20 Mommy And Me Photoshoot Ideas To Try

There are many variations of mommy and me photoshoots. These can be portraits with a small child or teenager, images with an adult offspring, and generation pictures with a granny.

However, how to arrange a creative and memorable mommy and me photoshoot to make customers order your services? In this article, I will share with you the most creative ideas for shooting, locations and poses.

Top 20 Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas You Should Try

Below, you will find a bunch of creative Mother’s Day photo ideas for moms and kids, regardless of their gender.

1. Picnic

mommy and me photoshoot ideas picnic

Capturing children and parents on a picnic is one of the classic family photography ideas. Before your photoshoot, you should think over all the props and prepare them. A picnic basket with food and drinks, a blanket, colorful paper decorations, lanterns, and other things will help you take engaging shots.

To make a family look natural in the pictures, give them time to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera. Encourage them to play or do their usual outdoor activities. When you notice that they don't feel embarrassed in your presence, you can start taking pictures.

Take the time to choose a picnic location. A pile of rubbish or some dull buildings in the background can ruin even the most beautiful spot.

2. Hug

mommy and me photo editing example

A hug is one of the most natural and common mommy and me poses. For a memorable portrait, position the mom facing away from the camera, and the baby should look at the camera. The child can close their eyes, look to the side or directly into the lens.

Keep in mind that even with the most creative mommy and me photoshoot ideas, you won't be able to sell your photos if you don't know how to edit them well. If you have no experience, you can contact our professional service. A qualified team will quickly improve your pics to make them meet the industry’s standards.

3. Cooking Together

mommy and me photoshoot ideas cooking

Invite mom and kids to bake or cook something together. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for fun family photo ideas as it allows children and parents not only to get memorable images but also to have a great time together.

Just like other cool mommy and me picture ideas, it might be challenging to implement since it is quite difficult to keep the children’s during a photoshoot. They quickly get tired and throw tantrums. However, by offering them some activity, you involve them in the process, and they will not perceive it as a photo session.

4. Body Paint

mommy and me photoshoot ideas body paint

If moms are interested in art, it is a great idea to decorate them and the baby with non-toxic body paint. Capture the process when they paint each other and the final result. This idea is also great for maternity photography. In this case, you can paint the belly with bright colors or characters.

5. Wearing Fancy Dresses

mommy and me photoshoot ideas dress up

Some people want to look more elegant and festive in their pictures. So, you can offer them a fancy dress photoshoot. This is one of the best mother and daughter photography ideas. Changing interesting outfits is always fun and girls enjoy it.

You should advise moms not to wear dresses and clothes that are too restrictive for movement, since it will be difficult for them to assume family portrait poses. Loose-cut dresses and suits will make them feel more comfortable. Besides, you can benefit from the fabric movement which adds more visual interest to the photo.

6. Wrapped in Fabric

mommy and me photoshoot ideas fabric

It is a very touching and delicate idea to wrap the baby and mom in lightweight fabric, like chiffon. As a result, the picture will look like the best works in the fine art photography genre. This idea is also great if you're looking for artistic maternity photo ideas.

7. Fashion Shoot

mommy and me photoshoot ideas fashion

You can offer trendy moms keeping up with the times to combine mommy and me photoshoot ideas with fashion photography. While this idea may seem like a fake to someone, it's a good solution for stylish Instagram moms, bloggers, and those who like to experiment.

To take stunning pictures, you should learn more about the main rules of studio photography and find out how to handle lighting equipment.

8. Incorporate Props

mommy and me photoshoot ideas props

When preparing for a photoshoot with the youngest children, you should stock up on some toddler or newborn photography props. Use colorful balloons, toys, a photo-worthy book, and bubbles to lure the kid and implement your mommy and me photo ideas. You can also enhance the photoshoot's theme by bringing in the appropriate props.

9. Breastfeeding

mommy and me photoshoot ideas breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most touching moments you can use as a mommy and me photoshoot idea. Capture nursing sessions to convey the inextricable bond between mother and newborn.

