Adobe MAX 2023: All News And Info

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Adobe MAX Conference is an annual event organized by Adobe Systems in North America, Europe, and Japan. The main idea of the event is to promote the latest versions of Adobe.

This year, you can visit the conference from 26-28 October, listen to celebrity speakers, attend interesting sessions and workshops. To become a participant, you have to visit the official website and register. The registration is free but you need to have a unique Adobe ID to complete the process.

Topics to Be Discussed

Adobe will host the traditional Adobe MAX conference for the 19th time. This will be the second year when the event is held online. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to listen to free lectures by leaders of the creative market - designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, actors, musicians and other professionals in such fields. Besides, participants will be able to communicate with Adobe representatives.

Note: Since the conference will be held online and will be free, everyone involved in creative professions can save money. In 2019, when Adobe MAX was offline, the full-conference ticket cost $1,895.

adobe max conference topics

At the conference, you can acquire new skills, broaden your knowledge, find new friends and even colleagues, get a powerful charge of inspiration and good mood. The theme of this year's conference is “Joy of Creativity,” which will be covered during 400 sessions and creative workshops in 10 main categories:

Photography. If you are engaged in this sphere and want to improve your skills, don’t miss a chance to visit this session. You’ll learn how to take amazing images with a smartphone and a DSLR camera, how to edit images in Lightroom and other editors to achieve a specific mood, and mix several shots to produce eye-pleasing collages.

Graphic design. From web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, illustrations, publications, compositing, and data visualization – all these topics are discussed at Adobe MAX Conference. You will hear both pioneers and experts, who will share their experiences, methods, and creative graphic design ideas.

Illustration and digital painting. If you are a newbie taking your first steps in this field, you can get lots of valuable tips from people who have made a name by drawing, painting, and illustrating. In case you are a confident expert, you can still discover many industry secrets and find possibilities to realize your potential.

Video. Seasoned videographers will delve into the depth of video editing, motion graphic design, animation, applying special effects, and more. You will also learn how to record high-quality footage, create motion effects, and what video editing software to use for different types of tasks.

3D and augmented reality. If you are interested in Adobe MAX 2021 because of this category, you’ll be amazed by materials and topics the company has prepared. Speakers will dwell on how to create fantastic 3D designs and use the capabilities of AR with the help of Adobe’s top-notch tools and content. You’ll grasp how to make and assemble photorealistic 3D scenes and texture your 3D assets.

Collaboration and productivity. Select this track to figure out how Adobe CC can change the way you collaborate across your apps and services. Besides, you’ll get relevant info on how to use Adobe Document Cloud to accelerate shared reviews and approvals both in creative and marketing environments. Lecturers will present effective solutions that can be used to manage work from anywhere, share ideas with clients and team members, and control all processes along the way.

Creativity and design in business. Skilled representatives of world-known companies will shed light on creative innovations, leadership, brand reinvention, and professional growth. You will get the hang of winning practices and CC skills needed to inspire employees and make business prosperous.

Education. Adobe company believes that students need more opportunities to boost their skills in various fields to find the occupation that is in line with their wishes and inclinations. Choose this section to learn from leading educators and experts who present particular industries and know what it takes to become successful.

Social networks. If you have some questions concerning social networks, namely, their role in business promotion, don’t skip this session! Experts will tell the audience how to establish a brand make it stand out from competitors without going the extra mile. No matter whether you are just starting or have some experience, you’ll better understand how to produce pro-level graphics, images, and videos using basic equipment. Besides, presenters will describe social media for photographers in detail, so you will comprehend whether Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok is more suitable to realize your business goals.

UI- and UX Design. People involved in designing websites, apps, etc., can re-think their regular workflow and optimize it with the help of new tools and techniques that will be presented at Adobe MAX Creativity Conference. Newbie designers as well as their skilled colleagues will be able to hone their skills during master classes and labs. Starting with Adobe XD and moving to other programs – you will get access to all the instruments that can level up your professional activity.

The Conference is organized in such a way that every professional, student, and amateur can find lectures and workshops to satisfy his/her current needs. To make the searching process as quick as it should be, Adobe team has divided sessions in accordance with different types of visitors. An in-depth list is available on the website.

In total, there are 6 kinds of sessions for: beginner creators, representatives of the business environment, teachers, marketers, SMM specialists, and students. This format is beneficial in several ways. First of all, you can effortlessly find the needed session. Besides, you can plan your schedule very thoroughly.

The company will also announce updates of its most popular products from the Adobe Creative Cloud collection, including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Illustrator. So, don’t pass up the chance to be one of the first to listen to fresh ideas and learn about new programs.

Interesting: The COVID-19 pandemic totally changed the way Adobe maintained its conference. Last year the company tried a new approach, holding Adobe MAX online and absolutely for free. The global community was more than pleased with such a decision. Speaking in numbers, the total video views reached 20 million across all possible channels; more than 2.2 million people visited the official website and there were 50mln social interactions.

Confirmed Speakers

adobe max speakers

Speakers confirmed for Adobe MAX 2021 include the Oscar-winning writer and director Chloé Zhao, Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson, the rapper Young Thug and actors Tilda Swinton, Henry Golding and Zazie Beetz. As for designers, you’ll see Pentagram's creative director Eddie Opara, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co, BUCK's creative director Michelle Higa Fox, and the designer and letterer Lauren Hom.

The photography section will be presented by such famous photographers as Paola Franqui, Joe Allam, Ayane Motomitsu, Robert Bartholot, Anna-Alexia Basile, Lisa Carney, Jaime Cody Rosman, Nigel French and more. They will describe popular photography trends, share photo editing tips for beginners and pros.