8 Best Storytelling Conferences to Attend in 2023

Storytelling has proven to be an invaluable tool for growing a business and strengthening its online presence by establishing a deeper connection with the audience while ensuring they memorize more information about the brand and are incentivized to act.

Top 8 Storytelling Conferences to Attend

Even though nearly any piece of writing can be considered as an example of storytelling, it doesn’t mean that putting together a coherent, engaging narrative is an easy task, as it often demands a lot of time, dedication, and story-building skills.

Due to quarantine restrictions, many storytelling conferences were moved to online learning platforms and now anyone interested in them can listen to the world’s top speakers from any place in the world without leaving the comfort of their home.

1. Content Summit for Corporate Communicators

content summit storytelling conferences

Location: New York
Date: April 25-27

Program: This conference primarily focuses on how to employ content and compelling storytelling to elevate your business. You’ll find out new methods for sharing your brand’s story that will make it sound both authentic and relevant, learn what kind of content you should produce, and discover how to write stories that engage the audience and encourage them to act.

It will also help establish your brand's voice and identity while teaching you how to reap more beneficial results from employees, clients, and shareholders.

2. Future of Storytelling Summit

future of storytelling conferences

Location: New York City
Date: October 3-4

Program: This conference is held in a more intimate atmosphere, as you can only gain access to it by getting an invitation. If you’re lucky enough to be there, you’ll be joined by an array of thinkers and practitioners from all possible fields who are changing the way storytelling works in art, science, and entrepreneurship. To further promote participation and exchange of ideas, this event strives to get rid of the fourth wall and ensure the attendees feel like an important part of the conference.

By being a part of this event, you’ll be able to establish a bunch of connections with various storytelling experts and influencers from all possible industries. This conference will also allow you to attend roundtable meetings with Fortune 100 representatives, visit innovative photography workshops to learn new skills, and witness a broad array of exhibits that feature the world’s most interesting storytelling examples.

By inviting some of the most reputable visionaries out there and relying on a decade’s-worth of experience in storytelling curation, the Future of Storytelling Summit demonstrates unparalleled knowledge of modern trends and cutting-edge technologies.

3. Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

nonprofit storytelling conferences

Location: Orlando
Date: October 15-17

Program: If you’re interested in the best storytelling conferences for non-profit organizations and individuals, then this is the place to be. This 3-day event allows you to discover how you can utilize storytelling to improve community engagement, receive crucial funding, and boost the organization’s visibility to potential donors and the public. Moreover, you’ll obtain multiple time-saving tools such as process maps and checklists that will allow you to boost your workflow and productivity.

Other benefits of visiting this conference include the fact that you’ll learn how to prepare an annual plan for raising more funds, as well as how to use appeals, e-appeals, and newsletters to engage more potential donors. Finally, the event will teach you the process of putting together a gift catalog and creating brief stories that motivate donors to aid you in your cause.

4. Forward

forward storytelling conferences

Location: Boston
Date: June 14

Program: The organizers allow you to get acquainted with 500 leading marketers during the 4th annual Boston conference to discover how storytelling can elevate your business to previously unseen heights. This one-day event invites you to check out various software and techniques that allow story-focused marketers to achieve success while learning how to improve your content and analyze its performance in the process.

Finally, you’ll be able to discover new approaches for handling marketing technology, content presentation, and target audience demographics. Due to quarantine restrictions, the event will also be available for those who prefer the format of online photography courses that are available anywhere in the world.

5. Future Media Concept

future media storytelling conferences

Location: Online

Program: Future Media Concept offers top-tier, accessible courses for IT experts and content creators. Their training is aimed at allowing individuals and companies to reach their goals by teaching them how to take advantage of all the latest technological achievements.

This conference has a broad range of reputable partners including NAB, Adobe, Dell, and Apple, which allows it to offer innovative courses for production and post-production experts and enthusiasts. Some of their attendees include experienced professionals that are employed by the likes of HBO, National Geographic, Google, etc.

Future Media Concept is a verified training partner for Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, NewTek, and Blackmagic Design.

6. The Visual Storytelling Conference

the visual storytelling conferences

Location: Online
Date: May 14-17

Program: The Visual Storytelling Conference is a multiday, multitrack, mixed training event that showcases attention-grabbing, immersive content created by photographers, designers, and content creators from different fields. The event’s sessions are mostly based on training attendees on the art of storytelling in photography, videography, entrepreneurship, and social media.

The conference starts with a local photography walkabout in different cities, after which you can participate in three days of live and interactive online sessions designed for photographers, vloggers, and other kinds of visual storytellers who want to hone their skills and techniques.

7. National Storytelling Summit

national summit storytelling conferences

Location: Online
Date: July 25-28

Program: The National Storytelling Summit is among the best storytelling conferences for people interested in developing their narrative skills, learning how to create coherent stories, and discovering the optimal ways to share them. The event offers relevant training for professionals from all possible industries including photography, healthcare, education, writing, IT, e-commerce, community development, and so on.

Based on the concepts of community, conflict, and transformational narratives, this event focuses on showing how you can utilize storytelling to provoke change. The organizers amass the best storytellers on the planet to tell stories, host keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions. The conference's goal is to evolve all types of storytelling by relying on promotion, advocacy, and learning.

After attending an array of discussions and workshops, you’ll discover how you can rely on storytelling to deal with conflicts and alter how consumers perceive the community, all the while networking with leading experts from different industries who are constantly breaking the boundaries of what storytelling can achieve.

8. National Storytelling Festival

national festival storytelling conferences

Location: online
Date: October 1-2

Program: This massive conference is hosted by the International Storytelling Centre. It not only includes over 20 hours of storytelling events spread across the weekend with prolonged viewing access provided for 2 weeks after the conference is finished, but also virtual workshops held during the week before the Festival. The only downside is that attending the Virtual Festival means you have to purchase a separate ticket in addition to the main one.

This conference has been held for 49 years now and has earned a spot on the list of the Top 100 Events in North America, bolstering interest in storytelling across the nation. The appearance of this festival also led to the foundation of the National Storytelling Association as well as the birth of various festivals and conferences dedicated to storytelling across the entire planet.

Photographers, professors, doctors, psychologists, business people, charity workers, writers, and experts from all other possible fields have learned to incorporate storytelling into their work and daily lives, and you do the same.