Adobe Illustrator Trial 2024: Get Full Version for Free

By Ann Young 19 days ago, Software Reviews

Earlier, you had a whole month to check out Illustrator's features, but now Adobe trimmed a trial period down to just one week. If you come across a more lucrative offer like the possibility to test the program for nearly a month, be cautious as that information may be old or simply not legit.

Luckily, you can still enjoy the Illustrator trial version without breaking any rules. You need to spend several minutes to get the software. The process is absolutely straightforward.

How to Get Free Illustrator Trial

illustrator free trial

As I have mentioned, it is possible to download a free trial Illustrator version and use it for a week.

Once the week is up, Adobe gives you the option to keep using Illustrator by choosing one of the plans and subscribing. To receive a 7-day free Adobe Illustrator trial, just follow these steps:

STEP 1. Log in or create an Adobe ID account.

STEP 2. Navigate to "Creative & Design" > View all products."

STEP 3. Find Illustrator in the lineup of available programs and click "Free Trial".

STEP 4. Find the downloaded Illustrator Set Up file in your browser downloads and double-click on it.

STEP 5. There will appear a new window. Sign in using your Adobe ID. Alternatively, you can get access to the program by using your Google or Facebook credentials.

STEP 6. Complete the questionnaire. This is needed for Adobe to tailor the learning materials for you.

STEP 7. Install the software on your computer.

STEP 8. Once the installation is over, you can make the most out of a 7-day free trial of Illustrator.

Illustrator Trial vs Full Version

Trial Full


7 days

Drawing tools


Adobe apps integration

Cloud storage




The bragging point of Adobe Illustrator is its clever AI recoloring feature. Using this tool, you can play around with various color combinations to discover the perfect palette for your design.

Moreover, the revamped font identification tool can greatly improve your workflow. It can analyze any image or design, pinpointing the fonts in use, so you can handle the task much quicker.


adobe illustrator interface

Interested in scoring a discount? No problem. There are possible ways to get the software at a lower cost in addition to a trial Illustration version.

Adobe frequently rolls out promotions during holiday periods. My strong suggestion is to subscribe to their email newsletter. This way, you can stay in the loop of all their special deals, including Adobe Black Friday deals and Adobe Creative Cloud discounts.

Furthermore, students or educators affiliated with any accredited institution can enjoy substantial savings – up to 60% off the selected subscription price for Adobe Illustrator.

System Requirements: 2024 Version

Operation System Windows 10 (64-bit) versions: V1809, V1903, V1909, and V2004
macOS version 11.0 (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave)
Processor For Windows: Multicore Intel processor (with 64-bit support) or AMD Athlon 64 processor
For Mac: Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
Storage ~3 GB of available space
Monitor resolution 1024 x 768

Though Adobe Illustrator stands out as a pro-level program, a monthly subscription fee may be a bit steep for freelancers or small businesses, and the free trial of Illustrator is limited to just 7 days. That's why users look for alternative tools.

Free Alternatives

Even though Adobe Illustrator is unquestionably excellent software, small businesses and freelancers may find their monthly subscription fee prohibitive. Here's where alternatives for Adobe Illustrator come into play.

Krita – Open-Source

krita interface

Much like Illustrator, Krita provides an extensive array of advanced tools for creating vector graphics and paintings. Thanks to multiple brushes that emulate real-life media, you can enjoy natural drawing experience. The layer management is exceptional. Besides, you can work with all popular file formats. Moreover, you can personalize the software according to your preferences.

When you compare Krita vs Illustrator, a standout perk is that Krita won't cost you a dime. Unlike other tools in the market, Krita is available without subscription fees or upfront payments. On top of that, it's compatible with numerous file formats and operates smoothly across various devices.

GIMP – Wide Variety of Tools

gimp interface

What really sets GIMP apart is its extensive toolkit and array of graphic design elements. Here you can find all the tools and features for making eye-catching visuals for your blog or site. Moreover, the software pleases with the support for third-party plugins, allowing you to take its functionality to the next level.

I'm really impressed by how user-friendly GIMP's interface is. It's incredibly intuitive, making it easy for newbies to dive in and start editing right away. In addition, if you're collaborating on a project with others, you will appreciate the real-time collaboration function available in this free graphic design software.

Inkscape – User-Friendly Interface

inkscape interface

When you size up Inkscape vs Illustrator, you'll understand that Inkscape is an open-source software packing a complete toolkit for making vector graphics. It's a terrific choice for those resenting Illustrator's high price. What's more, it's super-easy to navigate and can be personalized with plugins, making it a go-to choice for artists, accountants, marketing whizzes, or anyone in the market for a high-quality vector graphics program.

In terms of major features and characteristics, Inkscape has everything you’d like to have. It contains a variety of drawing and design tools, including freehand draw, 3D shapes, unique spirals, advanced object manipulation options, many filters, clone arrangements, templates, and the ability to create patterns.

FREE Bonus Tools

free illustrator brushes from fixthephoto

Adding these brushes to your toolkit is a fantastic choice. While Adobe Illustrator offers a range of drawing tools, there are moments when your project calls for an extra dose of creativity. By incorporating these brushes, you can not only expand your drawing capabilities but also significantly streamline your workflow.


  • • What happens once the Adobe Illustrator free trial is over?

Your trial begins right after you sign up. Once it expires, the subscription payment will be automatically withdrawn from your account, covering any relevant taxes. This will happen on a recurring basis, aligning with the terms laid out in the chosen subscription plan.

  • • What's the duration of the free trial of Illustrator?

It lasts seven days. After this period, you are automatically transferred to a paid Creative Cloud membership unless you opt to cancel beforehand.

  • • Will my project have a watermark if I use a free trial version?

No. The free trial provides you with all the features of a full version but only for a limited period.

  • • Is Adobe Illustrator available for a one-time payment?

Nope, the company has phased out the option for perpetual licenses. Now you have to choose one of the subscriptions. You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • • Is it possible to cancel Adobe Illustrator after a free trial expires?

Absolutely, you can cancel your trial or any individual plan you've bought from Adobe. Just hop onto your Adobe account page, sign in, and choose "Manage plan" for the specific plan you want to cancel. From there, click on "Cancel your plan."