Aspyn Ovard Presets

Aspyn Ovard Presets

Aspyn Ovard presets are very popular filters for Lightroom designed by the photographer Aspyn Ovard who gained her popularity thanks to her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

aspyn ovard presets

Her presets allow you to turn ordinary shots into pictures that get a huge number of likes on social networks. Today I want to talk about the most popular Aspyn Ovard filters and explain how you can achieve a similar effect for free.

Aspyn Ovard Presets Review

Look though the differences and features of Aspyn Ovard presets. All of them deserve your attention and affect each photo in its own way. In Aspyn Instagram you can see many photos edited with the help of these filtes.

Aspyn Ovard Presets

aspyn ovard presets Download Lightroom Presets

Price – $75

This is the first set of Lightroom presets from Aspyn Ovard presented in her official store. The girl improves most of the photos with these presets. The bundle includes 5 different Instagram presets, as well as a video tutorial on their installation and use.

The set contains Beachy, Dreamy, City, Everyday, and Sunshine filters which will make your photos on Instagram or Facebook juicy and vibrant. The presets slightly increase the exposure, adjust the saturation of skin tones, and adjust the temperature if necessary.

Aspyn Ovard Summer Presets

instagram presets aspyn ovard

Price – $75

This is a new package of presets that are designed to enhance your summer travel photos. It includes Honey, Sugar, Lemon, Home, and Everyday filters. All of them brighten summer outdoor photos, add a touch of vintage effect and improve exposure along with contrast.

The presented presets for Instagram will be ideal for travel bloggers and for users, who want to have great pictures from their vacation.

Aspyn Ovard Fall Presets

presets for instagram

Price – $75

If you want to improve your autumn photos, then this set of Aspyn Ovard presets will be a perfect choice. Five filters will create a fabulous atmosphere on your selfie taken against the background of the autumn landscape or on the ordinary everyday photos. At the same time, presets improve skin tone and saturation of bright elements in the frame.

Aspyn Ovard Instagram Preset Pack

instagram presets Download Lightroom Presets

Price – $75

For those, who want to make their Instagram account pop and consistent, I advise using this set of Instagram Aspyn Ovard presets. It is suitable both for outdoor and indoor shots. Presets increase the brightness of the shot, saturation and improve all colors, making them more stylish and vibrant.

Aspyn Ovard Presets Mobile

aspyn ovard presets mobile Download Mobile Presets

Aspyn Ovard also took care of users who prefer to edit their photos on the smartphone on the way home or during a long trip because they do not want to spend time on computer image post processing.

Therefore, she has integrated all her sets of presets specifically for these purposes. It is fairly easy to install Aspyn Ovard presets mobile into Lightroom mobile version and process images from your iPhone, as well as in RAW/JPEG format. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to have a paid subscription to the application.

Aspyn Ovard Presets vs VSCO

aspyn ovard presets vsco aspyn ovard presets vsco

Aspyn Ovard presets are fairly new but they have gained popularity and fans of this style of picture editing. The advantage of her filters is that they can be used in your mobile application without Lightroom subscription.

VSCO is famous for its film effect presets that make photos dramatic and moody. Aspin offers quite versatile and flexible presets for picture editing that will enhance any travel or portrait photo giving it a light & airy mood.

Therefore, you should not think that the presets from Aspin are worse than VSCO because of their smaller number. They give you the opportunity to enhance photos similar to many fashion bloggers, who use Lightroom professionally.

How to Get Aspyn Ovard Presets for Free?

When searching the web, you will see some special websites offering Aspyn Ovard presets free or suggest getting a Aspyn Ovard presets’ discount code. Unfortunately, almost all offers are fake. As the best variant, you will get a completely wrong effect. In the worst case, you can download viruses to your device.

How to Edit Photos Like Aspyn Ovard?

aspyn ovard presets lightroom aspyn ovard presets lightroom
Download Free Lightroom Presets

You can easily edit your photos like Aspyn Ovard if you adjust some settings in Lightroom. This way you can significantly improve the look of your Instagram profile. I have prepared a few simple steps that I will describe here.


For Luminance: Red +6 | Orange +19 | Yellow +55

For Saturation: Red +9 | Orange +4 | Yellow +17

For Hue: Red +53 | Orange +4 | Yellow -34

FREE Lightroom Presets Like Aspyn Ovard

Especially for you, I’ve created three Lightroom presets that are almost identical to the effects you get while editing photos with Aspyn Ovard filters.

Free Lr Preset “Dreamy Summer”

If your picture is cool enough but at the same time, it has a cold tint and low brightness, then this Dreamy Summer preset will allow you to get rid of these flaws.

It enhances exposure, the contrast of the image and improves the skin tone making it more saturated.

Free Lr Preset “Dreamy Light”

This is my favorite preset for outdoor photos. It is a free alternative to those you get from Aspyn Ovard subscription. This filter can improve white balance, add saturation, and alter the color scheme of the picture.

Also, this Lr preset improves skin tone and makes it more attractive by increasing color temperature.

Free Lr Preset “Dreamy August”

The best preset for all your summer photos. I like to use it for the photos with a landscape in the background. It does not distort the colors of the water, the sky or the greenery around but only emphasizes it.

As for the general changes in the photographs, this Aspyn-like preset removes a dark "haze" by improving the exposure, and also makes the skin tone more vivid and rich.

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