10 Best Creative Conferences To Attend

If you’re in search of inspiration, want to meet more experts from your field, and are interested in receiving some tips from other professionals, you can’t go wrong with attending one of the best creative conferences that will be held soon.

Such events represent a fantastic occasion for learning more about the current industry trends and tendencies. Additionally, the format of such conferences entails meeting and being acquainted with all kinds of speakers and industry experts, which provides you with a lot of room for professional growth.

Top 10 Creative Conferences

This article covers the top 10 upcoming online and offline creative conferences while also explaining why you should visit them. Note down the dates of these events dedicated to design, photography, branding, and modern technology so that you don’t forget about them.

1. Adobe Max Conference for Photographers

adobe max creative conference

Adobe Max is one of the most popular conferences in the world, as it gathers about 12000 designers, photographers, videographers, and UI/UX developers every year. The attendees are presented with over 300 different activities: seminars, creative sessions, workshops, thematic lectures, etc.

If you want to improve your skills, gain new knowledge and connections, be the first to learn about the latest market trends and tendencies, then this is the best creativity conference for you. Its biggest advantage is that this traditionally real-life event has migrated to an online learning platform, meaning you don't have to worry about it being canceled because of the lockdown related to the coronavirus.

Location: Online
Date: October, 26-28

2. Summit Palm Desert of Leadership

summit palm desert creative conference

The Summit Palm Desert conference gathers single-minded individuals from around the world in the Californian desert area to help them fully dive into communication, creativity, personal growth, and leadership. The organizers divide the event into the following sections: Talks, Performances, Culinary, Art, Wellness, and Impact.

By organizing multiple invitation-only conferences, the Summit cultivates a worldwide community of businesspeople, professors, athletes, photographers, painters, writers, astronauts, chefs, adventurers, philanthropists, etc. The main goal of this event is to create a friendly community that champions the ideas of friendship, love, creativity, and communication through different interactive practices that guarantee the full development of the person.

Location: La Quinta, California
Date: November, 11-14, 2022

3. ShowIT United Photography Conference

showit united creative conference

This event is a prime example of targeted photography workshops. Its main goal is to give photographers the knowledge and tools needed to help them do transition from pure creativity to building a successful business.

The speakers here hold seminars and lectures dedicated to creating a photography brand, developing social media for photographers as a sales-driving platform, the secrets of building a search optimization strategy, pricing advice, etc. Since this is an offline conference, you can become acquainted with colleagues, find like-minded individuals, and even expand your team to start a joint venture.

Location: Tempe, Arizona
Date: November, 7-10, 2021

4. World Domination Summit for Creative Entrepreneurs

world domination summit creative conference

This creative conference is primarily organized for entrepreneurs who want to improve their managerial skills, increase their team interaction level, develop leadership qualities, and find new creative directions.

The event includes an array of unconventional activities, like a workshop on writing a photography book, and talks from the top speakers from different industries. You’ll gain the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals, get inspired by professionals, enjoy new experiences, and gain unique knowledge that you can later use for your own business. If you’re interested in visiting this event, don’t waste time and register for the 2022 edition, as this year’s conference is already fully sold out.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: June, 21-26, 2022

5. Brand New Conference for Design-Related Industries

brand new creative conference

This event is based on the idea of design being a key aspect of brand development. Professional speakers from around the world will talk about corporate and brand identity, its elements and characteristics while using global brands as examples.

Here you’ll find new graphic design ideas for improving brand positioning, as well as meet renowned designers, developers, artists, and other creative experts. By participating in different conference sessions, you can see how design is used for brand promotion with the end goal of making it profitable.

Location: Austin, Texas
Date: September, 20-23, 2022

6. Circles Conference of Visual Art

circles creative conference

The Circles Conference is a 3-day affair aimed at designers, technical experts, and creators with most events being related to graphic and UX design, illustration, and photography. You can participate in various activities dedicated to art, creative direction, website digital, and UI/UX design, illustration, etc.

During the conference, you’ll be provided with resources and knowledge that will help you achieve perfection in your craft. In particular, you’ll learn how to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than that, the conference hosts a trading floor, where you can purchase various products from illustrators, authors, photographers, and other creatives.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Date: September, 9-10, 2022

7. Awwwards Designers and Developers Conference

awwwards creative conference

Awwwards is among the best creative conferences for designers and developers that are in search of fresh experiences and knowledge from industry leaders. This event will touch upon many subjects related to different types of design, allowing everyone to find something new for themselves regardless of their expertise level.

This conference has been delayed multiple times because of quarantine restrictions and currently the exact date has yet to be announced. While you’re waiting for the announcement, you can view public talks by designers and developers from previous Awwwards conferences on their website.

Location: TBA
Date: TBA

8. Cre8Con for All Creative Representatives

cre8con creative conference

This single-day conference offers a wealth of inspiration and creative knowledge. You can attend an array of keynote presentations by experienced creatives that go into full detail on how they work, how they achieved success, and what struggles they had to overcome.

You can participate in the event with your entire team, as the organizers offer attractive corporate discounts. As recently reported, all funds raised from this conference will go towards youth arts education programs in Oregon.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: TBA

9. Eyeo Festival to Develop Culture in Society

eyeo festival creative conference

The slogan of this creative conference is “Converge to inspire”, which signifies its goal of building a community of creatives who popularize and promote culture. The conference is scheduled to last 4 days and includes interesting lectures, unique seminars, and activities related to culture, interactive art, artificial intelligence, design, and other topics.

The key distinguishing feature of this festival is its inclusive nature. In this spirit, the organizers accept donations that will be spent on scholarships and different kinds of financial assistance for talented creatives who lack the opportunity to practice their craft on a professional level.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: TBA

10. Digital Thinkers for Designers’ Education

digital thinkers creative conference

This conference will be of interest to everyone who previously participated in Awwwards, as both events have a similar format, theme, and content. The event is aimed at educating and developing designers in different fields regardless of their experience and skill level or employment type.

Sadly, the date of this event remains unknown to this day, which you can see on the website. Thankfully, the organizers have only delayed the conference rather than canceling it completely so you can start planning your visit as soon as more information becomes available.

Location: TBA
Date: TBA