How to Make a Photo Booth Frame | DIY Tutorial

If you don’t want your guests to get bored during a party, try creating your own photo booth frame to ensure that everyone has a good time. Your guests can use it as a prop to take funny photos with their friends and colleagues.

There is no need to pay much money and buy a photo booth frame in the shop. This article will come in handy for those who want to learn how to make a photo booth frame by themselves. I will tell you how to create a DIY photo booth frame in 7 simple steps.

Make a Photo Booth Frame in 7 Steps

Many people prefer using photo booth frames that remind them of Polaroid pics. Similarly to other popular photo booth props, such frames will help you implement a variety of photo booth ideas and capture the funniest moment of the evening. In the guide below, I will tell you how to make a picture frame prop that looks like a Polaroid picture.

STEP 1. Prepare the Materials

how to make a photo booth frame materials

You need to start by preparing a set of materials for creating a photo booth frame. To make a Polaroid-like frame, you will need:

With the help of these materials, you can create a classic Polaroid frame. If you wish, you can further enhance it by adding various decor elements, such as artificial flowers, glitter, spray paint, stickers, ribbons, etc. I’ll go with minimalistic template design, and only use artificial flowers.

STEP 2. Create a Template

how to make a photo booth frame template

Make sure to put your board on a cardboard box or other surface to prevent the surface beneath from being scratched. Then, you need to select the dimensions of your photo booth frame. To make it look more like a frame of a Polaroid photo, you need to make its bottom part twice as big as the other sides. I made it almost 10 inches tall.

Use a pencil and a ruler to draw clear lines where you want to cut out a hole. With a 10-inch bottom part, you will need 4.5-inch sides. After drawing a rectangle, you can start cutting it out.

STEP 3. Cut Out the Hole

how to make a photo booth frame cutting out the hole

Take a utility knife and cut out the rectangle indicated by pencil lines. To do it with higher precision, you can take a ruler and move the knife around it to create clean lines.

After cutting out the rectangle, push its middle part out without damaging the frame itself. If you can’t do it right away, use the knife again and go around the lines. You can also use scissors instead of a utility knife.

To make the cut edges look smoother, polish them with sandpaper. When everything is done, you can use your Polaroid frame. Stop here if you just need to create a classic Polaroid frame. However, if you want to further enhance your photo booth frame, take a closer look at the tutorial below.

STEP 4. Decorate the Frame

how to make a photo booth frame decoration

When your frame is ready, start decorating it with various elements. You can either follow me by using flowers, or use any decor you like, such as stickers, glitters, garlands, etc. Besides, you can add hand-crafted items. For a better result, try experimenting with 3D details by making your decorations literally go beyond the frame.

Add decor at the top and bottom of the frame, decorate the sides or just the corners. If you don’t want to use a regular white frame, paint the foam board with spray or acrylic paint.

It should be fully dry before the party starts. Regardless of the type of decor that you decide to use, don’t put it in one area as you might make your frame look unbalanced. Attach the decor elements to different parts of the frame.

STEP 5. Add an Inscription

how to make a photo booth frame final result

Finally, you can create an inscription that will fit the spirit of the event. For instance, you can write the date of the party, a greeting, the names of newlyweds, or wish someone a happy birthday. To make it even more unique, you can come up with a hashtag for the event. It will help your guests remember it. Besides, they will be able to add it while posting photos on Instagram and other social networks.

If you are wondering how to make a frame for a photo booth with an interchangeable inscription that can be used for other occasions as well, you just need to leave some blank space on the frame and use a piece of foam board for writing a greeting. Then, you can attach it with velcro. Once the party has ended, you can pull your inscription off and replace it with another one for the next event. Now, you can use your frame to take photos of your guests.

5 Photo Booth Frame Ideas

If you want to experiment with other ideas to create DIY photo booth props for different occasions, take a closer look at the list below. Try them in addition to photo booth software or photo booth apps to make your photos even more memorable.

1. Hula Hoop Frame

how to make a photo booth frame diy ideas hula hoop

Some people mistakenly believe that a photo booth frame should be rectangular. To offer a more original solution to your quests, create a custom frame by using a hula hoop. You just need to wrap it in yarn, ribbons, rope, or decorative tape and then add other decorative elements, such as flowers or balloons.

2. Vintage Frame

how to make a photo booth frame diy ideas vintage

There is no need to create a photo booth frame by yourself if you already have a vintage frame somewhere in your attic. Add picturesque elements, put it in your backyard or somewhere outdoors, and your guests will be able to take great photos during the wedding or birthday party. With such a frame, you can implement a variety of wedding photo booth ideas.

3. Instagram Frame

how to make a photo booth frame diy ideas instagram

Create a frame that will make your photos look like an Instagram post. You can make it in the same way you created a Polaroid-like frame but you will need to spend more time on drawing buttons and icons.

4. Holiday-Themed Frame

how to make a photo booth frame diy ideas for holidays

If you are planning your party for the holiday season, you can use specific decor elements to create a festive atmosphere. For instance, in winter, you can add a wreath with Christmas ornaments or cardboard cut-outs designed to look like presents.

You can use ribbons and wrapping paper to make them even more eye-catching. In autumn, you can use yellow leaves to create your custom photo booth frame.

5. Multiple Frames

how to make a photo booth frame diy ideas

If there are many guests at your party, you can create interesting photo opportunities for small and large groups of people by using several DIY or purchased frames.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for photo booth frame mages

After taking pictures with the help of a photo booth frame, make sure to edit them to make them look even more attention-grabbing. Use these professional tools to improve colors and make your photos look more stylish in a couple of clicks.