You can also take pictures of mothers feeding babies from bottles. This is an excellent solution in cases where a woman cannot breastfeed. Such photos look no less memorable and sensitive.

10. Jumping on a Bed

mommy and me photoshoot ideas movement

Photos always look more attractive and dynamic thanks to movement. This is a great easy way to get beautiful candid photography. Ask mom and kids to jump on the bed. It is usually fun and the natural smile on the child’s face is always eye-catching.

When capturing motion, you need to keep in mind the correct shutter speed settings to avoid blurry images. Experienced photographers set the shutter speed to 1/500 or higher to make photos look sharp and clear.

11. Sitting with a Baby in the Lap

mommy and me photoshoot ideas lap pose

To make the difference in height between mom and baby less noticeable, you can ask the woman to sit on the ground and take the kid in her lap. This is one of the best mommy and me poses for photographing at home. You can also use this pose when implementing outdoor portrait photography ideas. Do not forget to bring a blanket. You will get cool dreamy images against the backdrop of beautiful nature.

12. Touching the Cheek

mommy and me photoshoot ideas touching the cheek

This pose perfectly conveys the close bond between mother and child. You can also ask the mom to play with the baby's hair or touch their cheek. Seize the moment and photograph their genuine emotions and reactions from this interaction.

13. Holding the Baby Up in the Air

mommy and me photoshoot ideas holding baby up in the air

To embody one of the most beautiful mommy and baby photoshoot ideas, you need to take pictures from the back or the side. This pose is also great for silhouette photography. A sweet kiss between mom and baby would be a great variation on this idea.

14. Sitting Pose

mommy and me photoshoot ideas sitting pose

Differences in height between mom and baby can ruin the composition, so you should find a way to hide it. Ask the woman to sit down and leave the child standing by. Photos look more balanced if the faces are on the same level.

15. Side-by-Side

mommy and me photoshoot ideas matching outfits

You can also play with the difference in height in a fun way by photographing from a distance. I often use this pose with various family photo outfits ideas to bring focus to mother and baby clothes. This approach allows you to emphasize the close relationship between daughter and mother.

16. Baby Against Chest

mommy and me photoshoot ideas against chest

Another cool pose that allows you to show the connection between mother and child is a woman holding the baby close to her chest. Using this idea, you will get incredibly cute and touching pictures. It will be a great addition to mother and son photography ideas.

17. Nursery

mommy and me photoshoot ideas nursery

If you specialize in newborn photography, you probably know that it can be problematic for a family with a small baby to come to your studio or other shooting location. In this case, a photo session in the nursery can be a good solution. Mom and her baby will feel more relaxed and comfortable in a familiar environment. Plus, many parents spend a fortune decorating their child's room. Why not take advantage of a beautiful location and capture precious moments during the mommy and me photoshoot at home?

18. Beach

mommy and me photoshoot ideas beach

If there are beaches nearby, do not lose the opportunity and take advantage of this location. The best time to embody your mommy and me photoshoot ideas on the beach is sunset and sunrise. Seashells and sand can be useful natural props for you.

When preparing for a photoshoot on the beach, choose a location without passers-by, houses, or wide-open sand. A spot with tall grass, dunes, driftwood, and distant trees will be a nice choice.

19. Forest

mommy and me photoshoot ideas forest

When looking for great photography locations, you shouldn't be limited to studio and home. Parks and forests can be great shooting locations depending on the season and weather. Talk to the mom about taking photographs during golden hour. You can implement a lot of stunning golden hour photography ideas using the magic power of light. Choose locations that have some visually interesting elements, such as a fallen tree in the photo above.

20. Colorful Building and Graffiti

mommy and me photoshoot ideas colorful buildings

You can find many captivating spots in the city as well. Take a closer look and find places with graffiti art on the walls, aesthetically beautiful colors and textures of buildings, and other interesting elements. Look for homes that best suit the family's temperament and your mommy and me photoshoot ideas.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for mommy and me photoshoot ideas

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