14 Best Photo Booth Software in 2024

Photo booth software are programs used to manage taking shots and video clips with a number of background pictures using a photo booth at events. These image booth software help you control filters, slow-mo, boomerang and create animated GIFs, green screen elimination, hashtag printing. In case you wish to buy the photo booth, you are sure to find suitable software on this list below.

Top 14 Best Photo Booth Software

  1. Photoboof - Numerous photo effects
  2. Sparkbooth Premium - For GIFs with animation
  3. RightBooth - Universal for photo and video
  4. Snappic Booth - Backgrounds with animation
  5. DSLR Booth - Compatible with Mac & PC
  6. Social Booth - Vast selection of filters
  7. VirtualBooth - Lots of decorative elements for photos
  8. Breeze DSLR Remote Pro - Highly customizable
  9. Photo Booth Upload - Feature-rich
  10. Darkroom Booth - The easiest to setup
  11. Photo Booth Connected - To add logos and overlays
  12. BoofShare - Live view
  13. Live Booth - Attention to detail
  14. Simple Booth - Interactive

This list includes only the best photo booth software options available on the market in 2024. I have covered their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the most essential features for you to pick optimal software.

1. Photoboof – Our Choice

Numerous photo effects
  • Updated frequently
  • Compatible with practically all DSLRs
  • Numerous photo effects
  • Free technical support
  • Support for Windows printers only

Verdict: Due to its flexibility and efficiency, this option may be called the best photo booth software for Windows. The price is $300, and it is totally justified. However, Photoboof can work in demo mode till the user installs the key.

All the aspects of onscreen elements and printouts are customizable. The assets are graphics and provide the user with full control, in multiple languages.

Photoboof offers full control over the printed layouts, enabling the user to add photo and QR codes, animated customizable text and so on.

photoboof photo booth software interface

2. Sparkbooth Premium

For GIFs with animation
  • GIFs with animation
  • Text photos to mobile devices
  • Creates an individual photo kiosk station
  • Automatic pictures printing
  • No support for Nikon and Canon cameras

Verdict: It is a decent photo booth software for those looking for an affordable option. The price of the Premium version is $119, the DSLR one – $159. The latter version is supported only on Windows, while the former is compatible both with Windows and Mac OS X.

Sparkbooth is a widely used bootstrap software. It performs all the standard functions expected of such software – custom layouts, green screen options, social network sharing and so on.

It is possible to snap portrait and widescreen shots, take advantage of a mirror booth, add signings, drawings and stickers to shots. The photo editor enables users to create and apply photo layouts.

sparkbooth premium photo booth software interface

3. RightBooth

Universal for photo and video
  • Create animated photo GIFs
  • Top-notch photo printing
  • Wonderful animations and screen transitions
  • Multi-language support
  • Laggy website

Verdict: RightBooth is budget-friendly video & photo booth software that allows you to capture and save the most interesting and memorable moments of your festivities. You can build a recording booth system with a standard computer and a webcam or a DSLR camera, and encourage your guests to snap a photo whenever they want.

RightBooth software offers impressive customization options allowing you to match the style of a particular event. This can be both joyous parties as well as conferences. Ask your friends, relatives, employees, etc., to take images, record videos, type messages and even ask questions to achieve really unique results. All kinds of input devices are supported – a mouse, a keyboard, and the like.

The created videos and images are of good quality and can be shared on social networks and media platforms.

rightbooth interface

4. Snappic Booth

Backgrounds with animation
  • Background with animation
  • Face-tracking option
  • Burst, boomerang
  • Sharing pics through text message
  • A number of new features is overwhelming
snappic photo booth software logo

Verdict: With the face-tracking option, users can see their selected digital props located in real time. In addition, anyone can share their shots and even print a physical copy.

Snappic is capable of applying filters, sending shots by e-mail, social networks or custom microsite without an Internet connection, uploading to Cloud, real-time tracking and wired printing.

