7 Best Makeup Artist Websites for Inspiration in 2022

Are you looking for inspiration to ensure you create the best makeup artist website possible? Here, you’ll find an array of websites for makeup artists with modern and visually-impressive designs that will help generate more ideas for your own site.

Top 7 Makeup Artist Websites

  1. Jill Stonier - Private makeup lessons
  2. Anjum Bhardwaj - Helpful videos
  3. Annas Beauty Corner - Makeup procedures
  4. Maria Charles - Beautiful photos
  5. SE Beauty Studio - Permanent makeup training
  6. The Salon - Clear site structure
  7. LAB Salon and Brow Studio - Clear copywriting

If you’re a makeup artist or a cosmetic brand owner who wants to expand their online presence, you can check out this list of makeup websites that will motivate you to reach your goal and help come up with some creative website design ideas.

You can also take advantage of the services provided by the makeup artists and beauty parlors featured in this article. Their prices range between $25 and $300.

1. Jill Stonier — Our Choice

Private makeup lessons
  • Terrific portfolio
  • Different photo genres
  • Useful courses
  • Affordable prices
  • Not found

Verdict: Jill Stonier is a licensed professional makeup artist, skincare expert, and cosmetologist who has been a part of the makeup industry for 20 years now while possessing a wealth of knowledge regarding everything beauty-related. She applies makeup for weddings, contests, proms, modeling sessions, parties, and other events.

Her makeup artist website contains not only information about Jill and her services, but a portfolio as well. Portrait photography examples of her clients show how masterful Stonier is at her craft and inspire makeup artists with new makeup ideas and makeup retouch tips.

You can also order private makeup lessons to learn how to apply makeup perfectly. These courses are meant to create the perfect daytime look, which can be smoothly transformed into glamorous evening makeup. For $150, you'll learn all the steps involved in applying makeup, cleaning the brushes, and determining which products suit you best, while discovering what parts of your technique or gear you can improve.

jill stonier makeup artist website interface

2. Anjum Bhardwaj

Helpful videos
  • Inspiring portraits on the landing page
  • Convenient contact and social media link placement
  • Plenty of sections for convenient website navigation
  • Useful videos with tips
  • No pricing section

Verdict: Anjum Bhardwaj isn’t just a makeup artist, but a hairstylist too. She has over 9 years of experience working in the beauty industry, and her works can be seen in various leading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Anjum Bhardwaj is also involved in video making. Her website has a Video Gallery section, which includes an array of handy tips on how to do quick eye makeup, how to decant and store lipstick, how to take proper care of makeup brushes, etc.

She possibly has the best makeup artist website in terms of navigation convenience. The landing page shows her work done in different, eye-catching styles. Her professionally edited photos make an instant impression on the visitor.

Any makeup looks better after being properly retouched and even subpar looks can be fixed in an image editor. If you’re a beginner photographer or makeup artist who wants to enhance their photos while saving time, reach out to our service.

anjum bhardwaj makeup artist website interface

3. Annas Beauty Corner

Makeup procedures
  • Clean website
  • Good scrolling objects
  • Large service selection
  • Useful tips
  • No separate portfolio section

Verdict: Annas Beauty Corner offers a large selection of services that aren’t just limited to makeup. You can not only read their description but also see how all procedures are made. The website is built very conveniently and consists of 4 main sections – Home, Treatments, Pricing, and Contacts.

The Treatments section features both the descriptions of each service and helpful tips that explain what you have to do before and after visiting a makeup artist. The Pricing section provides an in-depth breakdown of all the prices and service packages.

You can easily contact Annas Beauty Corner by visiting the dedicated website section. You can also find contact information at the bottom of every page.

annas beauty corner makeup artist website interface

4. Maria Charles

Beautiful photos
  • Fantastic full-screen background image
  • Good menu structure
  • Beautiful images
  • Lots of services
  • No prices
maria charles makeup artist website logo
Maria Charles

Verdict: Maria Charles has one of the most professional websites for makeup artists out there. Images, typography, and UI elements – everything is of the highest quality level possible. Moreover, convenient tab placement allows you to quickly navigate the website and find relevant information.

Maria Charles’ services aren’t limited to makeup, as they also encompass treatments for hair, eyelashes, and skin. Her portfolio isn’t particularly large but it covers all those treatments and allows you to see the results of her work. All photos featured on Maria’s website are taken by professional portrait photographers.

maria charles makeup artist website interface

5. SE Beauty Studio

Permanent makeup training
  • Beautiful photos
  • Good personal image
  • Clear website structure
  • Quick transition from the landing page to services
  • Prices are scattered across the website, no dedicated section
se beauty studio makeup artist website logo
SE Beauty Studio

Verdict: SE Beauty Studio is a studio and permanent makeup school. Their professionals create makeup and hairstyles that reflect your emotions and mood while perfectly highlighting your facial features. By using the best makeup cameras available, they capture the result in the most flattering way possible.

Their website is a great example of how a personalized approach can be used to create an instant connection with your visitors. The conveniently placed prices are divided into clear elements and are related to specific services. Upon visiting, you can either go to the Services or Training sections or visit their Store – all the tabs are placed at the top of the page, making it extremely convenient to navigate between them.

se beauty studio makeup artist website interface

6. The Salon

Clear site structure
  • Convenient tab placement
  • Quality photos
  • Useful headline with contact information at the top
  • Pleasant website color scheme
  • Blog lacks content
the salon makeup artist website logo
The Salon

Verdict: The Salon is probably the best makeup artist website when it comes to structure. At the top of the page, you’ll find contact information for quickly reaching out to their employees, scheduling appointments, and asking questions. The headline also features links to all the social media pages of this beauty agency.

The website doesn’t have a lot of sections and all of them are located at the top. The Services section only has two subsections – Hair and Beauty. Meanwhile, the pricing, gallery, and contacts tabs allow you to quickly locate the information you’re interested in.

The Salon is equipped with modern quality equipment that ensures the safety and satisfaction of its clients and employees. You can see the photos of said equipment, used products, and various procedures on every page. Meanwhile, the Gallery features before/after images, employee photos, and pictures of accolades won during various award ceremonies.

the salon makeup artist website interface

7. LAB Salon and Brow Studio

Clear copywriting
  • Convenient call-to-action buttons
  • Amazing looks
  • Blog with useful tips
  • Broad range of services
  • No portfolio section
lab salon and brow studio makeup artist website logo

Verdict: LAB Salon and Brow Studio offers a long list of hair, eyelash, and makeup services. If you want to check them out, you can visit the dedicated Services section. Sadly, it’s a bit inconvenient since it doesn’t have a dropdown menu with subsections, meaning you have to click through more pages to get to the service you want.

Once you’re on the needed page, you’ll be instantly provided with a description of the service as well as its pricing, with everything being explained in detail.

The typography mixes perfectly with the chosen color scheme. All elements complement each other while the images featured on the website make everything look professional.

The website also has an educational blog that contains a lot of useful information, which is presented in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Each article that contains tips is accompanied by photos that will inspire you with their beauty, as they were all taken while relying on the best professional makeup photography tips.

lab salon and brow studio makeup artist website interface