Picnic Photoshoot Ideas You Can Try in 2022

If you want to take photos of a couple and use a picturesque landscape as a background, try implementing these picnic photoshoot ideas to make your pictures more attention-grabbing. These tips will help you select the best location, find the right props and outfits as well as choose the most suitable color scheme. In this article, I will tell you how you can take amazing picnic photos that will make your Instagram feed stand out.

Top 15 Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

On this list, you will find plenty of ideas for photo shootings. You can use them to take portraits and group photos to capture the strong bond between couples, friends, or family members.

1. Shoot Picnic During Golden Hour

picnic photoshoot ideas golden hour

While some beginner photographers might believe that it’s a good idea to take photos on a bright day, you might notice some harsh shadows on the faces of your models. It makes it virtually impossible to take good photos. It’s generally believed that the golden hour is the best time of day to take pictures. It occurs shortly after sunrise and before sunset.

picnic photoshoot ideas golden hour

You can use a variety of golden hour photography techniques to take photos with diffused light and soft shadows. This time is perfect for taking portrait photos with warm, beautiful tones.


The duration of the golden hour differs depending on the season and location. To calculate it, you can use dedicated calculator apps, such as The Photographer’s Ephemeris or Helios Golden Hour for iOS.

2. Enhance the Atmosphere by Using Picnic Props

picnic photoshoot ideas props

You can implement a variety of outdoor picnic photoshoot ideas by using props. Try experimenting with different objects in the frame. For instance, you can use a picnic basket with fruit, drinks, and snacks.

Besides, you can buy a picnic blanket, wooden trays, and vintage cameras.

picnic photoshoot ideas props

There is no need to buy pricey objects since you can create a great composition using cheap photography props, such as flowers, napkins, lanterns, or books.

Select the props that match the theme of your shooting and the mood that you want to capture. If you need to take photos of a female model, you can use flowers, cakes, toys, and a lightly-colored picnic blanket.

3. Enjoying Picnic Food

picnic photoshoot ideas food

If you are interested in food photography, you can make your picnic shooting even more memorable by adding various dishes to the frame. Use desserts, pizzas, and wine bottles to give your photos a more appealing look.

This idea will come in handy for enthusiasts of candid photography. Use it if you want to take natural pictures without making your models pose.

picnic photoshoot ideas food

Your models also can start feeding one another, which makes this idea especially useful for photographers who practice couple photography. As the result, you will get great pictures of smiling people who enjoy spending time together.

If you don’t have advanced skills or lack time for editing your images, entrust this task to our professionals. They will fine-tune colors, adjust contrast and exposure, transform the atmosphere in the frame, and edit your photos in the style of popular Instagram bloggers. Our company has a quick turnaround. The experts will enhance your photos at budget prices.

4. Capture the Picnic Details

picnic photoshoot ideas details

When taking picnic photos, make sure to capture various details in the frame. It will help you grab the attention of your viewers. For instance, you can take nice photos of various dishes, props, and the surrounding area. By taking a lot of close-up pics, you can tell the story of the couple in a more engaging way.

5. Choose a Picnic Color Palette According to the Season

picnic photoshoot ideas season

When taking photos during a particular season, you can use a consistent color palette to fully convey the summer or autumn mood. For instance, you can focus on pink, purple, and cream tones in summer. For autumn pics, use a richer palette with warm brown, orange, and red tones. This picnic photo idea will help you select the right clothes and props for your shooting.

6. Drinking Wine

picnic photoshoot ideas wine

There is nothing better than to enjoy a glass of exquisite wine. By adding a bottle of wine to the frame, you can make a photo look more romantic. Besides, it will help people who are camera shy feel more relaxed. They can pour glasses and hold them in their hands.

picnic photoshoot ideas wine

7. Include Pets

picnic photoshoot ideas pets

To make your picnic shots look even cuter, ask the couple to bring their pets. While it might be difficult to take good photos of cats and dogs at the beginning of shooting, gradually, they will become calmer and focus on their masters.

