24 Mother’s Day Photo Ideas to Try in 2023

Want to make your Mother’s Day more special? Take time for creating lasting memories with your kids or moms by using these sweet Mother’s Day photo ideas? You’ll love looking back at them for years to come.

Top 24 Mother’s Day Photo Ideas

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We’ve rounded up the most original mother and daughter photo ideas, as well as mother and son photo ideas, that are both creative and easy to make.

1. Recreating Childhood Photos

mothers day photo ideas recreating childhood photos

Recreating childhood photos has become a huge trend on the web. It’s also one of the most touching family photo ideas, as it is bound to evoke nostalgia and make you reminisce about those carefree times.

mothers day photo ideas recreating childhood photos

So take your old boxes of photos out – and pick the funniest or the most sentimental ones. Remember, the more attention to detail – the more impressive the shots. Try to recreate not only the pose and location but also the outfits and facial expressions.

2. Multi-Generation Portrait

mothers day photo ideas generations

One of the most heartwarming Mother’s Day photo ideas is capturing several generations of a family in a single shot. This will help you capture the similarities and differences between you. Such a photo will grace your home, and will be cherished for generations to come!

When it comes to family portrait poses for such a shoot, try reproducing the portrait above with faces in profile. The easiest way to shoot this would be to either rent a studio or use a large outdoor space at night. Apart from that you just need a single large softbox positioned in front and to the side.

3. Matching Outfits

mothers day photo ideas dressed up

A great way to emphasize your bond is to get dressed in matching outfits. Depending on your fashion style and preferences, it can be matching dresses suits with ties or casual clothes.

mothers day photo ideas matching outfits

With this idea, you won’t have to stress about family photo outfits ideas or the colors being coordinated well.

4. Cooking Together

mothers day photo ideas cooking

Centering the photoshoot around the activities you can do together, like cooking, is the best way to produce genuine photos. Pull out your favorite recipe, and get to work!

You’ll be so immersed in the process; you’ll forget someone is taking pictures of you. This will result in relaxed poses and sincere smiles.

5. Black and White

mothers day photo ideas black and white

Black and white photography is making a comeback since it allows you to capture you with your loved ones in a timeless manner. B&W toning helps remove the distractions and puts the viewer focus on the subjects.

For your clothes to look nice in black and white photos, avoid busy patterns, stripes, and mixing darks and lights tone clothes. I also not recommended wearing clothes with shiny reflective items like beads or sequin.

6. Pajama Party

mothers day photo ideas sleep masks

Organize a slumber party with your kids. Pair the pajamas with cute sleep masks. Take photos just laying in bed together, hugging stuffed toys, munching on snacks, doing each other’s hair, or having a pillow fight for photos full of action.

7. Pregnancy Shoot

mothers day photo ideas pregnancy shoot

This holiday is not only for moms that already have kids, but for expecting mothers too. Pregnancy is a huge part of motherhood that needs to be captured. There are tons of maternity photo ideas you can go for, but I recommend choosing a location that is meaningful to you. It may be the place where you met the baby’s father, a site of a vivid memory, or even your home.

Make sure to choose maternity photography poses, that focus on the bump.

8. Teatime

mothers day photo ideas tea ceremony

Since kids have such a hard time committing to a photoshoot, and posing, incorporate Mother’s Day photo ideas that are close to them. For example, if your kid likes Alice in the Wonderland, or tea ceremonies, why not set up an outdoor tea party? This will keep them entertained, and you won’t have to convince them to pose – they’ll do it themselves.

9. Campfire

mothers day photo ideas picnic

Setting up a beautiful campfire will leave you with amazing impressions of that day. Make some smores, sing songs with a guitar, or simply have a lively conversation about something. Since this is such a natural setting, it will help you avoid stiffness in poses, which is so common in family photography.

10. Getting Ready Together

mothers day photo ideas hair rollers

Kids love playing dress up and pretending like their grown-ups. Make a photoshoot getting ready together: put on make-up, use hair rollers, dress in fancy clothes, and just fool around.

11. Flower Crowns

mothers day photo ideas flowers crown

Incorporating blossoms is one of the most popular Mother’s Day photo ideas. It’s also a great option if you like the bohemian style.

mothers day photo ideas flowers crown

Flower crowns bring fresh, natural beauty to your pictures. Make sure to choosHugging a parent ise matching crowns for a cohesive look.

12. Face to Face

mothers day photo ideas eyes

Looking for meaningful Mothers Day photo ideas? Put your faces close together, and ask the photographer to take a close-up photo. The result is sure to be really sentimental, since such a shot will emphasize the age difference between you and your mum, or you and your kids.

13. Holding Hands

Capture your inseparable bond with a photo of you two holding hands. This idea will look especially touching, if you hold a tiny newborn’s hand.

14. A Kiss on the Cheek

mothers day photo ideas kiss on the cheek

A kiss on the cheek is all you need for an adorable photo. Do it unexpectedly. Sometimes, your toddlers will have a funny reaction to your kiss, like covering their face, laughing or making grossed-out faces, resulting in super funny and sweet shots.

15. Sunset

mothers day photo ideas at the beach

Try golden hour photography. Head to the beach just before sunset to achieve a gorgeous backdrop and beautiful lighting in photos. Golden hour lighting is sure to add a magical touch to any Mothers Day photo ideas.

16. Silly Faces

funny mothers day photo ideas

Don’t worry about making photos that are perfectly posed. Encourage the playful side of your kids to come out during the shoot. Let loose, and show off the natural energy of your family by goofing around together, or making silly faces. Use cheap photography props to make your photo even better.

17. Hug Each Other

cute mothers day photo ideas hugging

Hugging a parent is one the most natural child photography poses. Remember, the more physical contact there is between you and your kids in your Mothers Day pics, the more your closeness will come across in final photos.

18. Newborn Embrace

newborn mothers day photo ideas

Although it’s pretty common in newborn photography, to only take photos of the baby with cute newborn photo props, I always advise moms to get captured embracing their babies. Such photos will be the most precious to look back at.

19. Share a Milkshake

mothers day photo ideas milkshake

A great way to interest your kids in a photoshoot is to promise them a tasty milkshake. Go to your favorite café, and enjoy a yummy milkshake together.

20. Baby Lift

cute mothers day photo ideas

This is a fun pose for your baby, but you need to be careful. This shot will look particularly good, if you shoot it from below, and incorporate more sky into your image.

21. Lying in Bed

mothers day photo ideas laying together

Capture a loving moment when you’re snuggled up with your kids. It’s also a great way to get all the faces near each other if you have several children.

22. Holding a Flower

cute mothers day photo ideas with flowers

Pose with your back to the camera, holding your kid, who extends their arm towards the photographer, while holding a flower. You can give them a kiss, or rest your head on their head. Either way it’s going to be a really sweet shot.

23. Look at Each Other

cute mothers day photo ideas

For more personal shots, don’t look at the camera. Instead, show affection by looking at each other. This will make your photo more intimate and emphasize your bond.

24. Keep Your Faces on the Same Level

cute mothers day photo ideas

This is a great idea for families with young children. When the faces of you and your kids are at the same level, it makes your photos easy to perceive. This will allow the viewers to naturally move their gaze from one person to the other.

cute mothers day photo ideas

You can achieve this by either laying down on your stomachs or sitting down, while your kids are in your lap.

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