Serge Ramelli Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Serge Ramelli presets were created by a popular French photographer that mainly works in city and landscape genres. His tools offer a mix of tender, grainy, matte, cool hues, realistic-looking effects, and soft, impactful, and cinematic tone combinations. At the end of this article, you'll also be able to find free alternatives to his presets.

Serge Ramelli Collections

Serge Ramelli Lightroom presets represent professional tools that allow you to color correct and enhance your photographs with unique film touches. All provided effects can be used in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile and even older editions of the software. You can use his presets for both RAW and JPG images regardless of whether you’re working on a Windows or Mac device.

Serge Ramelli Signature Landscape Profiles

serge ramelli signature landscape profiles

Number of presets included: 30

Ramelli created these looks when working with landscapes, meaning this collection is the perfect choice for landscape photography. The included presets emphasize the beauty of nature by enhancing some of the hues and shades.

Regardless of whether your goal is to enhance the grass, water, or skies, you'll find a tool with the necessary effect while being able to pick between more natural and dramatic options. Whether it’s forest photography, mountains, or a lake, these presets will ensure your photos look captivating.

Serge Ramelli Everyday Natural

serge ramelli everyday natural presets

Number of presets included: 36
Price: $27

After editing similar images for years, Serge put together a bundle of Everyday Natural presets that contains effects for different times of the day: broad daylight, golden hour, sunrise/sunset, blue hour, night, and long exposure photography. Each time requires specific white balance and tone parameters to accommodate the lighting and these presets are designed to do most of the tweaking for you.

Once you’ve applied the desired preset, you can further fine-tune the result to ensure the photo conveys your vision perfectly. This collection is also useful for beginner photographers who can benefit from learning how to approach editing photos taken in different lighting conditions.

Serge Ramelli Presets: Portrait Essential

serge ramelli portrait essential presets

Number of presets included: 40

This collection of Serge Ramelli presets was created for portrait photography. The provided tools add depth and drama to the photo while enhancing greens, increasing their brightness, and applying a stylish matte finish to the entire image.

The included effects properly define shadows and emphasize the brightest image parts. The provided presets also let you introduce a stylish Hollywood warm/teal tint or a barely noticeable cold look to enhance the atmosphere of your photo even further.

Serge Ramelli Signature Urban Profiles

serge ramelli signature urban prifiles

Number of presets included: 35
Price: $27

Ramelli has been an expert in urban photography for years now and has recently finished his 4th book on Los Angeles. The presets included in this bundle represent everything he learned from working with complex city lighting, as they simplify and enhance the color scheme of your urban images to ensure they have a greater impact on the viewer and don’t have an overabundance of colors.

The provided tools will enhance the green and orange tones in your images while making blue hues more dreamlike with a hint of tropics. This collection offers the best results when used on images with many green details that will become muted and slightly warmer.

Serge Ramelli Presets: Weddings

serge ramelli weddings presets

Number of presets included: 400

If you want to find Serge Ramelli presets suitable for enhancing wedding photography, then this is the bundle you’re looking for. The provided tools correct the colors and significantly improve the atmosphere of the photo to transform a dull picture into a captivating photo.

Whether you’re looking to perform basic correction, add a vintage look to your image, or simply lay out the foundation for further retouching, this collection has you covered.

Serge Ramelli Signature Special Effects

serge ramelli special effects presets

Number of presets included: 38
Price: $27

Images enhanced with various special effects are extremely popular across all social media networks. If you want to create such effects yourself but don’t have the necessary editing skills, these presets will help you.

The provided tools let you achieve high-contrast desaturated looks, various cinematic and B&W looks, and perform adjustments that deal with poor weather.

If you're still struggling to get the results you want and don't have the time to learn all the ins and outs of editing, you can reach out to professional retouchers, specify your requirements, and receive expertly enhanced photos in no time.

Serge Ramelli Analog Film Look

serge ramelli analog film look presets

Number of presets included: 25

This is one of the most advanced collections of presets that Serge Ramelli has to offer, as it includes an array of effects for emulating film photos. Since different analog film brands always offer a distinct look, Ramelli strives to recreate a variety of them while enhancing each preset with his own style. As long as you know how to install Lightroom presets, you can begin using them as soon as you’ve downloaded this bundle.

Serge Ramelli Signature Light Profiles

serge ramelli signature light profiles

Number of presets included: 100
Price: $27

This collection of Serge Ramelli presets is often paired with his signature effects for different lighting conditions. You can use them when performing batch editing in Lightroom to improve the look of your golden hour, sunset, blue hour, and night shoots. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much the lighting in your photos has improved without looking unnatural.

Serge Ramelli Presets on Instagram

serge ramelli instagram

Username: @photoserge
Genre: urban and landscapes
Followers: 124K

Ramelli’s social pages allow you to check out a bunch of useful information about him as well as some of his best photos. Serge does a lot of traveling and is constantly sharing beautiful photos from his trips, with each image being accompanied by a detailed description.

When looking at his photos, you can see the entire range of techniques he uses for both shooting and retouching while the descriptions let you know what locations, towns, and countries Serge loves the most.

Free Bonus Tools

serge ramelli presets alternatives

If you can’t afford to buy Serge Ramelli presets, consider downloading this bundle of free alternatives from FixThePhoto instead. These professional effects will enhance your images with a soft matte finish, making them irresistibly eye-catching. If you’re interested in enriching your photography portfolio with stunning pictures, this collection of presets is exactly what you need.