15 Grinch Photoshoot Ideas To Try This Winter

Grinch is a character in the children's book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” written by Dr. Seuss and published in 1957. The green monster hates this holiday, steals other people's gifts, and tries his best to spoil everyone's mood. Despite the harmful nature, Grinch immediately became a favorite of the public and a symbol of Christmas in many countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that he'll be a part of your upcoming photoshoot.

Top 15 Grinch Photo Ideas for Funny Photos

To bringing Grinch photoshoot ideas to life, you need to purchase a Grinch costume. Besides, you should make sure that the attire is made of high-quality furry material and is suable for wearing in cold weather. Some photoshoots will take place outside, so the comfort of a model is the highest priority.

1. Reading a Book

grinch photoshoot idea

My first recommendation is to purchase or borrow How Grinch Stole the Christmas book. To take eye-pleasing photos, models should behave naturally. They can simply wear Christmas family photo outfits and start reading a book together.

2. Crying Baby

top grinch photoshoot ideas

In a book, Grinch is described as hating any fun. He is selfish, cunning, insidious, and manipulative, hates children, holidays, and songs. Tell this info to child and place it next to Grinch. Natural emotions are guaranteed!

To edit Grinch Christmas photos faster, turn to professionals. They will help correct shadows, tones, white balance and adjust other color settings in your photos, add a bokeh effect, and also fix sharpness and contrast so that your images look great.

3. Grinch Portrait: Hand to Face

classic grinch photoshoot idea

To take stunning Grinch Christmas photos you can simply shoot a portrait of this character or cover the lens to get creative images. Besides, to get other interesting effects like bokeh, you can take advantage of window reflection. The final image only depends on your creativity and professionalism.

4. All Family Scared with Zombie Grinch and Pets

grinch family christmas pictures idea

This family photo idea is timeless and will make all family members look really scared. Home dresses and funny faces will make such a photo very creative. Whereas Grinch will add some specific flavor to a picture.

5. How You Doing

fun grinch photoshoot idea

Go outdoors with kids, bring along lanterns or Christmas tree toys to create a magical atmosphere. Grinch can ask children how they are doing, while you are taking images. This Christmas photo idea is easy to realize.

6. Newborn in the Grinch Hands

cute grinch christmas photos

The baby’s first Xmas is definitely a memorable event that needs to be documented. A baby dressed in adorable Christmas attire resting in Grinch hands makes a cute festive photo.

7. Walk in the Forest

where to take pictures with the grinch

A trail in a forest is an ideal photography location for shooting Grinch against a beautiful background. It will be cool if it snows outside. I also recommend taking children on the walk to get colorful and lively photos.

8. Shoot in Dim Light or in the Darkness

creative grinch photo session idea

During such a Grinch photo session, it is important to make sure that the room is dimly lit. I recommend using string lights as the main light source to focus on the lights in a Christmas tree and capture their beauty. It is a great idea to shoot Grinch when he is stealing Christmas presents.

9. Christmas Photozone

grinch photo session with background

To make a photoshoot more festive, you can’t do without Christmas background decorations. This is an ideal option for a photo session with children.

10. Grinch with Grimace and Bokeh

grinch christmas photo idea

As a background is likely to be decorated with garlands, you can create stunning bokeh photography effects by approaching and focusing on Grinch who stands in the foreground and is wearing a Christmas hat.

11. Involve Pets into a Photoshoot

grinch photoshoot ideas with pets

One of the greatest Grinch photoshoot ideas is to take pets to a photo session with Grinch. An adult dog or cat playing with a piece of tinsel will look very cute. But keep in mind that taking photos of animals is not an easy task. To capture a pet, you need to have some treat or a toy.

12. Use Carnival Costumes and Masks

grinch photoshoot ideas using carnival costumes

One of the easiest ways to make imagies funny is to use carnival costumes and masks. If you want to involve other fairy-tale characters or superheroes in your photoshoot, encourage other adults and children to wear costumes. Induce family members to change their outfit and pose for you. Once they start fooling around in front of the camera, you will get multiple opportunities to take funny pictures.

13. Try Unusual Angles for Creative Shots

grinch photoshoot idea to try

Try to experiment with your composition for bring this creative photo idea to life. To get hilarious Grinch Christmas pictures, you need to use various perspectives, angles, and compositional rules. You can also check various photography composition tips and techniques in afvance.

14. Outdoor Photo Session

grinch photoshoot ideas outdoors

Frosty weather makes air clearer and even light usually has a different quality. Such weather conditions are great for taking impressive Grinch pictures. Owners of retail and office buildings usually decorate the facades and the surrounding area with garlands and other festive stuff; these are great backdrops for your photos.

15. Using Christmas Tree

grinch photoshoot ideas with christmas tree

The evening is the best time of day to take pictures during winter holidays. And making a Christmas tree, which is a cool Christmas photo prop, a part of a photo session is one of the greatest Grinch photoshoot ideas. But keep in mind that to convey the shimmering beauty of a tree, you should take photos in the evening. Of course, involve Grinch in a photo session.

Bonus Tools

winter holidays photoshop actions bonus tools

Try this package of effects to get winsome winter photos and convey a magical atmosphere. You can apply these actions to pictures taken indoors or outdoors with different lighting conditions. They are suitable for enhancing various types of shots (studio, wedding, portrait, family, Grinch photos, etc) in just several clicks.