Aspyn Ovard Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Aspyn Ovard presets are very popular filters designed by the photographer Aspyn Ovard. Her presets allow you to turn ordinary shots into bright pictures with yellow, sunny tints that get a huge number of likes on social networks.

Aspyn Ovard Presets Collections

Aspyn Ovard presets are popular among photographers and bloggers, who want to give their images a unique atmosphere. This overview contains a detailed description of the most well-known collections of presets for Lightroom, suitable both for beginners and experts.

Aspyn Ovard Presets

aspyn ovard presets

Number of presets included: 5

This is the first set of Lightroom tools from Aspyn Ovard presented in her official store. The bundle includes 5 different Instagram presets, as well as a video tutorial on their installation and use.

If you don’t know how to add presets to Lightroom, don’t get upset, as you can order editing from experts. They will correct colors, adjust brightness and other parameters based on your requirements.

The set contains Beachy, Dreamy, City, Everyday, and Sunshine filters which will make your photos on Instagram or Facebook juicy and vibrant. The presets slightly increase the exposure, adjust the saturation of skin tones, and adjust the temperature if necessary.

Aspyn Ovard Summer

instagram presets aspyn ovard

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 5

These are new Aspyn Ovard presets specifically designed for editing images taken in the summer. The collection includes Honey, Sugar, Lemon, Home, and Everyday filters. Use them to change shadows and lights, and adjust temperature. If you tried to realize beach photo ideas, but your photos have screwed colors, you should definitely apply these presets.

All of them brighten summer outdoor photos, add a touch of vintage effect and improve exposure along with contrast.

Fall Bundle

presets for instagram

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 5

Have you experimented with fall photoshoot ideas, but ended up with boring shots? That isn’t a problem if you have these tools at hand. First of all, add presets to Lightroom, upload your images, apply filters, and wait several seconds. You are bound to marvel at the outcome.

This set of Aspyn Ovard presets will be a perfect choice on your selfie taken against the background of the autumn landscape or on the ordinary everyday photos. At the same time, presets improve skin tone and saturation of bright elements in the frame.

Instagram Pack

instagram presets

Price: $50
Number of presets included: 5

For those, who want to make their Instagram account pop and consistent, I advise using this set of Instagram Aspyn Ovard presets. It is suitable both for outdoor and indoor shots. Presets increase the brightness of the shot, saturation and improve all colors, making them more stylish and vibrant.

The presented presets for Instagram will be ideal for travel bloggers and for users, who want to have great pictures from their vacation.

Mobile Collection

coles classroom polished collection presets

Number of presets included: 5

Aspyn Ovard also took care of users who prefer to edit their photos on the smartphone on the way home or during a long trip because they do not want to spend time on computer image post processing. Editing on a computer can be very time consuming, using these presets on the mobile app is quick and easy if you are on the go and wanting to step up your Instagram game!

Therefore, she has integrated all her sets of presets specifically for these purposes. It is fairly asy to install Aspyn Ovard presets mobile into Lightroom mobile version and process images from your iPhone, as well as in RAW/JPEG format. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to have a paid subscription to the application.

Aspyn Ovard Presets on Instagram

aspyn ovard presets instagram

Username: @aspynovard
Genre: Lifestyle, Presets
Followers: 2.2M

The author has a very welcoming profile on Instagram, sharing her life stories, photos of her family, and more. Examining her pictures in detail, you can better understand her image enhancing style. She favors warm tones that are particularly suitable for family photos.

In the header, you can find information about the store and other platforms, where you can find Aspyn Ovard presets.

Free Bonus Tools

bonus tools for lightroom

To get professional editing results without much effort, you can use these free Lightroom presets. They are great for improving portrait, landscape, and other types of images no matter when and where they were taken.

This preset makes colors more saturated and warmer, lightens shadows and smoothes out highlights in the photo. However, keep in mind that every image is unique, so sometimes you need to customize a preset to achieve the desired look.