A user can monitor a number of people who have snapped shots and use this info for competitive purposes. They can also use photo slideshow apps later on to combine the photos shot with Snappic.

snappic photo booth software interface

5. DSLR Booth

Compatible with Mac & PC
  • User-friendly interface
  • The presence of a picture sharing application
  • Live view and printing for custom paper sizes
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • The absence of telephone support
dslr booth logo
DSLR Booth

Verdict: DSLR Booth is distinguished by a user-friendly UI and stable performance. The software doesn’t cost much – $160 but still provides a decent feature-set. For instance, it pleases users with a visual designer meant for creating their own photo booth templates.

It is the best DSLR photo booth software that provides compatibility with professional Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras and webcams. Users can take advantage of their DSLRs to produce remarkable photo booth shots.

The software’s Virtual Attendant (Mirror Booth) features audio and video prompts. Users have an option to add their personal prompts.

dslr photo booth software interface

6. Social Booth

Vast selection of filters
  • Capable of snapping shots, video clips and slow-mo videos
  • Vast selection of filters
  • Contest & Coupon Modes for raffles and giveaways
  • Social network sharing is integrated into the photo booth
  • Only Windows-based
  • Support only through email or the Facebook group
social booth logo
Social Booth

Verdict: The price of this photo booth software is $299, upgrades – $99. Many users admire it for an appealing interface out of the box that almost doesn’t require to be customized.

Social Booth is compatible with Canon DSLRs, Powershot and Webcam. It provides the ability to work with video clips, shots, slow-mo, filters, GIFs with animation, eliminate green screen, print and share to social networks – all straight in the booth.

You may use it as a free photo booth software during the trial in order to test the functionality and see if it will be enough to meet your needs.

social photo booth software interface

7. VirtualBooth

Lots of decorative elements for photos
  • Stunning custom design options
  • You don’t need to install the program
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Animated elements
  • Photo quality could be better
virtualbooth photo booth software logo

Verdict: VirtualBooth is web-based photo booth solution compatible with mobile and desktop devices. Using the built-in camera, the software allows you to take an unlimited number of shots. Then you can choose the most successful ones in the slide show mode. The platform allows you to upload your own graphics, branding elements, stickers, and other assets. This feature makes it ideal for use at corporate events or for business promotion purposes.

What's more, you can download and share boomerangs and animated GIFs like photos. Plus, there's a great selection of stickers, which you can use to decorate your pictures. There is no limit on hashtags of your own transparent PNGs. In VirtualBooth, you can create separate folders for each event and store them in the gallery.

It's very convenient to share pictures with colleagues. You just send everyone the URLs and they can use them to download photos. Social media sharing option is another plus of this platform. It also integrates with Dropbox cloud storage for photos so you can store your images there. Besides, VirtualBooth allows you to collect user email addresses for further marketing initiatives.

virtualbooth photo booth software interface

8. Breeze DSLR Remote Pro

Highly customizable
  • Great stability
  • Numerous customization capabilities
  • Doesn’t consume plenty of computer resources
  • Large community of users
  • The absence of telephone support
  • You will have to read many guides before using
breeze dslr remote pro logo
Breeze DSLR Remote Pro

Verdict: This photo booth pro software is notable for numerous customization capabilities and user-friendly feature-set. Even though its price is $275, upgrades – $138, the price is fully justified.

Users are given the ability to produce slow-mo videos, GIFs and branded prints, as well as add special filters, custom effects and green screen chroma key.

Besides, users have a chance to generate basic menus with multiple choice or more complicated choice-based scenarios. The software supports a number of languages, along with multi-language signatures and interfaces, international character sets.

You may test the functionality of the software for 15 days for free.

breeze dslr remote pro photo booth software interface

9. Photo Booth Upload

  • Super extensive feature-set
  • Smart technology for placing a shot on green screen
  • Virtual reality
  • Remarkable technical support
  • Not for weak PCs
  • Requires time to master
photo booth upload logo
Photo Booth Upload

Verdict: This software catches the eye with its super extensive feature-set and continuous updates, especially in comparison with similar options on the market. The weekly price is $49, the annual one is $299. The lifetime license costs $799. A free trial is present as well. It is the best photo booth software for those who wish to have an endless variety of features at their disposal, such as GIFs with animation, slow-mo, filters, light painting and so on.

