India Earl Presets

India Earl Presets

india earl presets

India Earl presets are professional Lightroom presets for wedding, engagement, portrait and travel photography. India is an elopement and wedding photographer from Utah who spent years designing her presets to help you boost your own phography style.

If you like those film and boho photo effects, check out my India Earl presets review of all presets she offers and download several Free Lightroom Presets inspired by India Earl.

India Earl Presets Honey Review

Her presets hit on the golden shades of honey, softening the whites, adding punchy colors and deep shadows. They do wonders to skin tones, keep them natural and match other hues and lights, tying the whole image together. The pack costs $200 per 9 presets

Besides, you get educational materials that include online videos and detailed PDFs. You can learn how she works, what camera settings uses and then try to develop your own style.

Crusher - India Earl Preset

india earl presets Download Premium Collection

This preset gives that incredible clean and light turquoise shade to images, especially to the sky. Shades get a reddish-brown tint, while yellow and green hues get toned down a bit. 

Such Indi Earl color correction allows you to set a contrast between the illuminated and shaded hues. I recommend it for outdoor photos taken in bright light.

Film Dream - India Earl Preset


This preset works perfectly on portrait photos. It allows skin tones to pop out by means of desaturating other hues. This will ensure that nothing distracts the viewer from the model.

Dark AF - India Earl Preset

india earl photography

This type of India Earl presets serves to create an old-school seasoned look with faded contrast. It desaturates all colors lowering the black point and reducing highlights. 

Keep that in mind because if your photo is on the darker side, you might prefer to adjust that before using the preset. The skin tones remain warm and I especially adore the somewhat somber background in this test image.

Blue Boost - India Earl Preset

india earl honey preset

It will lighten up any dark section of the photo while giving more contrast and definition to the lines. It will save the warm shades and skin’s natural look, somewhat desaturating other excessive tones. 

This is the most versatile India Earl preset that works great in a variety of situations. I recommend it for the photos with water background as on the example above.

Green Boost - India Earl Preset

india earl old presets

This preset touches-up many settings for an aesthetically pleasing result in one click. It cuts off some of the darkest shades and brightest highlights, plus brings up some hues, saturation, and brightness. 

This Indi Earl preset lifts colder colors, making green the most vivid of them all. Looks nice on engagement photography.

Orange Fixer Upper - India Earl Preset

india earl honey preset review

The preset enhances blue and orange shades that go together well thus balancing out the colors of the whole image. It gives great results in images with shaded or colder backgrounds. 

But be careful, this is another one of India Earl presets that can overwork the image, especially if it’s already cold. It touches the white balance and can bring too much blue in it.

Bright Lights - India Earl Preset

india earl guides for best presets

This is a great option for vacation selfies that adds sun rays and golden hues to your images. Colors become really pop and nothing remains dull in the shot. It is just the thing for summer shots with ice cream or your besties, they will be filled with warm light with blues and yellows strongly leaning towards teal and orange. 

Such color combination might be a bit too much for someone, so don’t hesitate to adjust the tones or even exposure of India Earl presets to make them fit your Instagram profile better.

White on White - India Earl Preset

powered honey presets collection white on white

This preset works on the white balance best of all. You will notice the greens getting deeper and matted hues appearing. 

The skin will receive a slight red tint combined with orange. Expect the shadows to get darker and highlights, instead, lighter.

Cool Down - India Earl Preset

how to edit like india earl with presets

The best choice for lifestyle and urban photographers. Blue highlights get toned down, skin hues get saturated instead, the overall result looks warm. If lighting was hard or dim, tone up the exposure for a better effect.

India Earl Presets vs VSCO vs Tribe Archipelago

india earl presets honey vs tribe presets india earl presets honey vs tribe presets

Unlike VSCO and Tribe Archipelago, India Earl is a new product, but that didn’t prevent these presets from immediately becoming hugely popular. 

India’s approach is similar to that of VSCO, giving you few options to avoid creating a mess. Visually, though, they are quite different. VSCO prefers to emulate film while India tends to create an uplifted mood and use vibrant colors. 

Removing some highlights and blacks, she creates a more vintage feel, making the colors a bit somber. It seems like hipsters especially like to download Earl presets.

india earl presets honey vs vsco india earl presets honey vs vsco

If compared to Tribe Archipelago, India’s presets are much simpler. For certain images, they may be too strong or weak and it’s a small drawback that you have to adjust settings rather than the overall preset intensity.

You will find skin tones creamy and contrasted, greens desaturated and warm. Occasionally, the effects might seem too strong or the skin tones too faded, although if you’re into such stylization, then India’s presets will be your best friends.

India Earl Education Review

india earl education

With these presets, you will gain access to online tutorials that work through editing images with light, which are really helpful. India Earl education video lets you see her way of thinking to help set right camera settings. The tutorials are available at any time, so you can go back to them whenever you feel the need.

India Earl Posing Workshop

india earl posing workshop reviews

This helpful workshop goes over difficulties that professionals encounter while working with awkward, inexperienced clients, helping them to get genuine, emotional shots. India Earl posing guide tells more than just how to pose.

The Workflow Workshop

india earl pricing workshop

Rather than a workshop, it is a detailed course where India together with Grace shares her knowledge about every aspect of photography. They will go over organizing and optimizing images, culling them, importing/exporting, performing color correction, working in Lightroom or Photoshop, making a blog, and other things. 

This India Earl photography course will be suitable for beginners and professionals, remaining easy to understand but still informative. It has an intentional workbook, demos, examples, and any additional material that can assist you in learning the craft. The videos are open for streaming any time you want, so each can keep his/her own pace learning or refresh some aspects later.

Pinterest for Wedding Photographers

india earl posing workshop review pinterest

Presented by Photobug Community, this course combines months of researching how Pinterest works and what made its popularity increase within the past 4 years. 

With this information, you will know how to get to those millions of people, who are planning their Big Day with the help of Pinterest.

India Earl Presets Free Alternatives

To get such incredible effects you’ve seen above, you don’t need to spend $200 or download India Earl presets torrent. Especially for you, I’ve compiled a collection of freebies inspired by India’s Honey collection.


This one really looks like an India Earl Honey preset with natural, warm colors. It adjusts the white balance and adds depth to the greens, slightly matting the image.

The skin gets a slight red tint combined with orange. It increases both shadows and highlights. This India Earl’s free analog is highly suitable for landscapes and portraits with natural light.


Among India Earl presets alternatives this is the only Lr preset that gives a sun flare. It works great on portraits because the skin tones are smoothed and the yellow shades aligned, plus the warm/cold contrast adds to the effect. The light colors will get a slight turquoise tint.


This is a powered Honey preset that resembles a combination of several filters from the collection. It enhances the natural colors and introduces a delicate vibrancy with softened contrasts. Magenta tint brings up skin tones in a satisfying way.

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