Dawn Charles Presets

Dawn Charles Presets

Dawn Charles presets will be very helpful photo editing filters for fans of matte film effects. If you’re a wedding photographer, read more about DC presets and Dawn Charles education.

dawn charles presets

DC Presets Pack One

dc presets pack one Download Professional Lightroom Presets

If you need to improve the pictures taken in the studio or in low light conditions, then this package of photography presets will be a great option. These filters increase the brightness, make a pleasant skin tone, and add warm colors to your images. Thanks to these presets, a red orange hue appears in the photos, making them more beautiful. The set consists of 2 black and white filters and 6 color presets. A photo editing guide is also included.

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After studying the tutorial, you can edit like Dawn Charles. She shares her tricks on how she applies filters. In addition, she shows how to cope with possible difficulties, how to work with brushes to enhance the image, correct skin color, adjust green tones, etc.

DC Presets Pack Two

dc presets pack 2

Price: $99

This bundle is a great option for improving your landscape, forest, and beach photos. If you need to add some romantics to your images, then these filters with soft tones and pale green shades will help you. Few pink shades will give the image an original look. This set is designed to work with images of nature but you can try to apply it to urban photos.

Buying this set, you get 2 black and white presets, 6 color ones, and a photo editing tutorial. You can use this pack for various photo genres.

DC Mobile Presets

dawn mobile

Price: $59

Everyone wants to get awesome photos: extreme sports fans, travelers, housewives and moms, and even your grandfather who doesn't know what Facebook or Instagram is, likes to get a cool photo with his new car. DC presets have been popular for many years and now they have become even more sought after thanks to the ability to use them on your mobile phones.

You can apply this package to portrait shots taken under natural light. Despite the increase in brightness and boost of red tones, this preset preserves the natural skin color. These Dawn mobile filters give the image a matte hue and increase the contrast greatly. Bokeh portraits look great with this preset.

Photography by Dawn Charles

dawn charles photography

Dawn Charles has been working in the field of elopement photography for over ten years. From the moment she decided to get a Bachelor's degree in Photography, Dawn has successfully developed her career. This talented photographer not only takes pictures but also shares her experience with beginners. Dawn organizes various workshops and creates online training tools to teach beginners the art of photography and help them grow their business.

Dawn cannot be called a traditional photographer, and perhaps not everyone can understand. She may deviate from technically correct approaches to capture unique and original moments. She is not afraid to risk and get dirty to take a stunning picture, to capture the unique emotion or specific mood that will be incredibly valuable to you. Being a travel enthusiast, Dawn Charles is always ready to go on a journey to take some pictures for you.

Dawn Charles Gear

Dawn prefers maximum simplicity when organizing things for a photo session. Since she likes to walk and move a lot, heavy and bulky equipment is not what she needs. If we talk about Dawn Charles gear, then the main thing is her Canon 5D Mark IV with a Canon 35Lii lens. In case of any unforeseen situations, she always has a spare Canon 5D Mark III with 50L. However, she practically does not use it. Extra batteries and memory cards are must have items in her bag. Dawn loves when music is playing while she taking pictures. Therefore, she often takes the Besteker Portable Speaker with her or simply turns on her smartphone.

Dawn Charles Instagram for Your Inspiration

dawn charles instagram

Username: @dawn.charles

Dawn Charles has an Instagram account, where she publishes her works. At the moment, more than 50 thousand people have signed up for her page. Dawn Charles Instagram account is a great example of using her presets, which add film effect and depth to photos. If Dawn interests you as a photographer, you can study her style there.

Dawn Charles Education

Dawn also trains novice photographers. One of her training aspects is the creating various guides. The Complete Guide to Camera Settings is the most popular of them.

The Complete Guide to Camera Settings

dawn charles education

Price: $65

After viewing this video, you will learn about basic camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, flash depth, ISO, white balance, etc. Dawn Charles camera settings are also described in this video tutorial. Dawn shares her secrets about the best settings in various lighting conditions. Thanks to this course, you will know how to use high ISO and a flash. You will also understand all the nuances of working in low light or harsh sunlight. Dawn Charles will explain specifics of photographing while dancing or moving if the lighting is rather poor. The video course is available for viewing at any time convenient to you and you can review it as many times as you need.

This Dawn Charles education guide is suitable for photographers with different levels of experience and knowledge. You can be a novice photographer who wants to figure out how to set your camera properly. On the other hand, this video will be also useful to professionals, who would like to get rid of some uncertainty in working with capricious lighting.

Dawn Charles Discount Code

If you think Dawn Charles presets download is too expensive, you can reduce the cost by using discount coupons. Get a 10 30 percent discount by regularly visiting websites such as GOODSHOP, OFFERS, or RETAILMENOT. You need to monitor such sites as coupons are limited in quantity or can be given as a single item.

DC Presets vs India Earl vs Noble Presets

dawn charles presets vs india earldawn charles presets vs india earl

You can use Dawn presets to get a soft and gentle color correction. These filters are universal and they give the image a beautiful film effect. India Earl presets are quite similar to Dawn’s filters. They give a soft matte look and affect the shadows slightly. The main difference is the scope of use. DC presets can be used for both studio and outdoor photos.

If you are only taking the first steps in photography, then I recommend choosing photography presets from Dawn Charles. They are well balanced and you do not need to customize them. India Earl presets have one major drawback they give a pink hue to all photos. Therefore, I often have to adjust them manually to get rid of this effect. Do not forget that each image is special, so you should not use the same filter with all the photos.

dawn charles presets vs noble presetsdawn charles presets vs noble presets

A kind of alternative to Dawn filters can be Noble presets. Perhaps they are not so simple and understandable but they attract attention with their versatility. For example, you can use the same filters as wedding presets or for portrait and couple image editing.

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However, the Noble filters have one significant drawback. A preset may have a lack of intensity or, on the contrary, be too intense. I believe that adjusting the intensity each time is not very convenient. It would be better if this parameter was set when creating a filter.

3 Free Dawn Charles Presets

If you need to improve the colors of your photos and give them a moody effect just in few clicks, then use these free Lightroom presets. They are great for street, portrait, and wedding images.

1. Free Lr Preset “Brighten”

free dawn charles presets download alternativefree dawn charles presets download alternative

This tool is designed to enhance the saturation and emphasize small parts. It is ideal for portrait image editing. You can also highlight important elements with this action, for example, a print on a T shirt or an element in the background, like this balloons on example. Apply this preset if you want to perform the effect of Dawn Charles Pack Two presets.

 Download Best Lightroom Presets.

2. Free Lr Preset “Film”

dc presets free download alternativedc presets free download alternative

Download this bundle Dawn Charles Pack Two alternative to give your portrait, newborn, travel, and wedding photos a soft or dreamy look. Just in several clicks you will make your photos beautiful and full of gentle pastel tones. Try to use this free filter and enjoy the perfect shades.

3. Free Lr Preset “Warm Filter”

free lightroom dawn charles presets alternative downloadfree lightroom dawn charles presets alternative download

This matte effect is very popular among photographers and Instagramers, so don’t miss a chance to download this perfect Dawn Charles Pack One alternative. There is no restriction on photo types, be it outdoor or studio pictures, as matte effect add something special to each shot.

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