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G Presets add rich warm colors to your shots that resemble the Kodak Portra 400 film effect. G-Presets are universal tools for improving wedding photos, portraits, autumn and summer landscapes, as well as interior shots.

These presets fix any lighting issues, such as the wrong white balance, too dark or light areas, and lack of image sharpness.

The cost of the presets varies from $39 to $349. They can be used both in desktop programs - Lightroom, Camera RAW, and Lightroom Mobile. There are also 5 packs of presets created in collaboration with other photographers and retouchers (Autumn Nicole Photo, Dawn Photo, Katch Studios and others).

Complete G-Presets Review

greg petersen presets instagram

Username: @gpresets

Creator: Greg Petersen

Genre: wedding, portrait, landscape, interior, travel photography

G Presets are created by a wedding & portrait photographer Greg Petersen from Northern California. Greg was a musician and traveled for many years, getting inspired by landscapes.

To create his signature effect for image post-production, he spent many months exploring the colors that he liked most.

Visit G Presets on Instagram to see how universal they are when it comes to photo editing. All pictures were taken by different photographers, both famous to local ones, but they all were edited with the help of G-Presets.

Free Alternatives to G-Presets

If you want to save on buying G-Presets, which are quite expensive, then you will probably be interested in getting their free alternatives that aren’t inferior in quality and beauty of the applied effects. You can download the pack of free alternatives to G-Presets below.

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