Coles Classroom Presets

Coles Classroom Presets

Coles Classroom is a company started in 2008 by Cole Joseph photographer. It provides the highest quality photography tutorials, color correction plug-ins and photography toolkits. Today I’ll review all free and paid Cole's Classroom presets to help what bundle to choose.

Cole's Classroom Presets Review

Coles Classroom has one of the most extensive collections of paid and free filters for fast Lightroom work. Here are the most popular ones.

1. Cole's Classroom Presets: Crisp & Clean Collection

coles classroom lightroom presets crisp clean

Download Professional Lightroom Presets

Do you know what are the most famous presets you can find on the web? Perhaps, they are the Crisp, Clean and Color Cole’s Classroom Lightroom presets. They are sure to brighten and enhance the colors, make them more clear and your photos exceptional! If you want to gain more experience and make your pictures look advanced and professional within a few minutes, these effects along with other ones will help you accomplish it.

Price – $67.

2. Cole's Classroom Presets: Endless Elegance Collection

coles lightroom presets lightroom presets film

This collection of Coles Classroom presets offers intense, melancholic and slightly dusty colors and shades. The accent there is put on faded skin with hues that vary from white to copper. Having been tested by digital and film photographers, all these presets provide accurate film-like tones and top level of adaptability when working with all kind of photos.

Price – $59.

3. Cole's Classroom Presets: Newborn Collection

coles lightroom presets lightroom presets newborn

By means of cooperation with many qualified photographers, the top-grade Newborn Collection of Cole Lightroom presets was created. Its distinctive feature is the precision of skin colors. This set was produced to accommodate various changes in lighting at the studio while shooting newborns.

Price – $49.

Free Cole’s Classroom Presets Review

If you don’t have a possibility to use paid sets, Coles Classroom also offers basic freebies for amateurs to know what you can expect before purchasing Premium Collections.

If you want universal filters for editing your photos taken by smartphone or DSLR, look through these free Lightroom presets for wedding and the free Lightroom presets for portraits that are trendy today.

4. Cole's Classroom Presets: Bangin’ Bright B&W

coles classroom pro preset bright

If you are into black-and-white photos but don’t want to deal with high contrast when editing them, this Cole Classroom preset is definitely for you. This smooth, fantastic preset turns color photos into fancy black-and-white images. Moreover, it adds a light vignette.

5. Cole's Classroom Presets: Winter Haze

coles classroom pro preset winter

For those who enjoy taking photos near water locations, these Cole Lightroom presets are a must. It will be just perfect for you due to a rich blue shade, which is of great help when dealing with images with a lot of blue in them.

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6. Cole's Classroom Presets: Wild Style 1

coles lightroom presets wild

Dark colors can also look saturated and for such purpose, ColesClassroom company created this preset. With its help, you can have great contrast and deep red tone, work with skin colors and warm shades on pale parts of your images. The best way to use this freebie is for the pictures featuring objects of the interior, coffee, materials, such as wood or leather.

7. Cole's Classroom Presets: Wild Style 2

coles lightroom presets wild style

These particular Coles Classroom presets are used for dark-colored portraits. It guarantees the elimination of overexposure and color spectrum starting from blue and ending with violet. It also soothes the skin shade and adds green to black.

8. Cole's Classroom Presets: Smooth Skin Slight Desat

coles lightroom presets skin

By means of these Coles Lightroom presets, you can edit portraits. Here’s what you can achieve using it: photo saturation with brown colors, skin shades adjustment, increasing detailization and digital noises.

If you take photos with your smartphone and then post them in Instagram, I recommend you reading about Lightroom Mobile Presets and how you can make photo editing FREE on your iPhone.

9. Cole's Classroom Presets: Sepia & B&W Twist

coles lightroom presets twist

If you aim at producing bright images, you are offered to work with this preset from Coles Classroom. Emphasizing shades and details is easy as well as creating a stunning black-and-white image.

10. Cole's Classroom Presets: Old School Film Sepia

coles lightroom presets film sepia

Cole’s photography Classroom definitely promises you to bring back some 90’s nostalgia with this preset. It gives you lower contrast, dimmed shades and brightened skin hues and is especially suitable for pictures taken in bleak light or with flash.

If you like classical black and white, sepia, vintage, moody, and film effects, read my complete review of VSCO Lightroom presets.

11. Cole's Classroom Presets: Old School Film B&W

coles lightroom presets old film

If you are into black-and-white photos but do not want to deal with high contrast when editing them, this Cole Classroom preset is definitely for you. This smooth, fantastic preset turns color photos into fancy black-and-white images.

12. Cole's Classroom Presets: High Contrast B&W

coles lightroom presets contrast

Cole Classroom claims that black-and-white filter doesn’t only discolor images, and this preset can easily prove it. It provides magnificent accuracy, high contrast and creates especially outstanding scenery shots.

