SLR Lounge Presets

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SLR Lounge Presets

SLR Lounge presets give your images an eye-catching fashion look, fixing the skin tones and boosting the brightness of shots.

Read this post and you will find out information about the creators of these filters, their Instagram page and blog, as well as the available collections. Moreover, you have the opportunity to get cool tools that can easily replace the SLR Lounge Lightroom presets.

SLR Lounge Presets Packs

By visiting the official website, you can find many cool presets divided into several bundles and collections. They are suitable for various photography genres and shooting purposes.

These presets were created by Visual Flow professionals specifically for the SLR Lounge. Designers update all packs with a new Adobe color profile standard every year.

SLR Lounge Presets: The Modern Pack

slr lounge presets modern pack

Created by: Visual Flow

Number of SLR lounge presets included: 10

Take advantage of these popular high-contrast filters. They suit various genres including wedding, family, or portrait photography.

They perfectly complement images of different types and styles. By choosing this SLR Lounge presets collection, you get incredibly effective tools to enhance your images.

If necessary, you can modify the filters by moving the smart slider. Thanks to a simple, uncluttered interface, so you can easily configure the necessary parameters and get great photos.

SLR Lounge Presets: The Retouching Toolkit

slr lounge presets retouching toolkit

Created by: Visual Flow

Price: $95

Number of tools: 47 retouching brushes & 26 tools to control details

This unique toolbox contains powerful retouching brushes and development shortcuts. They greatly expand the capabilities of Lightroom.

As a result, you can do the thing that used to be associated exclusively with Photoshop. Now you can retouch, burn, dodge, and enhance images right into Lightroom.

SLR Lounge Presets: The Pastel Pack

slr lounge presets pastel pack

Created by: Visual Flow

Number of SLR lounge presets included: 10 presets

This collection of SLR photography presets works great with portrait shots. These filters highlight delicate skin colors and tones that resemble the features of Fuji 400h and other pastel films.

I recommend using this pack for photos with a natural color palette if you want to add some brightness and achieve an airy effect.

SLR Lounge Presets: The Crush Pack

slr lounge presets crush pack

Created by: Visual Flow

Number of SLR lounge presets included: 10 presets

This collection contains filters that stand out with rich and vibrant colors. At the same time, they don’t distort natural skin tones. These SLR Lounge premium presets will add a dramatic effect and turn ordinary shots into awesome masterpieces.

You can adjust colors, smooth skin, enhance eyes, modify eyelashes, and diminish lines in a few clicks. Moreover, you can customize presets by strengthening or weakening the applied effect. To do this, you need to press Alt/Option and click and drag the pin.

You get the opportunity to edit your photos using the Dodge and Burn options without resorting to Photoshop. Effective brushes will allow you to make pictures more detailed, improve texture, enhance clouds, etc. Without leaving Lightroom, you can add sun flares preserving the natural look of the picture.

SLR Lounge Instagram Page Overview

slr lounge presets instagram

Username: @SLR Lounge

Genre: wedding, portrait, family, travel photography

Followers: 121k

Want to see more examples of these incredible presets? Go to the SLR Lounge Instagram page and get inspired by tons of great images. Browse over 1500 posts and get plenty of original Instagram photo ideas for your workflow.

Here, you will see how SLR Lounge presets can improve ordinary shots and how universal these filters are as the photos posted on the page were taken in the various locations. Moreover, experienced photographers will share their secrets and tricks on how to take stunning images.

Since SLR Lounge is also an educational platform, you will find their courses and lesson reviews, as well as customer reviews.

Free Alternatives to SLR Lounge Presets

Some users feel upset since there are no SLR Lounge presets free download links. That’s why, I have selected several filters with similar effects for you. You can get them absolutely free.


fashion freebie alternative to slr lounge presets fashion freebie alternative to slr lounge presets

This free preset was created taking into account all the features of portrait photography. Your fashion shots will undoubtedly become more attractive thanks to the flawless model’s skin and the brighter overall look of the picture.

Film Look

film look freebie alternative to slr lounge presets film look freebie alternative to slr lounge presets

I recommend using this alternative to SLR Lounge presets with street portraits. This plug-in adds warm color while reducing cool undertones. Your photos will receive a gorgeous golden look with this filter.


warm freebie alternative to slr lounge presets warm freebie alternative to slr lounge presets

Does your model's skin look greenish in the image because of a green background? Apply this filter to correct this imperfection in a few clicks.

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