Pets will make sibling and family photos more memorable. Besides, some cat and dog owners like including them in their engagement pictures. Once a pet gets used to you, it will stop paying attention to you.

picnic photoshoot ideas pets

8. Shoot Families

picnic photoshoot ideas family

Every professional who specializes in family photography and likes taking picnic photos knows that it’s important to avoid making them look staged. Another great family picnic photoshoot idea includes using various toys and board games.

Make sure to check whether all the family members feel comfortable. If not, you can talk to them to make them relax. They can play games, eat food and play with pets. When they stop paying attention to you, it’s the best time to take candid photos.

picnic photoshoot ideas family

When the family members stop being self-conscious about the camera, ask them to assume various family portrait poses. They can also make their own suggestions and ideas.


It’s better to contact your clients beforehand to discuss family photo outfits ideas. It’s better to focus on 2-3 colors when selecting a color palette, and then complement outfits with props of similar shades.

9. Combine Picnic with Engagement Photoshoot

picnic photoshoot ideas engagement

If you are looking for the cutest engagement photo ideas, you can invite a couple to go on a picnic to a beautiful location. You can either select one of the city parks or go to the countryside.

picnic photoshoot ideas engagement

If you specialize in engagement photography, you can tell the story of the important moments shared by the couple and take a photo of the proposal. One of the best picnic photoshoot ideas is to take a photo of a couple spending a romantic weekend in a beautiful location. Take a shot of the moment of the proposal or capture a picture of the couple clinking with glasses.

10. Capture Group Photos

picnic photoshoot ideas group photos

When taking photos of groups of people, it’s better to take wide-angle shots. This way, you can fit everyone in the frame. Ask your models to assume natural relaxed poses. You can implement various group photo ideas to show that people in the frame enjoy spending their time together and feel completely at ease with each other.

11. Picnic At the Beach

picnic photoshoot ideas at the beach

If there are any beaches near your location, make sure to tell your models about them. There, you can implement a variety of beach photo ideas. For instance, you can use tropical fruit or pillows as props. Besides, it might be a good idea to bring with you a compact picnic table.

picnic photoshoot ideas at the beach

Take wide-angle shots to capture the stunning background and take great photos of the couple spending their weekend together.

12. Picnic In the Flower Field

picnic photoshoot ideas flower field

When taking picnic photos, try experimenting with different locations. You can capture a unique atmosphere of a place and show a strong bond between the people in the frame. For instance, you can visit a flower field to take photos with a mesmerizing background. It’s a great location for implementing a range of Mother’s Day photo ideas.

picnic photoshoot ideas flower field

13. Lying Down on a Picnic Blanket

picnic photoshoot ideas lying pose

To implement this idea, ask your models to lie down on a picnic blanket. They can do anything that will help them feel relaxed. For instance, they can look at the beautiful flowers, discuss the location, or look at the sky. It’s better to take photos in the shaded area to avoid harsh shadows on the faces of the models.

When taking photos, it’s better to include the surroundings in the frame. If you have chosen a picturesque location, your photos will look more captivating. To add a sense of depth, take pictures from a long angle. Overhead shots allow experimenting with unusual compositions.

14. Lying on a Belly

picnic photoshoot ideas lying on a belly pose

If you need to take photos of one model, you can experiment with different portrait photography poses. For instance, you can ask the model to lie on the belly and lift her legs behind her. She can touch her face with her hands or assume any other pose that will look relaxed.

picnic photoshoot ideas lying on a belly pose

You can also ask your model to hold a book or put it somewhere in the frame to make it more visually engaging. This way, you can capture a candid photo of a happy person on a beautiful sunny day.

15. Laying Pose from Overhead Angle

picnic photoshoot ideas overhead pose

Ask the couple to lie down on the picnic blanket in the opposite directions with their faces close to each other. They can either share a look or look directly at the photographer. When implementing this picnic photo idea, it’s better to avoid situations when your models look in different directions unless you want to convey a feeling of loneliness.

Take photos from above. In some cases, you might need to use a step stool to ensure that your models will fit in the frame.


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