13. Cole's Classroom Presets: Faux Film

coles lightroom presets faux film

Designed especially for the photos taken with a flashlight, this preset imitates Portra 400 with its dimmed effect. This Coles photography preset creates a special film image with its pale shades and pink hues.

14. Cole's Classroom Presets: Crisp, Clean, Color

coles lightroom presets clean

If you’re all about crème colors and sky theme pictures, then this preset from ColesClassrom will do the trick. It makes the shots look as if you’re observing the real sky, revealing all the colors and details.

View more about how to create Lightroom presets and use your own filters for batch editing.

15. Cole's Classroom Presets: Color Me Rad!

coles lightroom presets color

Another preset from Coles Classroom that deals with highlighted photos and sky images with the dull foreground. It will enliven the sky with all its warmth and atmosphere. Besides, it adapts shadows on the foreground of your photo in a way that discolored look will still have considerable contrast between backlight and shadows.

Are you still doubting about Lightroom's $10 subscription? Read more about 2 easy ways of using Lightroom free and testing this photo editing software before buying.

16. Cole's Classroom Presets: Big Bold Color

coles lightroom presets bold color

Another Coles Classroom presets collection developed for portrait photography. It provides intensity color correction, adds warm and cold tones contrast. In addition, the Lr plugin smoothens skin shade, adjusts the amount of yellow and changes pastel hues into light-turquoise color.

17. Cole's Classroom Presets: Antiqued

cole lightroom presets antiqued

Ideal preset for architectural photo fans and for those taking portrait pictures on the building’s background. This preset from Coles Classroom shop brings warm orange colors and boosts the image with grain and a bit of digital noise.

View more about how to add presets to Lightroom easy and fast on your Mac or Windows.

18. Cole's Classroom Presets: Bitchin’ Summer

coles lightroom presets bitchin summer

Vintage can never go out of style. This free filter generates a smooth hue, beautiful bronze overlay and extra warmth. All of the above features give you a possibility to add some classical sensation to your photos. Don’t worry about the quality, it will not be affected.

Coles Classroom Tutorials

With Cole Joseph photography Classroom, you are sure to be given an opportunity to obtain a video training on multiple aspects of the art of photography. These include photography technical details (exposure triangle, camera and its configuration, equipment to look for), photography techniques (how to advance your composition and customer practice), essentials of marketing, advertising, how to become constantly booked and bring outstanding pictures so that your clients are stuck with you for years. The company spends plenty of time developing the most productive methods for you to enhance your art and build your own profitable business.

Coles Classroom Webinar and Workshops

coles classroom webinar

In addition to separate lessons, Coles Classroom products include 2 enormous video-workshops on editing in Lightroom and newborn photography editing.

Lightroom Training Workshop

"Become a Lightroom Expert Quickly & Easily" is a bit-by-bit accessible for downloading workshop, developed to help you obtain some more useful information. The workshop lasts for several hours only but it’s enough for you to find out how to edit your photos faster and edit them with quality like never before! It’s too easy to learn how to edit photos when you’re provided with all the necessary lighting conditions. So this Cole's Classroom YouTube link offers you to visit the website. By means of this workshop, you will learn how to edit photos in real life challenging lighting conditions.

In addition to this, you will be given a chance to learn how to create brilliant slideshows for your customers to show off your impressive work and demonstrate how properly organized everything is. The most exciting part is that you can download the 8 hour HD seminar from Coles Classroom shop and watch whenever and wherever you feel like.

Newborn Photography Workshop

Taking and editing newborn photos is not as easy as you might think. To do it properly, you need to have special knowledge and experience. You can achieve this and create a successful business by means of this Coles Classroom webinar. It will teach you how to shoot at home, edit newborn photos, develop your business. Also, Cole will share the means and methods he uses in the business himself.

Coles Classroom Pro

coles classroom pro

The membership in Coles Classroom costs $49 per month. It is called Coles Classroom Pro and offers the following possibilities:

  • All necessary assistance in mastering the “Manual” mode including the Fast Track Course and videos from entire courses; various short classes (10 minutes each).
  • Membership in the unique Facebook group which allows communication with photo experts all over the world (including Cole, who is greatly engaged in group chats during the day).
  • Access to the Facebook group which is called “Course Pathways”. It provides information on camera basics and explains how to improve the images by means of camera adjustments. If you decided to start your own photography business, the forum gives links to useful business resources.
  • Coles Classroom Pro provides a so-called “Backstage Pass”. In other words, you are lucky to watch professional photo sessions handled by famous photographers.
  • Focus Groups are also available with Coles Classroom. These are groups that give access to brainstorming discussions on various marketing gimmicks. Professional shooters discuss FB advertisements, composition methods, or photo directions.
  • For every month of membership in Coles Classroom Pro, you get a FREE download credit. It is a pleasant bonus which allows downloading welcome guide templates, logo templates which may be easily personalized, Lightroom color grading filters, and much more.
  • If you are looking for other shooters in your location, use a handy “Members Near Me” option. Facebook chat “Ask Me Anything”. It is a LIVE chat, which takes place every week in Coles Classroom.