Users upgraded to a Premium version can take advantage of the virtual reality option and immerse people into environments of 3D and 360 degrees. Also, it is possible to apply a retro VHS distortion effect to a shot, GIF or video clip.

photo booth software interface

10. Darkroom Booth

The easiest to setup
  • No difficulties with the setup
  • Social network sharing
  • Support for a number of monitors
  • Plenty of patterns for print and screen
  • New “hottest” features aren’t added quickly
darkroom booth logo
Darkroom Booth

Verdict: Here is one of the best software photo booth solutions for newbie users who don’t know anything about photo booths, design and have to be guided along the way. Its price is $295, upgrades – $95.

Darkroom Booth will be a suitable variant for you in case you aren’t after all these new-fangled features and, first of all, require stability from the software. Among its benefits are music, video, voice and sound prompts, integrated surveys, quizzes and data collection, more than 75 free adjustable screen and print templates together with remarkable technical support.

light it web development company work example

11. Photo Booth Connected

To add logos and overlays
  • Automatic application of logos, filters and overlays
  • Integrated green screen elimination
  • User surveys and data collection
  • Simple integration with BYOBooth for printing hashtags
  • Inability to snap pictures
photo booth connected logo
Photo Booth Connected

Verdict: Photo Booth Connected enables photo booth operators and event photographers to easily integrate social networks into their present product range. In this matter, it is decent photo booth software for tablet running on Windows and Android OS, for iPads and PCs. The price for three platforms is $299.

The software makes it possible to print and share shots, video clips and GIFs from practically all sources.

Since the software imports shots from other sources, it may perfectly complement another photo booth program owned by the user. Plenty of event shooters use this software to add an option of direct printing to the website and social network upload to their events.

photo booth connected software interface

12. BoofShare

Live view
  • Live appearance of pics, even without an internet connection
  • The presence of a slideshow mode
  • Sharing through email, text message, Facebook and Twitter
  • Possibility to share a number of pics at once
  • Working with Wi-Fi may be problematic
  • A 5 GHz router is required for sharing pics in crowded spaces
boofshare logo

Verdict: BoofShare is an excellent software to complement any photo booth. It can be downloaded for free and used by all Photoboof users, from a number of iPads at the same time. Besides, the software doesn’t charge for each iPad individually.

You will be able to see the shots in the live mode as if they are snapped in the booth. Sharing through email, text message, FB and Twitter is possible as well.

Each graphical asset may be customized, even the background picture in the Gallery and Picture View screen for the user to add branding to their events. All the configurations are found in the Settings.

boofshare photo booth interface interface

13. Live Booth

Attention to detail
  • Remarkable attention to detail
  • Vast selection of branding and marketing tools
  • Printing and sharing for multiple users
  • Straightforward and user-oriented
  • May occasionally crop a part of the shot
live booth logo
Live Booth

Verdict: Live Booth will greatly complement photo booths and will facilitate the work of event shooters. It is the best photo booth software to be used for sharing pics on social networks or demonstrating a slideshow in real time.

Combine it with another photo booth program, a wired or wireless DSLR or create a new photo booth with the application.

Live Booth demonstrates pictures for everyone at the event to enjoy immediately on an iPad. People have the ability to view pictures in high resolution, pick their favorite ones, share, email or print them.

live photo booth software interface

14. Simple Booth

  • Interactive
  • May be installed at any place
  • Decent service
  • Easily and quickly maintained
  • Getting a picture may be problematic
simple booth logo
Simple Booth

Verdict: A definite advantage of this software is the ability to work with an iPad through a regular app and photo booth hardware.

In order to make the exchange of pictures and overall guest engagement more productive after the end of the event, Simple Booth demonstrates pictures live in galleries.

The software simplifies the process of putting a stamp on each section of the photo booth. It will boost the brand once the customers notice the booth and then share it online with their friends and followers.

With Simple Booth, it is possible to note down the material of the outgoing email and text message to the guests’ pictures.

simple photo booth software interface