How to Buy Lightroom Without Subscription Cheap

By Ann Young 4 days ago, Lightroom Tips

There are basically three ways to get Lightroom without subscription: you can receive it as part of the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, go for the Single App plan, or opt for the Photography plan.

If you're into photography or retouching, the Photography plan is the best variant. But, if you're looking for a bundle of 20+ creative apps to create icons, social posts, videos, graphics, etc, then you’d better choose the Creative Cloud All Apps plan.

#1 OPTION - Lightroom Single App Subscription

Adobe Lightroom 2024

  • Rank
  • License: Full version
  • Price: $9.99/mo
  • Version: 2024
  • Platforms: Mac / Win
lightroom single app plan
  • Autonomy
  • Access to Lightroom CC
  • Updates on a regular basis
  • Helpful support and large community
  • There is no Photoshop
  • Free trial only 7 days

You can try Adobe Lightroom for free by downloading the trial.

After that, you can choose to have Lightroom and 1 TB of storage on its own.

This is the CC version. This way, you will also be able to keep your photos in one place online.

#2 OPTION - Creative Cloud All Apps Subscription

Creative Cloud All Apps

  • Rank
  • License: Full version
  • Price: $59.99/mo
  • Version: 2024
  • Platforms: Mac / Win
creative cloud all apps plan
  • Access to a complete package of software
  • Frequent updates
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Cloud-based storage and synchronization
  • High price
  • Free trial lasts 7 days only

If you buy Lightroom as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan, you get access to a big bundle of all Adobe Creative software. This is a wonderful deal for both pros and amateurs.

Having Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and other programs at hand, you can create different types of visual content.

Thanks to regular updates, all users, including those who opted for Adobe Lightroom without subscription, can take advantage of the newest tools and features. Thus, you can make projects that look modern and captivating.

Another advantage of this plan is that you can use these apps on both Windows and macOS and sync your work across devices. Thus, your workflow will become smoother and streamlined.

Warning: You can get this type of subscription at an additional discount of up to 70%. CC All Apps for Teams works perfectly for improving collaboration and productivity for professional groups. CC All Apps Students & Teachers subscription is a terrific option for educational institutions and learners, who can derive benefit from affordable access to powerful creative software.

#3 OPTION – Photography Plan Subscription

  • Basic tools
  • Affordable cost
  • Seamless integration
  • Cloud storage
  • Doesn’t include Adobe software
  • No one-time purchase

If you're engaged in photography and want to harness Adobe's photography-focused software, the Photography Plan Subscription is an awesome choice.

With this plan, you can access 2 major programs - Lightroom and Photoshop. So, those who focus on photo editing and retouching will surely appreciate this offer.

People, who buy Lightroom Classic, say the program has great tools for editing and organizing images. Photoshop is unmatched when it comes to advanced photo retouching and design creation.

Since you get 2 powerful programs in one go, you can greatly improve your photo processing workflow.

lightroom single plan logo

Lightroom Single App Plan

cc all apps plan logo

CC All Apps Plan

photography plan logo

Photography Plan








Cloud Storage




Free Trial




20+ apps







If you are a student or a teacher at any official school, you have small privileges in buying Lightroom.

You can save up to 70% of the total Lightroom cost of the chosen subscription. This is probably the cheapest way to get Lightroom for students.

You need to fill out the form on the official Adobe website and provide data on the place of study or work.

Then the information will be sent for verification and within a day you’ll get an email.

Namely, it is the approval of the discount, which you can use to save on Adobe CC All Apps Students & Teachers plan.

To get a student’s Lightroom discount you must be at least 13 years old and registered in one of the following establishments:

University or college. It should be an accredited public or private university, college (including community, junior or vocational college) that provides degrees requiring at least two years of full-time education.

Primary or secondary school. You should be a pupil or a teacher of an accredited public or private primary or a full-time secondary school.

Homeschool – determined by state homeschooling rules.

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Did you buy Adobe Lightroom without subscription but haven’t mastered the program yet? Don’t worry, you can delegate photo editing to experts at FixThePhoto. Keep in mind that you get 12 free credits for your first order.

How to Get Discounts

If you are older than 13 years, and you are a student or a teacher from one of the above-listed establishments, you need to fill out an application as follows:

how to get discounts

STEP 1. Fill out the form, indicate the place of work or study, and specify whether you are a student, teacher or administrator.

STEP 2. For quick information approval, specify the e-mail of the educational establishment or other mail domains.

If you don’t have an e-mail address of your school, or your e-mail address cannot be verified, additional data will be requested.

STEP 3. Send the student’s document issued by the establishment with your name, the name of the establishment and the current date.

The evidence of registration can be:

  • School ID card
  • Report Card
  • Transcript

STEP 4. Confirm the application and wait for messages by the mail.

If you're neither a student nor work in an educational establishment, you can still buy Lightroom Classic without subscription! Besides, there are other lucrative offers that can interest you, e.g., 10 free Adobe Stock images.

The point is that Adobe has quite interesting offers, promotions and generous discounts once a month.

If you frequently visit the official website, you may notice an interesting offer, as it was recently, during the New Year holidays or Adobe Black Friday discounts.

FREE Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets for editing pictures by fixthephoto

You can greatly expedite your image editing routine with these bonus tools. The package includes beautiful presets suitable for editing RAW and JPG photos. All presets are free.

They are compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Mobile.

Before clicking the “Download” button, you may want to refresh your knowledge on how to add Lightroom presets or learn the process from the very beginning if you never did it before.


  • • What is Adobe Lightroom and why should I purchase it?

Adobe Lightroom is an advanced photo editing and organization program favored by photographers and creatives.

When you buy it, you can take advantage of top-notch image editing tools, cloud storage, and smooth integration with Adobe Creative Cloud – something many Lightroom alternatives, may lack.

  • • How can I buy Adobe Lightroom?

To get Adobe Lightroom, just go to the official Adobe website. They have different plans on offer, including monthly and yearly options. As for Adobe Lightroom one time purchase, you need to double-check the data.

  • • What are Lightroom subscription options?

Usually, Adobe offers different subscriptions. There's a Photography plan that includes Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. Then, there's the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, which packs more than 20 Adobe apps. If you just want Lightroom, there's a Single App Subscription for that.

They might also have special plans for students, teachers, or businesses.

  • • Can I get Lightroom with a single purchase instead of a subscription?

In 2011-12, Adobe chose to switch from offering Lightroom one time purchase to a subscription approach. As a result, customers can no longer buy the software suite once and have it for a lifetime.

  • • Can I try Lightroom for free before buying it?

Adobe frequently provides a trial version of Lightroom that you can download and use for seven days. Thus, explore its features and see if it meets your needs before making a purchase.

  • • Can I cancel my Lightroom subscription whenever I want?

Yes. You can cancel your Lightroom subscription at any time. Just make sure to review Adobe's cancellation policy and terms for specific instructions on how to terminate your subscription.

  • • Can I use Lightroom on more than one device with just one subscription?

Absolutely! You can use Lightroom on various devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones with just a single subscription. Plus, any edits or photos you make will sync across all your devices.