Coles Classroom $1 Deal

coles classroom coles cash deal

I think it’s time to look at Coles Classroom $1 trial version. In other words, it is an offer to purchase Coles Classroom Pro and enjoy its benefits. In simple terms, you buy a trial version for $1 and use it for ten days. When this period is over, you are charged with a monthly payment equal to $49. The most beneficial thing is that you will have access to ALL Coles Classroom products and join the Facebook group during these ten days.

Cole's Classroom YouTube

Today, Cole’s Classroom YouTube channel has nearly 41000 followers and its popularity is growing. It’s an online resource which aims at educating both amateur and professional photographer or photo retouchers. The channel provides easy instructions to promote your photography business.

Here, you may find thematic free video-guides related to photo shooting and image retouching. Moreover, it gives recommendations on successful business development. It includes the following topics: Lightroom workflow & photo-editing, wedding/portrait photography, photography technique, tips to make your photography business more profitable, etc.

Coles Lightroom Presets Alternatives – FREE Coles Lightroom Presets Download

If you are looking for alternatives to Cole’s Classroom Presets, use our free Lightroom presets. Look through the following photo editing freebies which will become handy in lifestyle or portrait image editing and color correction.

Lr Freebie “Magical Portrait”

This preset is perfectly suitable for dark images since it adds great contrast and bright red shade. The filter adds warm tones to the light parts of the image and enhances the skin. Soft tones, brown tints, and warmth create a movie-like picture without quality loss. Thanks to the soft bright color and a matte tone, this filter looks like the “Big Bold Color” from Cole’s Classroom Presets.

Lr Freebie “Vintage”

The next filter is something like “Old School Film Sepia” since it has features similar to analog photography. It is a vintage effect that offers smooth and powerful image retouching creating a timeless, film-like feeling. Speaking about colors and tones, they are true-to-life. This filter breathes a new life into each picture maintaining the originality and uniqueness. It is mainly used by shooters engaged in hybrid photography and those, admiring classic film photography.

Lr Freebie “Cinematic”

This filter offers trouble-free image editing. The picture is not fundamentally changed, actually. The colors remain the same preserving original tones. The image is enhanced by means of the right amount of boldness and contrast. It is really easy to add a slight glow to the portraits using the profile slider. This delicate matte filter is a great alternative to “Faux Film”.

Lr Freebie “Sharpening”

The next alternative to Cole’s Classroom Presets may easily replace the “Winter Haze” filter thanks to the combination of bright, soft color with a matte tone. It creates rich skin shades and adds cool colors to the image achieving a dramatic effect on blues preserving warmth of the skin. This tool is perfect for landscape, portraiture, and other genres.

Lr Freebie “Faded”

If you are looking for the gentle alternative to Cole’s Classroom Presets, I think, this filter will suit you. It combines the features of the “Wild Style 1” and “Faux Film” presets saving the natural color of an image. This filter enhances white balance, creates various green shades, and makes the image matte. The combination of reddish and orange colors improves skin tones. In general, the preset highlights the shadows and focuses on bright zones.

Lr Freebie “Fashion Look”

This is another qualitative alternative to Coles Classroom Presets. It is an analog of the “Old School Film Sepia” filter. As we know, natural light greatly influences the image and such natural objects as water or mountains may be blue, violet, or even green in the picture. This filter gives deep, dark blue color with a green tint. I recommend using this plug-in for outdoor shots including water, for example, lakes or rivers.

Lr Freebie “Brighten”

This preset reminds “Crisp, Clean, Color”. It has a brightening effect and provides color correction used in films. The filter highlights the contrast of warm and cold colors and smoothens the skin making it an ideal tool for portraits. The light zones of the image get a sea-green color.

Lr Freebie “Contrast”

This alternative to Coles Classroom Presets also reminds a famous “Crisp, Clean, Color” filter. It adds bright shades, corrects skin tones increasing the contrast but still maintaining natural image features. This tool is perfect for dynamic images, such as sports or lifestyle pics with family and friends.

Lr Freebie “Universal Enhancement”

Frankly speaking, it is one of my favorite presets. It is perfect for images taken in the daytime when there is much natural light. It reminds me “Wild Style 1” from Cole’s Classroom Presets collection. This filter adds clean and light blue-green shade to bright pictures. Moreover, there appears a pleasant reddish-brown tint. It tones down yellow and green hues. Thanks to it, there is a great contrast between the light and dark areas of your images.

Lr Freebie “Darken”

The next free filter which may easily replace one of the Coles Classroom Presets is called “Darken”. It’s a matte filter which resembles the “Antiqued” preset. Being matte and soft, this tool is designed for portraits. It highlights the model’s beauty and improves skin shades desaturating other colors.

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