blur the bride’s dress to help the viewer understand who they should be focused on.

6. Bride’s Mother Admires Her Daughter

mother of the bride photo ideas looking at bride

When taking mother of the bride photos, try not to miss the moment when she’s admiring her daughter’s beauty. Let the models stand across each other so that you can place the camera at an angle that will properly show the mother’s face while hiding the bride behind the veil.

mother of the bride photo ideas looking at bride while preparing

You can also take a similar photo when the bride is preparing for the wedding. Ask the mother to stand in front of her daughter and hold her hands while one of the bridesmaids helps the bride with her corset or another task.

7. Mother Kisses the Bride

mother of the bride photo ideas kissing on cheek

No wedding photoshoot is complete without adorable kissing photos and that includes the bride and her mother. A classic couple photo idea is to have the mother kiss her daughter’s cheek or the other way around.

mother of the bride photo ideas kissing on forehead

Photos of the mother tenderly kissing the bride on her forehead are always very emotional. Such a kiss is tightly associated with how a mother treats her child and is perfectly suited for real life mother of the bride photos.

8. Family with the Bride’s Father

mother of the bride photo ideas bride’s parents

Other than taking photos of the bride with her mother, don’t forget to invite the father for a couple of shots as well. Those can be either standard portrait photography poses, full-length or waist-up photos. Since fathers are often more emotionally restrained, it’s better to avoid trying out different creative photography ideas when taking such family portraits.

9. Mom Gives Her Blessing

mother of the bride photo ideas portrait while hugging

For many couples that are starting a family, it’s incredibly important to receive a blessing from their parents. If you’re a photographer at such a wedding, be sure to capture that moment in a photo. Such scenes usually look very touching and emotional so your clients will definitely be grateful for preserving this memory. During editing, you can make these photos black-and-white to allow the viewer to focus on the moment itself rather than the vibrant colors or distracting details.

10. Spending Time Before the Ceremony

mother of the bride photo ideas before ceremony

If you’re a fan of real-life shots and sincere emotions, take photos of the bride and her mother when they’re spending time together before the wedding ceremony. This is when you can capture all kinds of emotions from touching tears to pure joy. To ensure the photo looks emotional and nothing is distracting the viewer from the subject, blur out the background to hide the random items and wedding props that are scattered around the room.

11. Capture Moments

mother of the bride photo ideas moments

Try to take as many mother of the bride photos at wedding locations as possible, as then you’ll have a better chance of capturing the perfect emotion or touching moment. In this situation, black and white photography retouching can do wonders for highlighting the emotions of the bride’s mother and her range of emotions.

12. Mom Helping the Bride Prepare

mother of the bride photo ideas close up portrait

Take a couple of group photos when the bride is preparing for the wedding with her mother and bridesmaids. Such photos are always full of life and don’t require any posing. Ask the mother to help her daughter with the corset, adjust the veil, or put on the dress. Such shots also look great in monochrome or grayscale photography, as it’s perfect for highlighting the emotions shown by the models.

mother of the bride photo ideas make up

To add variety to the preparation shots and female poses, ask the mother of the bride to apply some makeup to her daughter. Place the camera in a way that allows you to focus on the mother’s hands that are holding a makeup brush or other cosmetic item and the bride’s face. Even though the mother’s back will be turned to the camera, the scene itself will help the viewer understand that it’s her who is doing the makeup and not a professional artist.

mother of the bride photo ideas shoes

Another interesting wedding preparation photo idea is taking a picture of the mother helping her daughter put on the shoes. Browse through common model poses and pick a suitable one to have the bride and her mother sit in a way that their bodies and legs look as appealing as possible.

13. Dance with the Bride

mother of the bride photo ideas slow dancing

Any list of mother of the bride photo ideas won’t be complete without some dance photography. Many families uphold the tradition of having the bride dance with her mother. Usually, it’s a slow dance, meaning you’ll have ample opportunity to take some touching photos.

mother of the bride photo ideas dancing

Once the official part of the wedding has passed, it’s time to take some wedding party pictures that show how the bride is having fun with her mother. When preparing for such shots, make sure the room has enough light and set appropriate parameters on your lighting and other wedding photography gear.

14. Mom Walks the Bride to the Aisle

mother of the bride photo ideas going to ceremony

Typically, it’s the bride’s father who walks her to the aisle, but if that’s not possible, her mother can perform the same role. If that happens, be sure to capture this solemn moment. If other guests happen to be in the shot, the photo will look even more festive as you’ll be able to capture their reaction to this uncommon occurrence.

15. Close-Up Shots of the Hands

mother of the bride photo ideas close up hands

Take a close-up photo of the bride and her mother holding hands. There are tons of possible hand posing options you can try: intertwined fingers, the mom holding her daughters’ hand while covering it from both sides, the bride’s hand on her mother’s arm that shows the wedding ring, and much more. The key here is to ensure that all hands are relaxed and the poses look and feel natural.

16. Photo in a Mirror

mother of the bride photo ideas reflection

If you have such an opportunity, take some mother of the bride pictures using a mirror. After all, reflection photography is always eye-catching and creative. There are many ways you can go about such shots. For instance, the bride might be reflected in the mirror while her mother stands near it and admires her daughter.

17. Tears of Joy

mother of the bride photo ideas tears

A daughter’s wedding will rarely go by without her mother shedding tears of joy. Don’t miss such moments, as they are perfect if you want to receive touching, emotional photos. These photos can look particularly beautiful after black-and-white post processing.

I recommend going easy on the facial retouching and avoiding the mistake of removing all wrinkles and skin flaws you can see in the shot. Let these photos look as natural as possible since your goal here is to show the sincere, pure emotions displayed by the bride and her mother. That said, feel free to enhance the texture of the attire worn by both models to make it more pronounced.

mother of the bride photo ideas tears of happiness

You can make a photo even more emotional by asking the bride to sit on her mother’s lap. The combination of a wedding dress and the bride sitting like a little girl will make her mother even more sentimental. You can also consider adding a prop to the photo like a handkerchief that the mother can use for either wiping away her own tears or those of her daughter.

18. Get Creative

mother of the bride photo ideas morning gown

Why not take some photos of the mother getting ready for her daughter’s wedding herself? You can further enhance them with themed props like a “Mother of the Bride” robe. Take a photo from behind while the mother of the bride is doing her makeup, adjusts her hair, or drinks a glass of champagne.

19. Create a Collage

mother of the bride photo ideas collage

When devising a plan for how the wedding photoshoot will go, think about what kind of pictures you can take to make a collage. Take multiple diverse shots of the bride and her mother when they’re talking, hugging, or receiving congratulations. Later, use your preferred photo collage maker to combine those shots into a single image.

Show off your creativity when by implementing various photo collage ideas. For instance, you can apply different image editing techniques to each photo. As an option, one of the photos can be black-and-white while the rest can keep their colors or be enhanced with a stylish filter.

20. Viewing Childhood Photos

mother of the bride photo ideas photo album

If you’d like to go beyond the standard wedding photography props, consider asking the bride and her mother to look through her childhood photos. You’ll receive a creative, unconventional shot that you’ll rarely see in a wedding photoshoot. Moreover, such moments are always touching and allow you to capture the raw emotions displayed by the conversing mother and bride.

Bonus Tools

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