Coles Classroom Presets Review 2024

Cole’s Classroom presets will come in handy for those who want to adjust colors and improve the overall quality of their photos in one click. Thanks to these presets, you can add contrast colors and pastel tones, make shadows deeper, give your picture a soft look, etc.

Cole's Classroom Presets Collections

If you have already installed Lightroom for free, the only thing you need to do is to learn how to add presets to Lightroom. You can apply professional Coles Classroom presets to your photos in one click. With them, you can even process many images at once.

All the presets mentioned in this review are compatible with a mobile version of Lightroom as well as Lightroom CC, LR 4,5 and 6.

Dark & Moody Collection

coles classroom dark and moody collection presets

Number of presets included: 40

Use this collection to create a dramatic atmosphere in your photos taken outside and make colors more saturated. With them, you can raise contrast and enhance the skin by making its texture smoother. These presets are mostly suitable for portrait photos, however, you can use them to embellish landscape pictures as well.

Crisp & Clean Collection

coles classroom crisp and clean collection presets

Price: $79
Number of presets included: 100+

Have you ever wondered what are the most widely used presets that can be found online? These Crisp, Clean and Color Cole’s Classroom Lightroom presets are worthy contestants. They were designed for those who need to tweak colors. Give your images an exquisite look by applying these effects and combining them with presets from other sets.

Endless Elegance Collection

coles classroom endless elegance collection presets

Price: $67
Number of presets included: 20+

If you need to give your images a melancholic feel by adjusting shadows and making colors look slightly faded, the Coles Classroom presets will help you to achieve this result. Use them to change the tone of the skin. These effects will come in handy for professional and aspiring photographers who need to give a film look to their photos.

Newborn Collection

coles classroom newborn collection presets

Number of presets included: 40

When creating this collection, the photographer was taking inspiration from the top-notch professionals in the field of newborn photography. With these effects, you can make the skin tones look natural regardless of the lighting conditions in your studio.

Polished Collection

coles classroom polished collection presets

Price: $19
Number of presets included: 19

This set will be a perfect choice for photos taken outdoors, for instance, in the mountains or at the seashore. It will make sunsets more mesmerizing and add rich blue tones while maintaining the high contrast of all the details. With it, you can make the skin look softer as well as give it a warm or cool look.

Light & Airy Collection

coles classroom light and airy collection presets

Price: $29
Number of presets included: 49

This huge collection of effects will make your pics warmer and brighter, add matte tones and remove unwanted shadows. Use them to enhance family photos and give them a light, warm feel.

Forever Fall Collection

coles classroom forever fall collection presets

Price: $67
Number of presets included: 28

These Coles Lightroom presets will be an optimal solution for portrait photographers. Apply them to adjust colors and create contrast between warm and cold tones. They will make the skin texture look smoother, minimize the yellow tint, and convert pastel tones to light-turquoise ones.

Prestige Portrait & Wedding Collection

coles classroom prestige portrait and wedding collection presets

Price: $67
Number of presets included: 26

Dark tones rarely look particularly inspiring. To fix this issue, apply the effects from this set. They will help you adjust contrast, make the red tone more saturated, edit the skin tone and warm hues in the overexposed areas of your pictures. Apply these presets to fix the white balance in your wedding photos.

If you aren’t on a tight budget and need to get professionally edited wedding pictures, make sure to order wedding photo retouching services. In a few days, you will receive your photos enhanced by experienced retouchers.

Landscape Collection

coles classroom landscape collection presets

Number of presets included: 6

These effects will be particularly useful for those who often take photos outdoors. If you like taking pictures of green landscapes, apply these presets to add saturated colors and highlight details. It is suitable for emphasizing green, blue, and white colors.

Crave Collection

coles classroom crave collection presets

Price: $19
Number of presets included: 10

The Crave collection includes black-and-white presets that will help you focus a viewer’s attention on the main subject or object in your photos. Add them to your pictures to make them more detailed. You can also use various monochrome effects. These filters are similar to VCSO and other effects that allow you to give your images a cinematic feel.

Collection for Every Day

coles classroom collection presets for every day

Price: $29
Number of presets included: 20+

This set of basic effects was designed for achieving the right balance between black and white colors, adjusting highlights and shadows, and changing contrast. It makes them a great choice for everyday use. You can customize each preset to your liking. In this collection, you can find effects for photos taken in the studio or outdoors.

Cole's Classroom Presets on Instagram

coles classroom instagram

Username: @coloesclassroom
Genre: Workshop, Presets, Actions, & Overlays for Lightroom & Photoshop
Followers: 23.7K

On the official Instagram page, you will find many examples of photos enhanced with Cole's Classroom Lightroom presets as well as links to podcasts and photography tutorials. Besides, the followers will be the first to receive news about special offers and plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop.

The only disadvantage is that the photographer doesn’t always indicate which presets were used for editing the sample images. However, in most cases, you can easily figure it out by yourself. You just need to think about a genre of a photo to understand which effects were applied. Then, you can use free Lightroom presets wedding or free presets for portrait photos to enhance your pictures. You can use Cole’s works as a reference point.

Free Coles Lightroom Presets Alternatives

free coles lightroom presets alternatives by fixthephoto

If you like Cole’s Classroom Presets and want to find similar effects, take a look at our presets. This collection includes filters that can be used for photos in various genres. Use them for enhancing wedding pictures to improve the white balance.

You can also embellish newborn photos to add warm, matte tones. They will come in handy for landscape photographers who need to add bright colors to their photos.